NAD Booster Pills

Nad booster pills
4 Brands of NAD Booster Pills

NAD Booster Pills

Let’s compare 4 brands of NAD booster pills and find out what makes them different. What ingredients do they have to fight the effects of aging? Curious to find out? After all, who wants to get old?

What is NAD?

NAD+ is the acronym for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Found in virtually all living cells, NAD+ is essential to sustaining life. A fascinating aspect of NAD+ is its dual role in protecting against factors that age us. NAD is a coenzyme required for the fundamental biological processes from metabolism to DNA repair. NAD+ is hard at work in the cells of humans and other mammals, yeast and bacteria, even plants. Nothing can live without NAD+, and low levels are often accompanied by negative health consequences.

What NAD Booster Pills are available?

NAD Booster
Pill Name


NAD Boost
True Niagen Nicotinamide Riboside
Elysium Basis Nicotinamide Riboside,
Life Extension NAD Nicotinamide 
Sisel AGE Pill d-Ribose, Niacinamide, Niacin, Beta-Alanine, Alpha Lipoic Acid,
Rosemary leaf Extract,
Betaine HCI,
DMAE Bitartrate,
Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI,
Blueberry fruit
YES + + +

What else do the NAD Booster Pills do to fight aging?

NAD Booster
+ Supports
Sirtuins activ-
+ Tackles
fuscin and
+ Tackles
True Niagen NO NO NO
Elysium Basis YES NO NO
Life Extension NAD NO NO NO

Background of NAD Booster Pills

The NAD story took off thanks to a high-profile paper published by Harvard’s David Sinclair and colleagues.

Sinclair, has achieved fame for his research on resveratrol and sirtuin gene activation in mice. Furthermore, he published some research about restoring mice to a youthful state after using injections with NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide). As stated above this is a molecule that naturally occurs in cells and boosts levels of NAD.

Sinclair’s published research created excitement.

Tom Mower Chief Scientist of Sisel was the first to market a comprehensive supplement that supports a number of factors that impact aging including falling into the category of a NAD Booster Pill (as far as I am aware). The Sisel Supplement called the AGE Pill was released in 2017. Not only does it support the body to boost NAD, it is also vegan-friendly.

SISEL AGE PILL Vegan friendly
SISEL AGE PILL Vegan friendly

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) was the first ingredient used to support the body as a NAD Booster to be used in the first initial formulation of the AGE Pill.

When it started to gain media attention, a company called ChromaDex moved in and patented the ingredient Nicotinamide Riboside as Niagen. Thus preventing others from using it.

Since there is more than one way to achieve the same outcome, and in reality, it can always be improved upon, Tom Mower went to work.

A NAD Booster that lasts longer

Tom looked at ways not only to support boosting NAD but also make it last longer in the body with less waste. According to Tom the stand-alone ingredient Nicotinamide Riboside needs to be taken in relatively large amounts to be effective. Tom says doses of 1000mg are needed since 50% is lost in the digestive process and liver metabolism.

Furthermore, it can only be used once by the human body. By playing around with molecules and using different combinations Tom was able to use a double covalent bond with Ribose and Niacinamide. In his opinion, he created a more effective formulation than Nicotimdie Riboside by itself. Tom believes in theory that the AGE pill ingredients can be used multiple times by the body to support the boost of NAD with up to 4 times the life of just straight NR.

You can see from the ingredients listed above in the NAD Booster Pills table that 3 of the NAD Booster Pills just have Nicotinamide Riboside as the active ingredient. Only one, Elysium Basis has another ingredient, that being pterostilbene.

Supports Sirt1 Gene Activation

The pterostilbene molecule can be found, amongst other foods, in blueberry fruit. According to pubmed studies it is considered as dietary activators of Sirt1 gene. Dietary Activators of Sirt1

Meanwhile, the Sisel AGE Pill contains blueberry fruit. Both pterostilbene and blueberry fruit are ingredients aimed at supporting the body’s Sirt1 gene (noted in the table as supports sirtuins activation).

So you can see Elysium Basis stopped there with two actives. However, Tom went a few steps further with 10 active ingredients. Furthermore, Tom is continuously looking at ways to improve the formulation to provide an all-around AGE Reversal supplement.

The most recent ingredient added to the AGE Pill formulation includes Rosemary Leaf Extract. The major components in Rosemary Leaf Extract include carnosic acid, carnosol, ursolic acid, and rosmarinic acid. According to Tom Mower, some of these extracts are shown to be effective when dealing with senescent cells. Ref. Another important factor in the aging process.

Boosting NAD is only one factor in the AGNG process. Tom looked at other synergistic ingredients to SUPPORT other processes believed to be involved in aging including. The following 4 processes that contribute to an older you:


Lipofuscin is the name given to fine yellow-brown pigment granules composed of lipid-containing residues of lysosomal digestion. It is considered to be one of the aging or “wear-and-tear” pigments, found in the liver, kidney, heart muscle, retina, adrenals, nerve cells, and ganglion cells.


“Glycation” theory suggests that glucose acts as a mediator of aging. Glycation, in which simple sugars (e.g., glucose) bind to molecules such as proteins and lipids, has a profound cumulative effect during life. Such effects may be similar to the elevated glucose levels. Ref

Sirtuins activation

Sirtuin-activating compounds (STAC) are chemical compounds having an effect on sirtuins, a group of enzymes that use NAD+ to remove acetyl groups from proteins. They are caloric restriction mimetic candidates, molecules able to address issues associated with aging. Ref

Senescence cells

Cellular senescence is an important mechanism for preventing the proliferation of unhealthy cells. Cellular senescence might also promote tissue repair associated with aging. Ref

Comparing Quantity of Active Ingredients in NAD Booster Pills

  • Sisel AGE Pill 735 mg proprietary blend
  • True Niagen 250 mg
  • Elysium Basis 300mg
  • Life Extension 100 mg

In my personal opinion The AGE Pill is a much more effective formulation.

Learn more about Sisel's AGE Pill

Tom’s formulation is not only seen as an NAD Booster Pill but it also SUPPORTS an array of aging processes.

Finally, the science is rapidly advancing and a formulation developed today will be quickly outdated based on the growing amount of research and breakthroughs. Most companies will keep the same formula. The Sisel Age Pill has already been improved and reformulated 5 times since its release. Well, that speaks for itself. After we want to get better.

Learn more about Sisel’s AGE Pill.

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