Surprising things about Sisel Fucoydon

The following is some surprising things about Sisel Fucoydon you may not know.

It’s just a wonderful product that the Mowers formulated a number of years ago. It’s something that I never miss every single day. I take my dose of Fucoydon and I think everybody else should too. So, as Dr. Curt said, welcome to the call. This is going to be a short recording, but I thought it’s a really good topic to talk about, Fucoydon, because it’s such a powerful product and people get such great results with it. We have lots of fantastic testimonials. It’s definitely a product I won’t be without. Dr. Curt, so I thought today we might be able to talk about the differences between our Fucoydon and other fucoidans on the market and the sort of things that people might use it for as well.

You bet. Well, Katie, you know a lot of people probably aren’t even aware of Fucoidan and they don’t even know what it is. So first, let’s talk a little bit about what Fucoidan actually is. It’s an extract that comes from the South Pacific from a brown seaweed that grows deep in the ocean. It’s harvested much like we harvest grains and food up here in our part of the country, but they actually go down, they have divers that go down into the ocean, they harvest the seaweed, and then the Mower’s, they buy it direct from these guys that harvest it, and they haul it all the way back to Big Blocks, and then they thaw it out, and they run it through a special process, a process that the Mower’s invented. They’ve got hundreds of patents on this process and on the product itself, and they figured out how to concentrate the extract so that it’s a super concentrated extract. And then, on top of it, they figured out how to make it even more powerful by making some of the molecules, the fucose molecules that are normally inactive, they figured out how to activate them so that they make the product. I’ve heard that our product is somewhere like 3,000% stronger than the next best product on the market. Holy cow, yeah, that’s absolutely incredible.

And the Mower’s bought a special machine, didn’t they, for making Fucoydon? You bet. They designed it, Tom Senor designed it, and he has hundreds of patents on that. You bet. Yeah, so it’s just such a fantastic product. If people want to find out about Fucoidan, they go to Pub Med and type in F-U-C-O-I-D-O-N, which is the active ingredient. It’s spelled F-U-C-O-I-D-A-N. So, spelling is obviously different, but if you go to Pub Med and research that, you’ll find there’s over 2,800 articles on the topic.

Curt, do you want to talk about why that is? You bet. Well, you know, the scientists these days, they’re always looking for something to help keep us safe. They’re looking for ways to make us so that we can have a stronger immune system. So there’s a lot of new science that’s coming out on Fucoydon every single week.

If you pop into Pub Med and watch it like I do, you’ll find new articles coming up all the time. So, you know, way back when, when the Mowers first came out with the Fucoidan formulation that we have, it was, you know, what was that, like 16 years ago, that there were probably a few hundred publications.

Now, there’s like, Katie said, there’s over 2,800 peer-reviewed published studies that you can find on it, ranging from studies that show that it can help with inflammation, studies that show that it can help out with getting rid of certain types of stage four situations, without naming the name of the disease. But, you know, and we’re not making a claim about our product. I’m just saying that there’s studies showing that it can help out with those situations, you know, that the molecule itself, and we have Fucoidan. So, you know, if you look at the study and it says fucoidan can do this, you can obviously revert back and say, “Hey, I wonder if Sisel product does that.”

You think our product is 3,000% stronger than any of the other products on the market. Holy cow. Yeah, it’s just amazing. And, you know, the product’s really competitively priced too, isn’t it? Have you checked out the other prices on the market? You know, I haven’t recently. I started taking the Sisel product about 12 years ago, and I really haven’t looked at any other products since then. Well, somebody came to me yesterday and said that the equivalent is about $800 with another product. They said that, you know, to have any benefit, you needed to be taking 30 tablets a day, and it was going to work out at $800 a month.

And, you know, doesn’t come anywhere close to what Sisel product is in terms of pricing. And Sisel has really good value when it comes to pricing this product. You can buy it in a single, in a two-pack, you can even buy it in a four-pack. And if you are in Australia or New Zealand, we’ve got great economy or low-price shipping that’s not economy because it is FedEx, so it’s express shipping, but it’s at a low cost. So, we’re really lucky and fortunate to have that. And it’s definitely something you want to have in your pantry, in your cupboard, or in your fridge, isn’t it? You bet.

And it’s not just something that helps out with humans, it also helps out with animals as well. You know, my dog, Chewy, he passed away a year ago, but, you know, before he passed away, a couple of times he had, over the course of the last 15 years, he had gotten like a bladder infection, and I could put a little bit of Fucoydon in his water bowl, and it would help him so that it would support his immune system, and that would allow him to fight that bladder infection off without having to go and get medication for it. And, you know, again, we can’t make any medical claims. We can’t say that it cured, treat or prevent. All we’re saying is that it helped support the strength of his own immune system so that he was able to fight it off. Yeah, fantastic. And I’ve got a friend whose dog was in a bit of a grim situation, has got it on the Fucoydon, and it’s still going along. So, you know, the product can make a big difference for humans and animals.

And, so, as Dr. Curt said, we’re not making any claims, and you should consult your healthcare provider before taking supplements or if you have any medical concerns.

So, I think that wraps it up for today. You bet. I was just going to say, you know, when I’m doing marketing with this, I always tell people, I say, just pick one product, take this one product, and take it religiously every single day. Just take a single dose of it in the morning, and do that for 90 days. If, at the end of 90 days, you don’t feel that it’s making a difference in your life, just quit buying it. But if it does make a difference in you, you know, keep on taking it. And what I found is that the people that do that, almost every single one of them continues to take the product because they know they can feel a noticeable difference in their health. Yeah, there you go. All right, well, have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for listening. All right, thank you. Thanks, everyone. Bye. Thanks.

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