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No body wants to spend the last years of their life suffering from Alzheimer’s, MS, or Parkinson’s, only to realise that they might, potentially have avoided such a tragic outcome, if only they’d paid a little more attention to their health. “But we are living longer!” you say. Current research reveals that life expectancy has increased, and that there are more people making it to 100 years.

However, according to Dr Collin Mavis of the Australian Institute of Health who conducted two surveys in 1981 and 1988, while the average age of death has risen, so too have the average number of years spent with a disability. For a male the average age of death was 73.1 and for females the average age of death was 78.3. The years of living with a disability had also increased. The average period of time spent with disability for Males was 19yrs and for females 14yrs. He also found that 7/10 deaths will result prematurely as result of cancer or CVA (includes heart attacks and strokes). 1

So we are living longer accompanied by debilitating illness/disease. In other words, pain and suffering from disease and illness has increased. In a sense our quality of life is decreasing. You need to take responsibility for your own health. Find out the facts, study the research and make up your own mind. Don’t rely on government and associated organisations to protect your health. But surely they are protecting our health?….. “In Hot Water”, REPORTER: Elise Mooney, BROADCAST DATE: July 5, 2002. Today Tonight, Channel 7. When a Tasmanian family moved into a public housing complex, they noticed that their tap water was unusual in taste and colour. Their request for the water to be tested was rejected. Three years later they received an alarming letter from Housing Tasmania admitting copper in the tap water exceeded national guidelines and residents would be provided with bottled water from then on. They were assured the water was safe to bathe in. “I had a shower yesterday morning and I had green things sticking into my hair”, Ms Flakemore said. “I actually had a green tinge in the front of my hair … I had green stains on my scalp. They reckon it is safe to bathe in. I don’t agree.” “Tunnel Neighbours Fuming”, REPORTER: David Richardson. BROADCAST DATE: December 1, 2003. Today Tonight, Channel 7. A leaked Federal Government report from the Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics found that twice as many people in Australia die from the consequences of vehicle exhaust than in capital city traffic accidents. The report says nearly 2,500 people are admitted every year to hospitals with symptoms of vehicle exhaust sickness and the annual cost to the community is more than $3 billion. But governments continue to tell us there are no problems. Scientist Mark Curran is fighting to have filters installed in tunnels to remove the invisible poisons and save lives…..The national road fatality toll is 647 while the effects of vehicle exhaust killed 1,700. If you would like more information about the need to take responsibility for your own health then grab a copy of Philip Day’s book Health Wars Phillip Day is a reporter whose focus is on researching and reporting contentious health issues. His book collates health information from a variety of sources and health professionals. On page 5 Philip states…”As always I extend a debt of gratitude and admiration to all who have helped in the crafting of this book, and especially the absent ones — those professionals operating both sides of the medical fence, who in may cases lost their livelihoods, their families and in certain cases their lives to bring you the information contained in these pages”. “Health Wars is the penetrating new investigation into the fraud and deceit of the cash-hungry healthcare industry. Investigative reporter Phillip Day unmasks the entrenched scientific error and unhealthy agendas which deliberately prevent the simple answer to killer diseases from becoming public knowledge. ” 2 ___________________________________________________ 1 Davison, Bill, Oral Chelation Therapy, (CD), LP Recordings. 2 Day, Philip, Health Wars, UK, Credence Publications, 2001. Back cover blurb.

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