Sisel Updates – What’s Update Call 29th November

G’day mates! Welcome to our new and improved “What’s Up” call. After a couple of weeks, we decided to record our What’s Up call again. We have some really cool things we’re going to be doing with this call. Things that we haven’t done, so it really will be new and improved.

Yeah, we have our distributor, no employee, sorry, employee highlight. Yeah, a new thing, so we get people on here, and sometimes you guys see them on a call or you’ll see them at Mower Mountain. Not know a ton about them, so we thought that we would introduce them here, go through a little interview, and let you know what they’re all about. Yep, so let’s start with our back orders.

Misty Davison joins Sisel – Executive Assistant

Well, we want to start with our new introduction. All right, Misty Davison. All right, what’s her, you know what? Yeah, Misty is our brand new executive assistant. She’s going to be helping the executives coordinate everything. She’s going to help with promotion, she’s going to help with recognition, with a little bit of everything. So we’re bringing her on right now, and let you know a little bit about her. So, in our first-ever employee spotlight, super exciting, first week only, we have a brand new employee that has been here for two days, two days, Miss Misty Davis. So welcome her, guys, to Sisel. We’re excited to have her here. Yeah, it’s been two days, right? Days, she doesn’t know quite what’s going on here.

Day, so I’m really excited to be here. She’s right out here with us, so she’s going to see us all day long, all day long, unfortunately. But fortunately, you get to hang out with the fun crowd. Yeah, it’s true. We are, yeah, for sure. So what do you do here? What are you going to be doing? So my title is executive assistant to Tom Mower and this guy here, yeah, okay, that’s going to be crazy. Yeah, it’s going to be fun. Yeah, they both need a lot of help. They both need a lot of help, but as you’ve seen with Tom Jr., he’s very busy, so it’s going to be a lot of fun. And I actually had the opportunity to work with Milo about 10 years ago. 10 years ago, yeah, at another company, been a while. And that was a lot of fun. So, and is that your only MLM? No, actually, I started the first MLM I ever worked with was at new ways almost 20 years ago. Yeah, last from P from the past full circle, so this is a really exciting time. Yeah, so she’ll be coordinating and helping with the events and just a little bit of everything, you know how.

Yes, I love that, and Distributors love that. And they’re ready for some cool things, so I like that you’re bringing that to the table. I’m so excited. Yeah, welcome. Thank you. Yeah, thank you so much. I look forward to meeting you all soon. Okay, so that was fun. Yes, she’s amazing. Amazing, you know, I’ve known her for, well, we worked together for years ago, and she’s very organised, and she’s going to help us a time here. She’s got a lot of experience. So you guys, we’ve said we’ll see her here and there. So give her a warm welcome, absolutely. So let’s get to our back orders. We have our back orders, not too many, yes. And it’s going to be a little longer call today because we have seven months’ worth of updates for you guys.

Back ordered Sisel Products 29 November 2023

So a little more than two weeks, yes, exactly. But we will be on the ball. You’re recorded, you’ve been recorded, just so you know. And she said that, so yes, back orders, we have Sisel Ript, yep, which should be here by mid-December, uh, we have a Sisel 4Restore and Sisel Soak that, um, we’ll say end of the week, but they can be turned on here any day, but let’s just say, yeah, end of week. We’re saying end of week, but, uh, they’re coming anytime now, and those are the only three back orders that we have right now. Very cool.

Our promo this month is a wealth Builder promo. Yes, uh, decided to waive the initial fee, the signup fee, for November and December. We’re going to extend that too because we’ve seen a lot of people actually taking um advantage of this. So free signups for two months, uh, anybody that, um, you sign up on a wealth Builder, though personally sponsor you, will get a free black ground coffee at the end of the month. So cool, you sign sign up six New Wealth Builder personally sponsor six New Wealth Builders, then you get six bags of ground coffee at the end of this month. We’ll extend it to, uh, December, but the free signups are for everyone, not just Wealth Builders, just, just to clarify that, yeah, absolutely. So that’s a very, and I love the black coffee, one of my favorite, um, Sisel drinks, yes. Um, our deal of the day is coming up on the 19th, so make sure you’re ready for that. We have a lot of people who every month say, oh, that came and it went. So make sure we’ll send out some reminders, but it’s always a great deal. It’s going to be amazing since it’s December. We want to have a special one, so don’t miss the deal of day on the 19th, exactly. Yes.

So, um, let’s talk a little bit, a little bit about Sisel Max motion. Uh, we got some calls and thank you so much for letting us know, uh, we’ve been like SupraNaturals and picking pack have been slammed, yes. You know, you guys are being, you know, placing tons of orders as you guys know, sales are up month after month, uh, we’ve been hiring more people to help, you know, uh, pick pack area, uh, we did a little mistake, on the scoop. You ordered the scoop, I heard. No, no, the scoop was, was placed the wrong scoop on this badge. So you’ll see a 14.7 cc scoop, um, wrongly placed on those, on those, uh, canisters. So use three, use three, uh, for serving. If you want a brand new scoop, just call customer service. If you want a bigger scoop, any orders that are placed, uh, starting today of Sisel Max Motion will throw in the bigger scoop, okay, on it. So, but three scoops, three scoops, uh, yeah, it would be one, um, one serving. It’s just like the, the, uh, exact amount as a bigger scoop, but, and then that again will be replaced by the scoop. You don’t have

Again will be replaced by the scoop; you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Yeah, and the next batch they’re producing right now will come with a good scoop. Okay, guys, start looking out for the golden tickets. There will be eight of them, and you’ll see those videos up and going around. Me, Thomas Kaden, and Tom put our special tickets in there, and if you get one, you’re one of those lucky recipients. Make sure you call customer service, and they’ll help you get that kit. Yeah, there’s a code on each pack, so make sure that you mention the code, and then customer service will put it on file and send you a free pack of whatever it is that you got the ticket from. Good luck. Which packs did you put your tickets on? I can’t remember honestly. I believe you. I, you 100%, it’s true. He knows me.

All right, so we have Sisel Fire and Ice, the pineapple Fire and Ice people are asking so amazing. When and when we’re having back in stock and we should have it by next week, okay? So that’s coming soon. We’re just actually yesterday was we went to help pack do some packing for those, so those are coming here next week.

Hot chocolate, people are asking when I’ve been getting so many calls of people loving hot chocolate. Love, so we are thinking to have it by the end of December. We’re trying to get it before Christmas, um, but we’ll say end of December just that’s for sure. We might have it before then for you. Yes, yeah. So we’re working super hard to get everything, all the ingredients here, the testing and everything done to make sure that we have that. And yes, we’ve gotten customer service asking you know for more. We understand the growth, and we’re going to be making sure that we have a whole bunch of these products in inventory, absolutely for the future, definitely, definitely definitely.

New Shipping with FedEx

So do you want to talk about multibox orders? Yes. So as you guys know, we just have changed to using FedEx to help us with our shipping, and the new system what happens because a lot of people are saying well I ordered 10 packs of fire ice and I just got a box with one or two or three or whatever, right? You know what the system does is that we shop rate or rate shop rate shop, yeah, we rate shop, so if there’s a box that’s heavier and UPS gives us a better price, we’ll send that one box through UPS, but if there are four boxes on that order, let’s say the other three boxes a USPS gives us a better rate so we’ll send it through USPS so you save you guys money for that. So obviously, we just charged you one shipping and we pay for the other three regardless, but people say well I only got one box and I ordered 10 packs of the chocolate and you usually you’ll get those boxes in different dates if you want to track them you just need to call customer service and U and track them and they’ll tell you which carrier they’re going through and when you’re getting them so a lot of people are calling saying well I order 10.

I got two this and that it’s different boxes different weights and different carriers also so just make sure that you share this with your teams to make sure that they know that we’re not it wasn’t a mistake or I haven’t forgotten any of your boxes and it’s really meant to give you guys the best price possible like Milo said at that rate Shopper it can be a little confusing at first but just know it’ll all get there quickly and you haven’t missed any of your order, yep, yep, and then we have max motion contest and at the end of December that’s ex we amazing price right going to the cabin beautiful cabin, yep, so that’s the first and the top three prize is going to be they’re going to get a beautiful leather halter, it has the the the golden yeah uh yeah, what are call label with it says Sisel Max motion so you guys can show off your horse and you’re with that an amazing culture for the top three prices but top price this stay at the cabin is going to be amazing amazing so you have till the end of that we have a tour a Christmas tour Kaden and I will be going to next week yeah yeah we’re going to be in Pennsylvania on Monday, Ohio on Tuesday and Indiana on Wednesday. If you have any need information on dates and stuff call customer service they have all the information there but we’re going to have an amazing promo we’re getting ready for our weight loss contest starting January 1st yep so we’re going to give you buy $300 and you get a free Turn and Burn so make sure that everybody’s there get ready for that get a free Turn and Burn only people that that attend that meeting.

The contest starts January 1st so they’re ready yeah so you guys are ready and make put put your teams together we it’s the contest is going to be exactly the same one as we had last year so um get your teams get them signed up we’ll let you know when you can start calling customer service signing up but still start working on your teams right now because we have that contest going on starting December 1st.

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