AGE Reversing Pill

Introducing The AGE Pill an AGE Reversing Pill

Sisel Internationals AGE Pill could be called The AGE Reversing Pill. In fact, that is exactly what it is designed for. To reverse the effects of age. Imagine waking up each day feeling younger and looking younger.

For some who take Sisel’s AGE Pill the results are fairly dramatic, and to be frank I have seen people who look 10-15 years younger in a matter of months. What’s more important is, they also claim to feel younger.

Age Pill Review by Anthony Diabetic
I’ve been on The Age Pill for 5 months and there has been a notable improvement in my skin, particularly the reduction of lines and under eye bags. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my memory, which has become sharper. I am a Type One Diabetic, 50 years old. Anthony

Admittedly it seems far fetched but the truth is the science is new and we are on the verge of continuing breakthroughs in an age reversal pill. Plus we can say in animal studies the science is rock solid when it comes to the ingredients. That’s right Trevor, dogs don’t lie…It works! Just ask my dog Milo.

Aging is not a disease…OR is it?

The World Health Organisation is now calling to recognise aging as a disease and thus is treatable. (WHO ICD-11 Diagnosis Book 2018)

When do you start aging? I mean decaying

So if you are male and over 25 years of age you are now aging or should I say decaying. Females start decaying at 23 years of age.

Aging is really the body decaying. After reaching full growth, it’s all down hill. However, with the new science, we certainly hope to put a stop to that. Actually, it’s not really hope its reality and only a matter of time.

Ok so how do we reverse aging?

The key to age reversal is stem cells and telomeres. Well, at least a large part. These decay and breakdown in our body as we get older, which basically makes us look and feel older. This is a very simple explanation.

To elaborate, Aubrey De Grey (Gerontoligist) states there are 7 factors that contribute to aging. Condensed down they are:

  • Mutations in chromosomes causing cancer
  • Mutations – in mitochondria
  • Junk inside and outside of cells
  • Too many or too few cells
  • Extracellular protein crosslinks

Fortunately Tom Mower two times genius award winner (Sisel International Chief Scientist) is onto the research. He believes the AGE Pill and Telomere Support Extreme goes along way in addressing the aforementioned factors outlined by De Grey.

None of this is proven fact, so of course we can only say its theory.

That being said, using Sisels AGE Pill and TSX products in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, (yes including exercise!) produces magical results. Well it has gone along way, for at least me, in feeling and looking my best.

Hey, at 150 years of age I plan to be fit and healthy 🙂 Are you keen to join me?

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor