Sisel Wealth Builder System Explained

The Sisel Wealth Builder system is an optional system that provides an enhanced way to build your business quickly while elevating your income potential. As a new Sisel distributor, you opt into this system by buying one of our claimed Wealth Builder packs within your first 30 days of enrolment.

Only one Wealth Builder pack may be purchased at the time of enrolment. Once you have purchased your Wealth Builder pack, you are qualified for Wealth Builder commissions. To continually earn these commissions, you must maintain a minimum of 50 PV month to month. The Wealth Builder bonus program is designed to enable you to create immediate significant income paid daily in your bonus bin or e-wallet.  Your e-wallet can be set up in your personal website back office.

Step one: build your Freedom Team. You’ve bought your pack and are now qualified. The first step to Wealth Builder commissions is to build your Freedom Team. Your Freedom Team consists of the first three people you personally sponsor who also buy Wealth Builder packs within 30 days of your initial purchase. You receive $50 for each person who purchases their pack within 30 days of your initial purchase. Want to double your money? If each of your Freedom Team Wealth Builders purchase their pack within 2 weeks of your initial purchase, you get $100 each rather than just $50. Let’s say you buy the Beauty pack and are now qualified for Wealth Builder commissions. You sign up Tommy, Gina, and John – this is your Freedom Team. You get $50 each as they too become qualified Wealth Builders, but you want to double your money so you urge them to buy their packs within 2 weeks from your purchase. As they become qualified Wealth Builders within this timeframe, you get $100 each. We will now take a look at your Wealth Team.

Step two: the Wealth Builder bonus. When your fourth and fifth Wealth Builders join your team the same way as Tommy, Gina, and John, you get a bonus of $130 rather than just $50. You also get $80 from each of their first three Wealth Builder enrollees. As each qualifies, you get $80 for that first three’s first three, and that first three’s first three through infinity. You sign up Jesse and you sign up Jacob – you get $130 each when they buy their pack. You get $80 for each Freedom Team Wealth Builder under Jesse, and you get $80 for each Freedom Team Wealth Builder under Jacob.

Step three: 50% check match on your Freedom Team’s Wealth Builder bonus. Once you’ve enrolled your fifth Wealth Builder, the check match feature is triggered. What this means is that you will get 50% of all Wealth Builder bonuses – the $80 paid to those in your Freedom Team. Because the Wealth Builder bonus has no limit on how many fourth and fifth Wealth Builders can qualify under your own Freedom Team, the possible bonus here is infinite. Upon enrolling Jesse, you will now receive equivalent of 50% each time Tommy, Gina, and John receive the $80 portion of the Wealth Builder bonus as their Freedom Team builds their own Freedom teams. And the check match gets even better in step four.

Step four: the turbo bonus. Once your sixth Wealth Builder qualifies for the Wealth Builder program by buying his or her own pack, the turbo bonus gives you $150 upfront. This pertains to your sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth Wealth Builders, etc., through infinity. Santiago becomes your sixth Wealth Builder – $150 to you. Samantha becomes your seventh Wealth Builder – $150 to you. Steven becomes your eighth Wealth Builder – again, $150 goes to you. This can simply keep going through infinity. Most think that this couldn’t get more lucrative, but it does. Where you were generating $80 from your Wealth Team, you now generate $100 from each new Freedom Team Wealth Builder. This also starts once your sixth Wealth Builder qualifies.

With regard to check match, where you were generating $40 from their $80, you now generate $50 from their $100 when they do become turbo qualified. Let’s take a glance at the bigger Wealth Builder picture. Your Freedom Team consists of your first three Wealth Builders. Your Wealth Team consists of your fourth through infinity Wealth Builders. These teams are assigned once a Wealth Builder pack is purchased. They remain on your team for life unless an account is terminated and a brand new team member takes their spot. If one member of either team terminates their account, contact customer support and you can replace them with a brand new Sisel distributor. This gives you incentive to treat your teams right and keep them moving. The principle remains: we succeed by helping others succeed.


Last Updated on April 14, 2024 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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