Sisel Vital Vision for Eyes

Sisel Vital Vision for Eyes


Vital Vision is amazing product. I thought that it was not for me as I have 20/20 Vision. However after learning that eyes change shape as we get older. They go more oval shape and collapse (instead of staying nice and round). Causing vision to deteriorate over time. I thought I should learn more. When light doesn’t hit the retina correctly is causes blurred vision. Another thing happens that I didn’t know. why eye bags start to form. The eyes are surrounded by pillows of fat and fluid that cushion the eyes. This diminishes and starts to leak out as we age. Eye bags starts to form.

UV light is very damaging to the eyes. It rusts and oxidises the eyes. As we age macular degeneration and cataracts start to happen. Sisel’s Vital Vision has specialised nutrients to fight the signs of aging in eyes and help to support overall eye health.

Listen to the video above as Tom Mower as he explains how Vital Vision can help you.

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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor