Dogs Age Limit

Dogs Age Limit, what if your dog could live longer?

Sounds exiting? Extending your dogs’ life? Man’s best friend living longer? Well that is exactly what we are attempting to do with Sisel’s AGE Pill. Milo is 14 year old Labrador on the AGE PIll. So far the results are amazing.

What does A.G.E. stand for?

Anti Glycation Extreme.

What is Glycation?

Long-lived cells (such as nerves and different types of brain cell), long-lasting proteins (such as crystallins of the lens and cornea), and DNA may accumulate substantial damage over time. Cells such as the retina cells in the eyes, and beta cells (insulin-producing) in the pancreas are also at high risk of damage. Damage by glycation results in stiffening of the collagen in the blood vessel walls, leading to high blood pressure, especially in diabetes. Glycations also cause weakening of the collagen in the blood vessel walls, which may lead to micro- or macro-aneurisms; this may cause strokes if in the brain. [REF:]

What is Dogs Age Limit?

A Labrador can live on average between 12-14 years. Milo has reached 14 years of Age and is GOING STRONG! We are working on reversing her age in particular the visible signs of ageing including:

  • Grey hair
  • Hearing
  • Smell
  • Eye Sight
  • Energy
  • Muscle Tone
  • Memory
Dogs Age Limit - Can you make a dog live longer?

14 years old Milo has been on the AGE pill for 6 weeks. Nicknamed the AGE Pill dog.

Is it possible to extend a dogs Age limit

In theory with the right, diet, exercise, supplementation, and lifestyle we believe it is possible. With the introduction of Sisel’s AGE Pill which contains the precursors to NAD+ we are likely to see some pretty amazing results.

In conclusion

Follow our journey and find out what is possible with the latest breakthrough science in age reversal supplements, including NAD+ science. For more information visit our YouTube Channel Growing Younger with Milo and Me.

Disclaimer: Please note Sisel does not promote any of it’s supplements for animal use. I chose personally to give the products to Milo.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor