New Zealand distribution

New Zealand distribution now in operation

To measure the performance of shipping goods from New Zealand to Australia,  Sisel conducted numerous tests.  Sisel chose people in outlying locations as well as regional areas, cities and towns.  The testing was very successful.  As a result, Sisel are now shipping products to Australia from the new New Zealand distribution warehouse.

Furthermore, Sisel will be opening to New Zealand Customers in November 2018. Please click here to read more.

The New Zealand distribution center benefits

  • One ordering website for Australia & New Zealand.
  • Simplified ordering; select products from one order form and pay one shipping fee
  • Much faster delivery times for products that used to come from the USA
  • Much easier to help your friends enrol and place orders.
  • Sisel are  now using a courier service to improve how orders and products are handled

Posted 5 February 2018

New Zealand Sisel Warehouse


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