Meet Milo Acosta Director North American Sales

Meet Milo Acosta Director North American Sales

15 May 2020. Posted By Katie Larking

Meet Milo Acosta Director North American Sales. Milo is passionate about helping Sisel Distributors. Milo discusses how Sisel Distributors are sharing Sisel Products and the Sisel Opportunity during this time. Find out what tools you can be using to build your Sisel business.

Milo Starting his career at one of the world’s largest and most successful MLMs, Milo Acosta has nearly two decades of experience and has helped open markets in both North and Latin America. Milo has developed a deep love for the field and has helped remove the barrier between corporate and distributors. A family man at his core, Milo is helping Sisel experience new growth by forging solid relationships with our friends and Distributors in the field.

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