Improving Energy Levels. Can Sisel Products Help?

Well, hey Katie, how are you doing tonight?

Great, How are you today? You know, I’m doing really well, thanks for asking. You know, it’s another excellent day. We’re on top of the ground instead of underneath it, and we get to talk about our favorite subject, Sisel. Yeah, fantastic.

So, you know, before we get started, Katie, I’m just going to say this for those of you who are listening to this video: make sure you know we’re not getting paid to do these videos or anything like that. If you like what you hear, share it with everybody and help them understand that there’s a way that you can help your body, you can help yourself, so you can feel healthier, have more energy. And tonight, we’re going to talk about energy, but we’re not talking about curing or treating any kind of disease; we’re just really supporting the system that your body already has. Your body has a built-in innate intelligence that says, “Hey, there’s something wrong over here; let’s go fix it.” And Katie, I mean, you know, if you drop your TV set, it’s going to break; it doesn’t fix itself, right? But if you fall down and you break your leg, even if you don’t go to the doctor, your leg’s going to heal up as long as the two bones are joined together properly. It’s going to heal up. So, that’s what makes us totally different than anything else on the—excuse me, anything else on the planet. Yeah, fantastic.

So, we’re talking about the topic of lack of energy. Energy is really obviously critical for everyday living, and you know, it’s hard to enjoy your life if you don’t have your health, if you don’t have enough energy, if you don’t have enough energy to go to work, if you don’t have enough energy to socialise, to take care of yourself properly. That’s a big problem. And as we age, we start to have more problems because the body’s breaking down. So, one of the things that happens as we age is we have a decline in mitochondrial function. And the mitochondria, Katie, you know, I just want to tell people, think of it like the tiny little nuclear power plant inside your body that energises every single cell. Yeah, really important stuff.

The first thing is you want to stop the damage, don’t you? Could you—bet you bet. Stop the damage, get rid of the stuff—the reactive oxidative species that they talk about, which is the stuff that builds up toxins in your body, sugars, refined foods, bad fats, bad oils, things like that. You want to get that stuff out of your diet right away. Yeah, so we’re talking about, you know, your processed food, your sweets, your treats, your desserts, packaged—you know, and go towards more whole foods that are close to nature as possible. So, that’s really important to reduce the oxidative stress and improve the efficiency of the mitochondria, improve your energy. Overall, it will just improve your energy just doing that alone.

The next thing is, you know, putting out the fire, and this slide talks about polyphenols and antioxidants. So, do you want to talk a little bit about that, Curt?

Well, I was just reading about that this morning, talking about the foods that can really help, you know, and they mention blueberries here, but I don’t see them mentioning, um, mentioning the resveratrol, you know, blueberries have the pterostilbene, which helps out a lot, but the resveratrol is one of the main ones for helping to clean up the system, um, cleans up that oxidative stress, cleans up the free radicals, and it’ll help with the damage that’s been done to the mitochondria because when it says it’s damaged in the mitochondria, what part of the mitochondria is being damaged? The DNA, right? And that’s where resveratrol works because resveratrol works with the SIRT genes, the SIRT1 genes. There are seven SIRT genes and, um, so it really helps out with that.

And what’s our best product for that one, Curt? Eternity, Eternity is a great product. It’s a liquid nutraceutical. It’s not a juice; everybody says, “Oh, I like those juices that you guys have.” It’s not a juice; it’s not a juice. It’s a powerful nutraceutical, yeah. Fantastic liquid nutraceutical—yeah. And I take two shots of Eternity every day. Two bottles every month, there you go.

Okay, great. And then support the cell and mitochondrial membrane. So, essential fatty acids could—yeah, well, you know, and I used to talk about this a lot, and I probably should talk about it more again now, but, you know, we talk about Omega-3s, the good fats, the good healthy fats. And, uh, right now, if you take a look at your diet, if you watch what you’re eating, just do a food diary and watch how much Omega-3s compared to how much Omega-6 is, and the Omega-6 is, they cause—they cause inflammation, and Omega-3s are anti-inflammation. So, you want to take and you want to get rid of all the Omega-6es, like, right now. We’re somewhere probably around a 20 to 1 ratio of Omega-6es to Omega-3s.

And ideally, if we lived in an ideal world, we should probably be somewhere around four to one, four Omega-6s for every Omega-3. But again, like I said, we’re probably somewhere around 20 Omega-6s for every Omega-3 molecule that you get. So start looking at that, and you’ll find that you’ll get rid of some of that chronic inflammation. And if you get rid of chronic inflammation, you’re going to find that you have more energy because your mitochondrial function is going to improve. So, and what product does Sisel have that can help with this, Dr. Curt, for those listening?

Well, the Supra Omega Plus is our product. What an awesome product, yeah. I think I have it right there. Yeah, fantastic. I’m sitting at my dining room table, and I have all my products lined up here every day. So, yeah, including wild-caught fish and, you know, like your salmon, your trout, the good fatty fishes, black seed, and walnuts can help improve your Omega intake. Yeah, the problem with, like, with flaxseed, it does tend to have a little bit more of the Omega-6 in it. Plant-based Omegas, plant good fats from plants, tend to be a little bit out of range. That’s where your fish, like you said, the salmon, the mackerel, things like that, is actually a better source. Yeah, yeah, fantastic. And if you’re not into any of that, then, you know, you can look to a supplement to support your body and fill those nutritional gaps. And the Supra Omega Plus that Sisel has is a fantastic product. So, move on to the next slide.

So, boosting energy production. So, what’s the most important takeaway from this slide, Dr. Curt?

Well, I mean, I think the most important thing that you want to take away from this is that there’s natural substances that you can use that’s going to help boost the energy. And what is the energy? Well, the energy in your cells comes from NAD, NAD Plus. And these things, the CoQ10, the PQQ, the alpha-lipoic acid, NMN, acetyl-carnitine, and ribose, different things like that, what do they do? Tryptophan? What do they do? They all help; they’re precursors for your body to make this NAD, which is the fuel for that nuclear power plant called the mitochondria. Yeah, fantastic. So, which product is really important if people are looking to support energy production? You bet. Well, I just happen to have it right here. Number one, see that right there? It keeps fading in and out here. There it’s right in the camera right there, the AG pill. Yeah, yeah, the AGE pill. And, you know, what I like about the AGE pill, Katie, is that we’re not just using one pathway, you know? Like, they list all these different things. A lot of people are going to go out and they’re going to buy alpha-lipoic acid, for example. They’re going to go out and buy some of the nicotinamide mononucleotide, NMN. They’re going to buy some of the acetyl-carnitine. And they’re going to take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The problem with that is that you’re really not going to get enough of anything. And so, what I really like about Sisel is that we don’t just have single products. We don’t just buy, say, vitamin C. We don’t just have vitamin D. What we have is we have formulations where we’ve taken and we’ve put everything into there. Like when Katie was talking about the Super Omega Plus, well, we’ve got CoQ10 in with our omega-3s. And because it mixes well, your body uses it together. And that’s the same thing with the AGE pills that we’re going down four or five different pathways to make that NAD rather than just trusting that one’s going to do it. Yeah, fantastic.

Yeah, exercise is so good, you know, because what it does is it—you know, when you exercise, you’re getting the blood flowing, you’re getting your blood to flow around your body, carrying fresh oxygen around. You know, and you don’t have to be a scientist to realise that oxygen is good for you. I mean, if you live in an environment that doesn’t have much oxygen, you’re not going to be healthy. And look at the cities that are highly polluted, you know? I mean, that’s all we have to talk about. And so, exercise is great. This high-intensity, this HIT workout, this HIT training that they call it, short burst of intense exercise, you know? Like, I was just talking to somebody today; she said, “Well, I just don’t have time to exercise.” I said, “I said you know, ’cause she has a job where she’s driving around in her car all the time.” I said, “Well stop your car, get out, and I said, “Jump up and down.” I said, “Jump up and down for five minutes, get back in your car.” I said, “Just do that every hour.” I mean, because she’ll be in her car sometimes 16 hours a day. And I said, “Just every hour, get out and take five minutes.” And I said, “Just do a little bit of stretching, and then I said, just jump up and down like a crazy woman for five minutes, and then get back in your car.” I said, “That’s all you have to do.” Yeah, just getting your body moving is really important. So, that’s it for today. We just wanted to share that, and hopefully, you found that information useful. So, thanks for joining us this week. We’ll check in with you next week with another topic, and we hope you have a great weekend and a great Easter.

You bet, have a great weekend, enjoy your Easter, get together with family, and have some fun, and celebrate the season, you know? I mean, that’s why we’re here. All right, have a great weekend. Bye-bye.


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