Does eating organic reduce your risk of cancer?

Why you should minimise your exposure to harmful chemicals

23 OCT 2018, a recent article titled “Eating more organic food may reduce your risk of cancer: study” shared the following:

  • Participants who ate organic food more frequently showed a 25 percent lower risk of being diagnosed with postmenopausal breast cancer and lymphomas.
  • Those who consume organic food have a reduction in the risk of overall cancer.

The study is from Centre of Research in Epidemiology and Statistics in France and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in the USA.” Ref.

Ok so do we really need a study to tell us eating organic reduces cancer. I would of thought it would be common sense.

The reference above goes on to say that authors “Speculate” it may be because organic foods are less likely to contain pesticide residues than conventional foods.

This makes sense and the World Health Organisation seems to agree. WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer states that the pesticides diazinon, glyphosate and malathion as “probably carcinogenic”.

According to recent US court ruling it is a contributing factor.

“The common weed killer Roundup (glyphosate) is back in the news after a US court ruled it contributed to a man’s terminal cancer (non-Hodgkin lymphoma). Following the court’s order for manufacturer Monsanto to compensate the former school ground’s keeper US$289 million, more than 9,000 people are reportedly also suing the company.”

“Australian Four Corner’s report centres around Monsanto’s possible cover-up of the evidence for a link between glyphosate and cancer.”

Glyphosate is commonly sprayed all over, and this is cause for alarm. Crops, home gardens, schools, and public parks are all exposed. It’s used to kill weeds, but is it killing us?

Personally, I feel glyphosate’s harmful effects can’t be denied.

glyphosate spaying vegetables

WHO also states, “ pesticides are also potentially toxic to humans. They may induce adverse health effects including cancer, effects on reproduction, immune or nervous systems” Ref.

Independent scientists are pushing for a ban on glyphosate in the best interest of public health.

I believe that I need to voice these concerns and share this information so that people can at least make informed choices.

But what can be done today?

“Ok great, yes sure I would love to eat organic but it’s too expensive”.

If you can’t afford organic what can you do to minimise your exposure to pesticide residue?

Recently I came across a talk by two time genius award winner Tom Mower, president and co-founder of Sisel International.

Tom is advocate for avoiding harmful chemicals, and health icon who has been formulating safe products since the 1990s. This was long before it became well known to the general public, that potentially cancer-causing chemicals exist in personal care products.

The Mower Mission is all about creating safe effective products. Using the best of science and nature.

How can I reduce my exposure to harmful chemicals like glyphosate?

Tom Mower shares some practical examples that can help you reduce your exposure to glyphosate. Find out what Sisel Products can help, listen below.

How can I reduce my exposure to harmful chemicals like glyphosate? Tom Mower talks. Sisel International.

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