How to get more energy as you age

how to get more energy as you age - Feel fabulous at any age
How to get more energy as you age – Feel fabulous at any age.

How to get more energy as you age

Have you wondered why energy levels decrease with AGE, you probably have and most likely you are wondering how to get more energy as you age.

Aging is damage accumulation

Aging is damage accumulation. Up until the age of 25 for Men and 23 women for women, our bodies do a great job at combating cellular damage and are efficient at cellular repair.

In fact, at this age the human body is at its peak in terms of biology.

Unfortunately, after our peak we slowly start to decay as cells begin to wear out. The natural repair mechanisms slowly fail and as we age. Damage occurs faster than it can be repaired by the body. Energy levels slowly start to decrease.

Cellular cleansing is needed to improve energy levels

Cellular cleansing is really important because our cells need to be able to manage a process of self-cleansing on a daily basis. This cleansing needs to happen faster than it accumulates.

The older you get the less ability you have for your cells to self cleanse. This contributes to cellular decay and aging. As a result, our energy levels decline.

As time passes self-cleansing of cells becomes weaker and not all the waste material in cells can be disposed of.

Much of this material is composed of lipofuscin and advanced glycation end products, the toxic waste of aging. Free radical damage adds even more toxic waste to the body, resulting in inflammation. This occurs as a result of the air we breathe, toxins in the environment, UV exposure, chemical exposure, diet, and stress. Just to name a few.

Why does energy decline as we age?

Why energy levels decline as we age
Why energy levels decline as we age – Energy declines because NAD decreases

Mitchoronida is the powerhouse of cellular energy. The older we get the more poorly our mitochondria functions. This is a problem because mitochondria are the key cells involved in energy production.

To produce power and cellular energy we need NAD. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. (NAD(+)) plays an important role with mitochondria to produce ATP. Ref.

As our mitochondria wear out and accumulate damage and toxic build-up energy production diminishes. This contributes to the aging process.

Research shows NAD increases energy

Harvard has shown in mice that increases in NAD were able to be restored, mice who were equivalent to an 80-year-old human to that of a 25-year-old.


The good news is that ingredients like niacin and niacinamide and ribose are precursors for NR and NMN (NAD).

NMN is a precursor for NAD it is necessary for DNA repair. In animal studies, it has shown to dramatically reverse aging. As well as increase energy levels!!

Unfortunately, you cannot get enough from your diet to make much of a difference. So supplementation for the precursors may be our best assistant.

How to get more energy as you age

There are many natural things you can do to improve your energy levels. If you are wondering how to get more energy as you age you can consider making improvements in your diet, exercising daily, fasting, juicing, destressing and getting adequate sleep. However, if you are like me and looking for that something extra to boost your energy levels as you age, then you can’t go past a NAD Booster.

I was wondering how to get more energy as you age. So I looked at NAD boosters. I even compared the main NAD Boosters on the market. My favourite supplement is the Sisel AGE Pill. I like the AGE Pill because not only does it SUPPORT the body to increase energy it also provides massive support in the removal of cellular waste.

What have I noticed since taking the AGE Pill?

Since taking the AGE Pill I have noticed a big increase in my energy levels. Even as I age, my energy levels are increasing. I also found that taking a double dose has lead to a significant difference in my skin, better sleep, and mood. My skin looks more youthful which I love. My hair is thicker and the few grey hairs I have seem to be staying at bay. The AGE Pill testimonials speak for themselves.

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