Telomeres and AGING

Telomeres and Aging - who wants to get old

Telomeres and AGING

Today we are talking about the topic of Telomeres and Aging. How are they related? What can you do to slow aging? What tests are available to determine telomere length?

How We Age

There are many factors that contribute to how we age. The aging process is impacted by a number of processes. Some of them include:

  • Oxidative stress
  • Glycation
  • Telomere shortening
  • Mutations

In other words, it is the continued damaged to the structure and function of cells. This leads to disease and illness. Ultimately cellular damage is so great it leads to death.

From a practical point of view diet, environmental pollutions and toxins, sun exposure impact the speed at which this occurs.

Telomeres and Aging, what’s the connection?

Telomeres are the tips of caps of your DNA strands. They are designed to protect your chromosome. Essential information is contained inside a chromosome. This information is needed by the body to produce new cells. If telomeres are short and not able to protect the information. Then it becomes damaged. This results in new cells being created with errors in the genetic code. As this process continues we start to see the effects of aging. Essentially things are wearing out.

Once a telomere has effectively worn down or away, the cell has reached “old age”, because of decay and degeneration, and loses its ability to divide.

Along the way, it is in various stages of degeneration. so its telomeric control for the duplicate rate as an “igniter” of Stem Cell activation, slows greatly.

Telomeres could be described as looking like a kite tail. Telomeres prevent chromosomes from becoming frayed, fusing into rings, or binding with other DNA strands. (One way to think of Telomeres is they are like the plastic tips on the end of shoelaces that keep them from unraveling. After your plastic tip on your shoelaces goes, and the entire shoelace unravels you’re probably going to need to get new shoelaces.

If we can keep our telomeres from getting shorter, we can slow down the aging process and thus live longer. Whilst there are other factors in the aging process this is strongly supported by current scientific research.

“Shorter telomeres have been associated with increased incidence of diseases and poor survival. The rate of telomere shortening can be either increased or decreased by specific lifestyle factors.” Ref.

The discovery of telomeres is relatively new. The Nobel Prize was awarded in 2009 for this scientific discovery.

What scientists discovered was an enzyme called telomerase. They found it helps prevent telomeres from becoming shorter and can increase their length.

There are also systems to support keeping long healthy telomeres.

Only recently telomeres have been found to regulate (ignite) the rate of duplication for Stem Cells to produce replacement sales. Showing a stronger relationship between telomeres and aging.

Anti-Aging Telomere Supplement

Of course, currently nothing is known to stop aging, but healthy cells equal healthy internal systems. Healthy systems equal a healthy body. And a healthy body equals a strong, happy, youthful you.

Since ultimately the cause of aging is decay and degeneration, to increase or maintain telomere length is paramount to living longer. Maintaining great health, potentially living much longer at a younger biological age.

Tom Mower’s (Chief Sisel Scientist) advice is not what to do, but what do it with. Sisel’s The AGE PILL, TSX (Telomere Support Extreme), Brain Vitality, H2 STIX, Eternity, Inner Chi all offer massive-intensive support as the body’s natural systems are trying to fight aging every step of the way. These products for Stem Cells may be the fuel to make that flame burn much brighter still.

Telomere Testing

You can actually get your telomere’s tested. It’s done by taking a drop or two of blood that you collect from your finger at home.

Using specialised test DNA can be extracted from your cells and then analyzed for average telomere length. This is used to report your current “cellular age” based on how your telomeres compare to those of others your same age and gender.

The great news about Telomere testing is that whether your results fall into expected, better, or needs improving range, you get personalised recommendations.

This goes beyond basic cholesterol tests or tracking ordinary vital signs like heart rate to monitor the vitality of your cells. With knowledge of your DNA that empowers you with inspiration to improve and possibly slow down the clock on the aging process.

In theory, this means you could test your telomeres before after supplementation to see if it has a positive impact on your telomere length. Ultimately you could understand the relationship between telomeres and aging and how it is impacting you.

Last Updated on April 13, 2019 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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