Benefits of Probiotics

Benefits of probiotics - balance D
Let’s talk about the benefits of probiotics

So we are going to talk about the benefits of probiotics

There is plenty of research from Harvard that promotes the benefits of probiotics.

The following research is from Harvard Medical School and talks about the health benefits of taking probiotics. It is from a publication August 22nd 2018. So just a year ago.

Probiotics can aid in digestion and help maintain good health. So this is coming from Harvard and they’re saying there are benefits of taking probiotics. Ref

However, bacteria have a reputation for causing disease. 

It just doesn’t seem right that you could take bacteria. That bacteria could make you healthy and so a lot of people just don’t get it. 

But we’re seeing a lot of science on probiotics. 

We’re seeing a lot of talk about yogurt. We’re seeing probiotics talked about. 

Probiotics are a huge business over in Japan, but it’s big business over here. You got kombucha and kieffer’s and the cultured beverages and all these different things. 

A lot of digestive specialists are saying that probiotics will help with irritable bowel syndrome. They’re saying that’ll help with a lot of different kinds of things even vaginal problems, you know, urinary tract infections. 

There’s evidence that it helps out with diarrhea irritable bowel syndrome also colitis and Crohn’s disease. Pylori, urinary tract infections, bladder cancer, infection of the digestive tract. 

Dr Curt’s middle son was having trouble with his asthma when he was a child and he fixed his digestive system which helped his immune system. They say that probiotics can also shorten the course of diarrhea. 

I don’t know exactly how many years ago but probiotics were actually sold as a prescription and so when you start looking at that, that’s pretty amazing. So now we are seeing that it is sold over the counter and it is safe to use. 

Further studies supporting the benefits of probiotics

It can’t cause any health problems (if the correct dose is taken). Here’s a study that I just took some notes on. Recent studies by York Health and Cochran. 

They demonstrated the efficacy of reducing the duration and the number of occurrences of respiratory tract infections using probiotics. 

They also go on to say that it reduces the number of antibiotic prescriptions that are necessary. Reading further in the study its also indicates that when people are taking probiotics it saves a huge amount of money on the Healthcare System. 

It saves money. I mean think about. People are constantly going to the doctor they’re taking their kids to the doctor for ear infections and this and that. The studies find that the biggest savings are noted were actually with the health care costs of children and smokers. If you smoke cigarettes it really important to note this. Then for people who have jobs and careers where they have lots of human contact. Taking a probiotic is also really important for them. 

After hearing the benefits of probiotics I am sure you want to be taking one…

In previous articles we have talked about the microbiome. We have also talked about fulvic acid, like in Body Shield and SpectraMaxx.

And so this study said that in the United Kingdom the introduction of probiotics early in life could help to prevent the formation of tumors and they can even use it for existing ones. The probiotic used was lactobacillus. The study goes on to say that probiotics could help for the large part for patients with colon cancer. 

The studies mentioned above have not been done on any of the Sisel Products. We need to make this very clear. We cannot make claims. Claims regarding products can get you into trouble. 

These studies are done probably a generic probiotic probably something that is over the counter, but it’s not studies done on our probiotic Balance D. 

In another study, it talked about staph infections. It’s a common bacterial infection. Maybe you know about this bacterial infection, but nowadays were hearing about these flesh-eating bacteria and we’re hearing about the bacteria that are resistant that they can’t be killed with antibiotics. 

So here’s an interesting study. They found that another bacteria one of the bacteria that’s found in probiotics and probiotics balanced them. They find that these bacteria are healthy bacteria and they actually fight staph infection, Flesh-eating bacteria. It fights the resistant bacteria by secreting a substance that kills and stops the growth of the bad bacteria. 

Think about that. So you’ve got a healthy bacteria that kills the bad bacteria isn’t that simply amazing? 

Let’s talk about Balance D

When we take a look at any of the products that Tom Mower comes out with his products are always more powerful than anything else in the market. He may not have come out with the first probiotic, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it was a really good one. Holy cow. What do have? 

So when we look at that the Sisel Product, Balance D look at what we have.

Tom Mower has added all the right healthy bacteria to the product. Balance D has prebiotics. A lot of people ask, well what exactly is a Prebiotic? Well, Prebiotics are types of fiber that the bacteria digest and use as fuel because you have to feed them because the bacteria are living creatures as well. You want to feed them. Bad bacteria actually live on sugar. So that’s one of the reasons that you want to get away from a sugary diet. 

Balance D also has fiber. We’ve talked about in the better health for you webinars. I am actually working on a way of being able to measure the amount of fiber.

Experts say that the average person is getting about 50% of fiber that they need. Fiber is what feeds healthy bacteria. If you have healthy bacteria digest that the fiber it produces hydrogen and we hear a lot from Tom Mower about the benefits of Hydrogen and our H2 Stix. The Sisel AGE Pill product supports the body to produce NAD + . The plus being Hydrogen. 

So there are a lot of scientists now days talking about the benefits of hydrogen water. 

Well, that is a wrap on the benefits of probiotics and why you should be taking a good quality probiotic like Balance D

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