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Luke Clarke in partnership with InterClinical Laboratories (a leading service provider of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Pathology in Australia) is offering an online Hair Mineral Analysis Test.

What’s included?

  1. Full Hair Mineral Analysis Test
  2. Phone Consultation with Luke Clarke Qualified Naturopath to provide interpretation of the results and recommendations to make improvements (results are also emailed).


$210 includes hair mineral analysis and 30 minute phone consultation with Luke Clarke Qualified Naturopath.

How does it work?

STEP 1. Simply Fill in your  credit card details online via the form below.

STEP 2. After you have filled in your details a Hair Mineral Testing Kit will be posted to you. Once you receive the kit, take your hair sample (see below instructions) they are also included in your posted kit.  Once you have completed all your details post back the kit ( in the self addressed stamped envelop included).

STEP 3. Once your results are available Luke Clarke will make a time with you to provide an online phone consultation to discuss your results and make recommendations to assist you with your health needs.

A copy of your results will also be emailed to you.



What is Hair Mineral Analysis Test

It  is a safe and non-invasive pathology test. It measures the levels and comparative ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals found in hair.  It is regarded by many doctors, naturopaths and nutritional therapists as one of the most valuable screening tools available in everyday and preventative health care.

How to take a hair sample

Cut hair with clean stainless steel scissors. Thinning scissors can be used on short hair.

Cut small amounts of hair from the nape of the neck and/or several other locations on the back of the scalp. Cut hair as close to the scalp as possible.

If the sampled hair is less than 4cm long, keep all of it for testing. If the hair is longer than this, cut off and keep the 4cm of hair that was growing closest to the scalp (discard the excess).

The hair needs to be clean, well-rinsed, untreated and uncoloured. If hair is treated or coloured, wait six to eight weeks and take a sample from the freshly grown untreated hair.

Place the hair sample in the envelope provided, or in a clean, clearly labelled envelope or sachet.

How much hair?
The laboratory requires 0.5gm (500mg) or about one (heaped) tablespoon of hair for testing.

What kind of hair?
Head hair from the back of the head is recommended for testing. Freshly grown hair cut from close to the scalp reflects the body’s most recent metabolic activity.

If head hair is not available, beard or pubic hair can be used. Do not mix different types of tissue samples, eg. do not mix head hair with pubic hair.

The Hair Mineral Analysis  test kit contains:

About Luke Clarke

After graduating with a degree in Applied Science in Naturopathy in 1992, Luke has trained extensively in the area of Functional Medicine and Wellness Programs. His areas of special interest lie primarily in understanding the influence of diet, lifestyle and environmental factors and how they affect human physiology.

“By combining the best science has to offer in diagnostic tools with the wisdom of naturopathic philosophies, clear and precise strategies can be formulated to combat any health challenge at the true causative level.”

Luke’s training in natural medicine, combined with his sound knowledge and thorough understanding of the value of nutritional supplements, ensures that his patients are treated with the most comprehensive and effective naturopathic programs. Luke believes strongly in the use of objective testing to understand the intricate internal biochemistry of one body. Luke is also passionate about how diet, lifestyle and the environment influence this biochemistry and what can be done to positively influence it.

Luke has also worked closely with a number of sporting clubs, athletes and trainers to help them achieve optimum performance. Luke has been practicing for 24 years.

Clinic address is Ashburton, Victoria, Australia. For information regarding additional tests please call Luke on (03) 9885 7766.

Why test for minerals?

Minerals are essential for growth, healing, vitality and well-being. They provide structural support in bones and teeth, and they maintain the body’s pH and water balance, nerve activity, muscle contractions, energy production and enzyme reactions. They are the basic ‘spark plugs’ of life.

Ideally we should get all the minerals we need from a balanced diet. Unfortunately today this is rarely possible. Modern farming techniques, fertilisers and depleted soils reduce the mineral content of foods. Environmental pollutants, chemical food additives and stressful lifestyles also have a detrimental effect on our nutritional status.
Many health conditions are aggravated by mineral imbalances and toxic metal excesses, including cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, migraines, learning difficulties and hyperactivity in children, to name just a few.  Consequently, there is a great need to test and monitor our nutritional status more than ever.

Benefits of  a Hair Mineral Analysis

  • Safe, scientific, non-invasive pathology test.
  • Reliable data on more than 35 nutrient and toxic minerals, and over 25 important mineral ratios.
  • Valuable health information often not revealed in standard blood and urine tests.
  • Discovery of nutrient mineral imbalances or toxic mineral excesses that may be affecting your health.
  • Personalised patient and doctor interpretive test reports that assess your current mineral status, highlight areas of concern and recommend dietary changes and supplements for improved health and well-being.

The earlier you begin balancing your minerals, hair analysis the less time this task takes. A hair mineral analysis (get one here) can give you a crystal ball and preview into your state of health because it can show health issues and body chemistry imbalances before you manifest symptoms. Once you present with symptoms or illness like cancer, for instance, you’ve been sick for many years — even decades. A hair mineral analysis will give you a place to begin and a plan to improve your health beyond what you thought imaginable.

Mineral Power uses hair mineral analysis to address the root causes of physical and mental health issues — nutrient deficiencies and heavy metal and chemical toxicity — and provides a plan to resolve these issues. So many health issues are not resolved with traditional medical care because these issues are rarely addressed.

Where is the testing done

InterClinical laboratory facilities have stringent quality control measures in place to ensure reports contain the most precise and reliable test data available.


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