A younger looking you from the inside out

Welcome to the call everyone, my name is Dr. Curt Ficenec, and I’m here with my friend Katie Larking, a nutrition and health coach from down in Australia, and she’s joining us tonight. We’re going talk about a younger you from the inside out and Sisel’s new anti-aging pack that Sisel put together. Welcome to the call Katie. Thanks Curt, thanks for being here and welcome to everyone listening. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to tune in, and I hope you get some valuable information from us today. You bet, for those of you listening to the recording, get back to the person that shared it with you and let them know what your thoughts are, let them know that if you’re interested in giving it a try. Fantastic, so we’re going to talk about the Sisel Products in this new pack that Sisel has released. It’s an anti-aging pack, so many of you may not be aware of it, and it’s got four products in it. Those four products are Sisel Eternity, Sisel TSX, Sisel Stemolytic, and Sisel Age Pill. The great thing about this pack is that when you purchase it, you’re saving $50 US by purchasing these products as the anti-aging pack, and it’s available in your back office today. So that’s a great saving. You bet, $50 if you can save $50 and then if you use it as your auto purchase, you can actually get more savings on. What a great deal. Yeah, fantastic. So let’s talk about why these products are so great and why they’ve been bundled together in a four-pack too. You bet, well Katie, you know, I’m going to say first that what got me into Sisel was the TSX, the Telomere support extreme product. I was actually on my way to be a speaker at an anti-aging conference in St. Louis, Missouri, and I’m driving through Omaha, and a friend of mine said, “Hey, you got to listen to this recording.” And he gave me a recording of Tom Mower Senior talking about the TSX, and that was over a dozen years ago. And I remember listening to it, and I’m thinking, “Holy cow,” you know, because at that time I’d heard about the other chameleon product that was on the market. And all of a sudden, I’m listening to this, and in my opinion, again, I can’t make any real facts about it because I’m not a research chemist or anything like that. But here we have a product, it’s called TSX, telomere support extreme, and it’s like 30 times more powerful than the other leading form of telomere support product. So it really got my interest, and I listened to the recording of Tom Senor, and I said, “I’m in. I’m in. Count me in. Where do I sign up?” And that’s when I became a Sisel distributor. So that’s how important it is to me. And I understand the science. So I’m just going to explain it a little bit, Katie. Telomeres are the end caps on your chromosomes. The chromosomes are the messengers that control all of your DNA functions and all of that. But the telomeres at the end of the chromosomes, what they are is they protect the chromosomes from unravelling, like the little thing at the end of your shoelace that keeps your shoelace from unravelling. And what happens is, as you age, that telomere gets shorter and shorter and shorter until the point to where it can’t protect your chromosome any longer. And so what the telomere support extreme does, the TSX product does, it protects that telomere from shortening. And I won’t get way, way, way deep into the science. It’s just that’s a good way of remembering it. But Katie, that’s what got me involved with Sisel was that particular product. And you know, when you look at this, when they first came out with a product on telomeres, they said it was going to be so expensive that the average person wouldn’t be able to afford it. And here we got a product that every one of us can afford to buy. But getting into the other products, Katie, The Eternity is a resveratrol product. And you remember the reports that were coming out when they discovered resveratrol and they were talking all about resveratrol. You remember how they said that red wine prices were going to go sky-high because of the discovery of resveratrol, yeah? And of course, the challenge with that is that while red wine obviously contains resveratrol, you have to drink quite a large amount. You couldn’t even drink the amount you need to equal what is in the eternity. It’s just not even possible, that’s right, yeah. One little shot glass of eternity contains the same amount of drinking 50 glasses of red wine. And so, you know, like Katie said, there’s just no way possible that you could function and you could drink the equivalent amount of resveratrol. And what’s so important about resveratrol, and again, I’m not going to get way deep into the science, but every day our DNA gets damaged. It gets damaged from stress, it gets damaged from UV radiation, it gets damaged from chemicals, all of these different things will damage your DNA. And what resveratrol does, it works with the cerium genes to help repair your damaged DNA. You know, and again, I’m not going to get way deep into the science, people don’t want to know the in-depth science, they just want to know how does it work? Well, it repairs your damaged DNA. And anybody that, you know, knows how to think knows that you just don’t want to have damaged DNA in your body. And so that’s what resveratrol does, that’s what the eternity product does.

And then equally important is a product that came out just Katie, was it 7 years ago, is it going on 8 years now? This July that the Age pill came out, it came out, yep, okay, so it’s just going on 7, 7 years this summer. The age pill came out, and uh, and the age pill, you want to describe a little bit why that’s so important? Yeah, so the age pill has so many great ingredients, but, you know, people are always looking at ways to increase NAD so you hear about NAD boosters on the market, but a lot of those products only have, you know, two or three ingredients. Sisel has about 11 ingredients in our product, and a lot of the additional ingredients that Sisel adds into our product is ingredients that help to support the body to enhance cognitive function. So not only are you getting a boost in NAD, but you also got these additional ingredients in there. It also goes to work to help remove lipofuscin and glycation, which is basically cellular sludge, the waste that forms in and around the cells in the body. So we talk about doing a detox, we think of detoxing our bowel and doing that sort of thing, but you know, you can detox your cells as well. And so the age pill, you can think of it as a cellular detox, so it’s really important thinking about that because you definitely want to remove that waste product in and around your cells. And then, of course, it’s got the precursors for NAD. So NAD is crucial for all human life, and it’s a co-enzyme. And so there’s precursors that help the body create this, and as we age, our NAD levels decline. And so the precursors for NAD is a nicotinamide riboside, and so we’ve got to create that. The age pill has two forms of B3, so they’ve got the nicotinamide and the niacin and then they’ve also got the ribose. And so those are combined together to form a double covalent bond to create the nicotinamide riboside, which is the precursor for NAD. And you know, people just get phenomenal results with this product. It just speaks for itself. I mean, even if you just forget everything I said then about the science, if you just go and have a look at the testimonials for this product, the before and after photos, particularly how you can see improvements in people’s skin and hair, but it’s not only how it’s making them look on the outside, it’s how they feel on the inside.

People are just feeling so much more energy, better concentration, mood enhancement, just incredible, um, boosting mood that to the point Curt where, you know, I would be very anxious if I ran out of the age pill I mean, I always have two bottles spare in my house. I would never let it get down to less than two bottles. I’ve always got that buffer because I am so keen to stay on this product all the time because I know how it makes me feel, let alone all the other things we just talked about, you know, boosting the NAD, removing the cellular waste. So it just has such an array of benefits. You just can’t go past this product. You bet, well, and Katie, you know, the thing about it is a lot of people,  know, we’re in age of information, the information age, and a lot of people are going to go Google NAD. And the thing about it is, is that if you look at the other NAD products that are on the market, they all follow one pathway to make this NAD. They give you the precursors, the building block to build NAD. But when you take a look at the age pill, what’s nice about the age pill is we follow five different pathways, five different pathways to get to the final product, that one final product, which is the NAD. So that’s what makes our product so much different than the other products on the market. Comparably, when you look at the cost, we’re sitting, you know, all the products are sitting about the same cost.

But what you see about ours is that it’s that much more powerful because it’s following different pathways to get to the end result, which is the NAD. So the final product in the pack, Katie, is actually an exciting product that, you know, I don’t think it really got the excitement that it needed to get because it came out the same year that the pandemic hit. And so we never really got to the forefront of the scientific market. But when you listen to all the different gurus in anti-aging medicine, you’ll hear them talking about senolytic and senescent and, and, and, and so what senescent is is that when your cells get old and damaged, you know, from like what I was talking about with the, with the stress that was going on in your body and the chemical exposures and all that, what it does is it damages the cells’ DNA and damages it to the point that the cell can’t divide any further. And in this case, we’re talking about stem cells. And these stem cells go into what they call senescence.

And years ago, they used to think that, that it was going to sleep, that the stem cells were going to sleep. Well, they found out that they don’t just go to sleep. What these stem cells actually do is these stem cells go into a kind of a riot type of an activity. They go into kind of a, a, a zombie, you’ll hear people, you’ll hear scientists talking about zombie states. And, and it’s so, it’s going into this zombie state where it’s actually taken and it starts to attack other healthy cells and it converts those healthy cells into zombies, into other kind of zombie cells. And it can help make you get sick. And they’ve related senescent cells to heart disease and diabetes Alzheimer’s, um, Parkinson’s type diseases, these neurodegenerative type diseases, they’ve related to aging type things like grey hair. And all there just, there’s just a multitude of different types of diseases that are related to senescence.

And so here we have a product that was developed. And now this one, you know, you heard me talking about with the, with the Age pill, where it follows five pathways. Now we’ve got a product that follows eight different pathways. It follows eight different pathways to help get rid of these different kinds of damaged cells, these zombie cells and get them out of your body so you can help lower your risk. And there’s a lot of studies on it. I read one just recently that came out of the UK. And they’re using it in nursing homes. They’re using some of these ingredients in nursing homes because they found that it can combat the effects of the Aging cells, Katie. So isn’t that exciting?

Yeah, absolutely incredible. I dropped out there for a second. Yeah, just a fantastic product. And, you know, when you combine all these products together, what a powerful impact they have on the body. You bet. And that’s the most important thing. That’s why we put it into a package like this because they all work together. All the products work together. One of them helps to get rid of these old dead damaged dying cells. Another one helps in fixing the end caps on your chromosomes. Another one is the fuel for your body to get all this stuff done. And another one is it repairs the damaged DNA. So you can see they all four work together, and they all, the end result is that you see people that are feeling younger, they’re feeling more healthy, more vibrant. And isn’t that what we want, Katie, as we age? Don’t we want to feel young and vibrant?

Yeah, I mean, it has to be your number one priority. I just heard Lewis Howes, who has a really fantastic YouTube channel, it’s really popular, and you know, he was talking about his priorities in life, and his number one priority is his health. His number one priority, his number two priority is his mission in life, his work, and reaching as many people as possible with his positive messages. And then number three is his relationship because he said that he can’t enjoy or be happy in life if he doesn’t have his health and then if he doesn’t have a purpose. So those why he put those number one and two. So with Sisel, Sisel helps to support your health. Then we’ve got a purpose. Our purpose is sharing this information with others to make other people’s lives better. So you know, we’re already hitting those one and two, aren’t we? You bet. All right, great. So thanks for tuning in today, and hopefully you found that useful, and we’ll catch you on the next one. All right, have a great day. And again, thanks for listening. And I’ll tell you, you give it a try, give it a try for a period of about three months, and you’ll notice some noticeable changes after three months of being on these products. Thanks, everyone.

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