Well good morning everyone or good afternoon, or good night where ever you might be out there in the world. This is Dani Walker and I’m so happy to be here today. It’s mid-morning in my neck of the woods. I’m up here in Northeast Oregon. There’s so much to talk about and share with you today. I’m super excited to introduce awesome gentlemen, and have him as a guest speaker. But first I wanted to let you know that this is show #3 and I’m doing it solo. There is no Jack or hubby to back me up here. The last few shows we were talking about Sarcoidosis and how it affected our lives. How going from disease to wellness has been a great journey, in our family and now it has become a passion where we get to help other people do the same and inspire them and hopefully my goal is to prevent some diseases in the future and to keep our children and future generations healthy. Not have to be sick and go to Dr.’s and specialists, and try to figure out what is wrong with them for years. That’s what we are going to talk about today. We are actually going to dive into how are our body uses the nutrition how do we get the nutrition from the apples we eat or maybe the McDonald’s Big Mac that we eat. Who knows depending on what your diet might be. I want to take just a minute to talk about, I was talking to my Dad and he lives in KS and people have called me Dorothy before but I don’t have a dog named Toto. He was diagnosed in his mid 40’s well I shouldn’t say diagnosed. It took 3 years going to Mayo Clinic’s you know KS ST Medical KU Medical Center and all these different specialist and Dr’s getting poked and prodded and tested for everything. I remember him calling me one time and he said well they tested me for everything and they still can’t figure out what I have but the good thing is that I know that all of the other functions in my body, my heart, and all those things are great. I’m in great condition there. But they still can’t figure out why I’m having this neuropathy. What he started with his symptoms started with kind of pins and needles feeling in his fingers and feet. It kind of hurt to walk every now and then it would feel like pins and needles sensation and then it got to numbness and he kind of ignored for awhile we all do when we’re getting sick or something is going on with our body. We kind of think oh this will go away. Until we started he falling off ladders cause he is a contractor and he couldn’t tell if the pins and needles went to numbness and he couldn’t tell if he had his foot on the rung or not. That was when he realized we’ve got to do something about this here. This is not normal. Then he started getting all these tests but the moral of this story is he was finally diagnosed with initially with CID Poly-Neuropathy. It’s Chronic Inflammatory Disease, Poly-Neuropathy. Eventually after a few years of them trying to figure out what was causing it, he was in a space where it was a time where I hadn’t seen him for a few years and I was not prepared to mentally prepare to go there and visit and to see him in such a bad state of heath. He was at the point where if he wanted to walk across the room he needed his son on one side and a daughter on the other side and his arms around his shoulders because his physical heath was so bad he had vertigo all the time. It started effecting him going into from his hands and feet to all the way up to the rest of the systems of his body and his body just wasn’t not functioning and I couldn’t handle it. He was then diagnosed with Milo-Neuropathy which he pretty much stated to me just means his own Neuropathy. There is only 25 other people in the country who have this form of Neuropathy. It’s that unique. Guess what finally he like getting lawyers him and my step-mom are figuring out what is their step if you don’t get better. It could be a coma, or back to the wheel chair stage. He’s very independent, he’s a contractor and done things his way his whole life and doesn’t want to slow down. He does golf and all the things he loved in life he could no longer do. They find out finally he has a copper deficiency one single mineral that is what my passion is. There underlying causes, underlying reason to the symptoms to the disease if we can just find those causes and actually treat those causes instead of treating the symptoms of the disease then we can heal. He was able to they did they did these huge IV injections of copper. But his body the Dr. told him it took about 40 years of him slowing going into this copper deficiency to start having these slightest of symptoms, the numbness and tingling, in the fingers and toes. Finally it within 3 years it got so desperate it got so low that the normal rate for copper should read around 70-75 I think. He told me his copper level was 2. He was almost completely paralyzed. So that’s what I want to talk about today and why I’m super excited about having Tom Mower Jr. on the line as a guest speaker, because this gentlemen understands the nutrition, the health and nutrition and longevity he has spoke all over the world about longevity and prevention and how our body utilizes nutrition and where we’re really at as a society with our health and I understand that the nutrition we need we aren’t getting from our diet any longer because the soil depletion around the world is so bad. Even if we eat organic so he has devoted his life to making products that work. Products that help people like my husband with degenerative disease chronic diseases, auto-immune disease. Products that help people just get the nutrition and stay healthy like they need to be and so I’m just really excited I’ve had the opportunity to meet Mr. Mower a few times and he was kind enough to actually take a tour of the facility where he makes these nutritional supplements and personal care products with friends with ours from Portland. He toured himself through it. I just want to introduce Tom Mower Jr. and let everybody here from him and learn from him today.
Thank you so much for being here I really appreciate you taking the time. Well how are you doing today Dani?
I’m doing well, how about you?
Doing really well, beautiful day down here in Utah.
It’s cold and windy here in Oregon.
I’d like to be down in Utah then today then.
I’ll tell you what you have some beautiful country up there, those mountains the clean environment. I tell you what it’s the right place to get you in the right frame of mind.
Yes it is I feel lucky to live up here in this small area with especially with family and friends it couldn’t be better. That’s it. So I just again want to thank you for taking the time I really have you know we don’t have a lot of time so I just kind of dive right in. If you don’t mind just sharing, you know you have devoted your life to this is referred to the Mower Mission and to providing people with effective products that actually work. That aren’t excuse made, that aren’t junk. For me I’ve learned so much from getting to know you and your family and your passion and your mission over the last year and half and really changed my mind set on how I think about even the grocery store now. I go in I look on the shelf and it’s like Oh no there is just I used to not even think about what I bought. Now I almost over think it because I’m kind of dangerous and I know too much now because of the knowledge that you’re so great to share. So do you mind sharing that mission real quick and how it started?
You bet why I don’t I tell you a little bit about it. I’ve been fortunate enough to just not involved with it and really grew up in what we call is the Mower Mission. I have fortunate enough to have my father Tom Mower Sr. who raised me obviously since the day I was born and got my thinking in a that are answers to many questions out there and my father the highest score in nation aptitude for science, he’s a real unique blend of scientific but also sells and marketing are a real people person. People who know him identify with but as I grew up in a very small farm community. We raised all of our own vegetables and we canned our own products. We had root cellar we bottled everything from jam to potatoes. We raised our own chickens, beef pork and so we understood the value of good nutrition. Well on the flip side we were manufacturing industrial chemicals and now we know many of those things are very harmful but you go back in the early 70’s and people really weren’t really aware of what many things that were commonly used to from acetones and you think back lead base paint and at the time they were the industries standards.
Mr. Mower we are going to have to come back and I’m sorry.
So we are back with Mr. Tom Mower and he is sharing how he actually grew up with this whole mind set of growing his own produce and canning and doing all those things I just love that. I didn’t actually know that about you Mr. Mower. That’s inspiring to me because I have the restaurant Paul Garrison we actually do all that and serve it to the people that come in and have dinner at our restaurants.
So I just think that is awesome.
There’s also a need for good quality food out there and then people and respond well to that but I grew up in small farm community and growing our own produce. But on the other side we started a very small industrial chemical business that grew to be a very large industrial chemical business producing floor waxes and degreasers and automotive carburetor cleaners and hundreds of different items. Well about 1984 Oshawa came out for you were going to receive material safety data sheets on each of your ingredients and frankly it has a teenager I look at some of these it said that you are going to have if you’re exposed to certain things you will have reproductive problems and I thought maybe my kids were going to have 2 heads and 3 horns. I didn’t know what was going to happen. These are the things I’ve been involved with for many years to. I was involved with industrial chemicals and my father started looking at this. He promptly went home and started looking at hair shampoo’s and lotions and he said we are using these ingredients in degreasers and in floor chemicals. This was before the internet so it was very difficult to find information so going to medical libraries and sending letters and getting information back and forth we started to find out that clear back to the 1920’s ingredients that are used in industrial chemicals people weren’t too concerned about were also using in cosmetics and personal care products and even in nutrition. In 1984 MDS came out and they started talking about skin irritation and hair loss and loosing fat in tissue and then the ultimate you know many things were linked to cancer and so my father basically went around with a hefty garbage bag and started throwing everything away in the house and at some point we thought what we going to shampoo our hair with Dad? He said you know what we’re going to make it the right way. What we found was at that point it put us on about a 25 year mission to bring us to this point where now we have a 400,000 square foot facility and the first products we made we made for our family and friends. Then we found out that people were interested in good nutrition and in person hair products that were safe. We found that there were very beneficial ingredients out there that weren’t being used that could re-moisturize the skin and there were nutritional products that were very effective in reducing anti-oxidants or producing oxidants to remove free radicals. So we started getting involved with nutrition and personal care and we made the first products for ourselves that were preservative free and they had a very short shelf life and we had to find out about packaging and processing of these things and then we had companies eventually coming to us saying we hear your doing something unique and we want you to make a palate of hair shampoo or conditioner or a lotion for us that didn’t have paraffin’s in it or didn’t have dioxins or dipteral A. At first the industry really was upset with us. You know we’ve been doing this for 80 years how could you say that our process is not correct? Well then all of a sudden scientific studies started showing up about what happens when hair shampoo goes into the sewer system and ends up in the river. We know that the St. Lawrence River up through Canada Blue Whales at some point don’t reach sexual maturity because of the estrogen levels in the water due to chemicals found in personal care products industrial chemicals everything in that to breast cancer is linked to antigen disruptors such as Methelp, and so science has come forth and with the internet people now can get on and the information in there for people to see that we weren’t crazy 25 years ago and doing what we were doing and people follow.
I was just saying you were way before your time; I mean you were leaders in that.
We were we were really pioneers we on the Oregon before anybody was there. When it comes to personal care and beauty and cosmetics and now we have a full color line of conservative free mineral base color cosmetics we have many things that people see in the media such as Resveratrol, there has been hundreds of studies now actually thousands of studies on that, that show they are anti-aging effects that can begin by taking Resveratrol. But we found are form and function and packaging and co-ingredients all play a very critical role. You take something as simple as calcium, there’s a company here in Utah that was producing 50% of all the calcium here in America and there good friends of mine and they have mountains of clam and oysters shells they were bringing in from the coast on railroad cars. I ask them Mark what’s going on here? He said we grind them up and we press them into tablets and we send them out. I said how available is that? He said it all comes down to price. What do you mean by that? People want on the label and there is 500 mg of calcium and how much does it cost? I said yes but ground up oysters shells is that really bio-available I mean I could take a clam shell to work and suck on it. But how much am I really getting out? He said people aren’t really concerned about that. This is probably 10 or 15 years ago. So even in calcium we go to milk. Milk and milk calcium obviously mammals that’s where we naturally get it from and it has all the other minerals that should be associated with that… But then the co-factors that go along with that are unique by the vitamin K or you are not going to absorb calcium. You need vitamin D or you are not going to absorb calcium. It doesn’t matter how much calcium you take without co-factors and so all our formulations were not based on just having an ingredient. We want the right form, the right ingredient, the right co-factors and we want it package correctly. So Resveratrol is an example of packaging you need to limit the light that is exposed to or it will change the sterol-chemistry of the active ingredient.
Well I was just going to ask you, do you limit the light when you’re making the product?
Everything from when it’s processed, when they’re extracting to when we store it in our warehouse to when we blend it and to when it’s packaged so everything is contained in. Close vessels closed containers because UV light will actually change it from Trans to sis which is basically the configuration of the molecules to Resveratrol and in fact you go to buy those theirs is about a 10 fold difference price and the one is bio-available and one is not bio-available. So even so when people go out there I’ve heard about Resveratrol I’ve watched Oprah and saw it on 60 Minutes, I’ve heard about Dr. Sinclair and the French paradox, well just because it says Resveratrol doesn’t mean it is the right form. You need to have that in liquid form. Number 1 the French paradox where the studies came out of that was all liquid form. We know historically liquid was the form where people were having lower cardiovascular problems and heart attacks, and having the anti-aging effects of lower cholesterol and so we know liquid and in through blood work we see that it’s absorbed many more times faster in fact 1 mg in a liquid will held in the mouth it takes 250 mg in capsule form to get the same equivalent of free Resveratrol in blood. Even a liquid is more difficult to blend and package capsules are easy we produce it in a liquid form because this is where we get the effect and the benefit is from the liquid form.
Right, I think that just to point out there that’s one of the reasons why I feel like and I could be wrong you talk a lot about packaging and how products need to be effective and I think that’s one of the things that actually helped our family and has helped so many other clients out there with different ailments that they have with their body by taking the supplement nutrition that you guys formulate there actually effective and there in the highest quality.
Just listening to you, you understand how to make those.
It’s really quite basic, I think of growing up on a farm and my parents knew that I had to have green beans, peas, carrots, strawberries, and good health comes in being broad. We see all these companies come out with pomegranate does everything, Nomi does everything, and you know what there is not just one silver bullet. Good health is twofold absent stay away from certain things that we know is harmful and it usually an accumulative effect and it could be in the packaging and could be a by-product of the plastic in the packaging and after 80 years of using the hair shampoo that has a paraffin formaldehyde donor in trace amounts, it can have a detrimental effect on our bodies over time. Then nutrition we know that there not just one super fruit out there. I think Resveratrol is incredible, but you know what when I go home at night I know that my kids need to have a meal that is healthy in many different components. I’m concerned about vitamins, minerals and I tell people many times your Mother knows more nutrition than most of these experts out there when she gives you a balanced diet. It restaurant is that way. I’ve looked at some of the foods that you’re preparing there, the pictures. Dani knows and it’s quite simplistic and I want to provide the best I can for my family and for the people we serve and so that’s what I really appreciate about the Sisel nutritional supplements as well as the personal care.
Like I said I would go and spend $20.00 on a bottle of shampoo because I trusted the people who made it and it had a green leaf on it. It’s just ridiculous its marketing and I thought it had a green leaf.
You’re right and that’s typically what happens they .90 cents of every dollar into advertising and marketing to when you’re loyal and they win your confidence and that’s why we don’t have our products on the retail shelf because we want to do two things.
Well Tom we will get back to that after these messages.
Thank you.
So just tell us real fast the marketing that we need to be so often fall in without questioning the thinking? I used to buy pretty expensive shampoo thinking because it had a green leaf on the front and I got it from the Salon. He kept talking I would like to continue on why it’s so you look at how do we buy things?
Even in the nutritional supplementation I see ingredients such as FuCoyDon which most people have never heard about. It hasn’t got the media attention and I see it as beneficial as Resveratrol. The same thing in the personal care like shampoo going in and buying the top salon brand. What make it a top brand are the sales and efforts that put behind it and not the chemistry. I’ve watched for many years when people look at a product, they smell it, look at it, they feel of it. People aren’t concerned so much about ingredients long term effects and what it’s doing for their body they’re concerned about how fancy the packaging and that’s why we sell our product and our company name is Sisel International and we have devoted to manufacture products that are dynamic and spectacular in their results you receive but equally as important we don’t have the potentially high formaldehyde and paraffin’s, dioxins, nitrosamines, and it goes on and on and on. It’s been very unique the fact we’ve had to develop the staff that are different that the industry. I’ve dealt with 100‘s if not thousands of people involved with the manufacturing over the years and it’s pretty much boiler plate on how processes go. I’ve been around the world to many of these facilities and they give you the standard do you want so many kilos of this ingredient and we will check it for color, smell, taste and that’s about it. Here at Sisel we have to check it for pesticides residues and basically high hikers on ingredients because what I’m buying and you’ve seen a lot of this as people import from many of these countries overseas now. The industries changing and you lift contaminate in that product or there’s bisfenal been in the media lately. Well 15 years ago we were telling people about bisfenal A and how it’s found in children’s toys and many personal care products. Foully that was a big one and we’ve been developing ways to check for these ingredients and finding out because in the processing of many ingredients these can be small components and don’t show up on a label and people are not going to brush their teeth and fall over dead by using those products but there is a accumulation effect on these that takes a major toile on our health over time.
So I’m going to ask you, you brought up the fact that Resveratrol wonderful but FuCoyDon is just as important. If there was we’re in a time where people care about our health we obviously super important and I because of where we’ve come from, from disease to wellness in our life and we have talked to a lot who are sick and it’s one that one product. Everybody kind of wants that one magic pill. So what product if you had to choose one out of the 100 you manufactures what one?
Even beyond in that in the world I would think it would be the Resveratrol product two fold. One I think you get dynamic benefits from it but two because people can become educated on it very quick because you can see what it’s doing to your body. If one thing we believe at Sisel people need to know and I don’t want to get snowed by sales and marketing and fancy packaging people can get on the internet and find out all the dynamic benefits of Resveratrol. It’s a great anti-oxidant and it’s has catkins from green tea which are very beneficial. It has Paricutin in it which is a real compliment ingredient. Resveratrol would be the one product and the personal products because of what they don’t contain.
Ok well thank you. So you said Corisitin and Catton are natural. Where does Resveratrol come from and what’s the source you get them from.
Grapes you get the word will gain the Retroviral it can be found in many things. Peanut Butter has Resveratrol and peanuts, Japanese Knotweed. There are many sources and it’s really not so much the source is to make sure you have Trans because many times people expose Resveratrol to UV light and heat and how they process it you’ll have a fordable cist which is the mirror image of Trans and you won’t have the right form. There’s many different and dozens if not more sources of Resveratrol the most noted is obvious ally the red grape which is where the wine from France and they were consuming and receiving all the benefits from and we used that source and Corsican can be found in apples and in other forms of fruits and vegetables. Then it can be in a concentration that’s beneficial. If you look at our turn view products you’re getting an equivalent dose of about 275 glasses of wine. But science has shown to get the anti-aging benefits Resveratrol you need to have that amount of that product. It’s also like the forms when you say bio-available can you say in laymen terms explain exactly what that means? Bio-available would mean how much or is it useable? It would be like going into your restaurant and you see a foreign currency and if you showed up with Russian Rubles you would say I can’t use that here. Well our bodies are the same way. If I try and swallow a clam shell I’m going to maybe get 1 or 2% calcium although that thing is made up of 90% calcium, my body can’t use that. But if I consume high grade calcium from milk or another source my body will use that and if I add other ingredients such as vitamin D or K, magnesium then even increases my absorption until I get that 90-95% which makes it bio-available for my body. So it’s basically the currency your body uses and so form is huge when you are talking about nutrition supplements. Liquids vs. tablets some ingredients can be absorbed in the mouth, which can be more beneficial because many times we ingest things in our stomach when they enter our system then they can be metabolized in our liver and so they never get out to our extremities and into ourselves our body never uses them. This is what we like about the liquid form of Resveratrol and why we think the French have such benefit with it because it was in a liquid form and it had a higher absorption rate or bio-availability.
Thanks for answering that.
I wanted to make sure when they listen to this they know exactly what that means.
For new people who don’t really people who buy the calcium and think I’m getting what I need it comes without understanding maybe I’m not getting what I need and what is the best source. I took vitamins we’re always kind of more wellness minded than anything. Before he was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis we spent a couple of months doing cleanses and wellness formula and going to the health food store and trying all these different things and I personally haven’t suffered from disease in my personal life but I’ve always had taken a few supplements throughout my life and really have to say that I couldn’t tell if they were helping or working until I actually started FuCoyDon. FuCoyDon was a huge one because one of the things I suffered from was digestive problems I kind of just thought oh this is just how it is. It’s the standard. A gassy person but maybe too much information but within a week those symptoms were completely gone. My family was much happier. I just didn’t realize it we get we live with it every day that we kind of ignoring the problem.
It’s like driving a car and it has a thump or rattles in it if you drive it long enough you get used to it. When you get into someone else’s car how come yours doesn’t make that squeak or noise and it’s the same with our body and it really comes down to, two main things can take care of themselves and that is oxidative stress and reducing inflammation and those are two of the things that are linked to about everything to Alzheimer’s to cardiac problems to brain function and that have a major effect and so by taking and eating good fruits and vegetables that contain anti-oxidants or proper supplementation. Our Spectra product we have over 40 different sources of anti-oxidants in there. We know that well over half of many of the diseases infect some studies show up to 90-95% our nutritional based and have a component there and not having proper nutrition and so exactly right. If you find where you’re out of balance in nutrition and then limiting the environmental factors that cause those problems your health is going benefit because of it.
When we come back I’d love for you to explain to those other key terms that we all hear. Oxidative stress and free radicals and what does that mean and why there isn’t a Nonie or Drink everyday and we can all get healthy and never be sick. We’re here talking about nutrition and oxidative stress and free radicals and all these terms we hear going through the internet or whatever. Just at the health food store. It’s the key words on all the packaging and I just wanted ask him to explain to us what oxidative stress and free radicals are and some things we can do to help our body fight those and how they affect us.
Danny basically our bodies rust and it’s kind of a hard concept to imagine.
When you talk about rust on a piece of metal that is an oxidative reaction from a chemical stand point that’s taking place and really it happens to our body to.
Everyday every cell of your body is coming in contact with different components that are called free radicals. It’s not just one I think everybody was taking vitamin C. Vitamin C is great but it will only take a certain class of free radicals and this is where getting back proper nutrition or supplementation is very important because when we see just the Nona’s and the Osiers and the Mango steins and single ingredients out there. You bet they’re good and you bet they’ll take care of a certain portion of certain types of free radicals. Everyday our bodies are under assault basically. As we age it speeds up because we’re we have an accumulation of things that are stored in fat and maybe in poor health. If you are in poor health our defenses are down and then we’re even prone more oxidative stress. When we look at good nutrition and typically I think we would agree that people eat a balanced diet, get more rest, more sleep, people who have less stress in their lives are typically healthier. It’s pretty basic so what does our body do when our cells are under attack by maybe we live next to a big factory and we’re inhaling air everyday that’s full of Nitrous Oxidants and Neucosamins. There are thousands of them your right vitamin C might take care of a few those and Osiers might take care of a few of those as well as Mangstein. If you have Resveratrol and Catkins from green tea and raspberries Currans and cauliflower and broccoli and the list goes on and you have many more arrows in you’re quiver and you can neutralize those free radicals and your bodies can be healthy because of that and our mothers knew more about nutrition as our experts. Just take this one super fruit and it’ll do everything for you. That’s not the case. Equally why don’t we eliminate things that we know will many preservatives work on the fact they release small amounts of formaldehyde and they kill the bacteria and the yeast and the mold that might grow in hand lotion or a cosmetic, or personal care product. At Sisel we eliminate those potentially that are harmful to our bodies they do damage our cells. There are many things like mineral oil, glycerin that maybe doesn’t cause cancer or those effects but they take moisture out of our skin and they can have detrimental effects that way. So getting away potentially harmful ingredients and taking proper nutrition will help us with oxidative stress. Then inflammation is equally important. That’s a response that our immune system our bodies are under attach and we have our free radicals and our body immune system turn on and sends out different cells and enzymes to attack these free radicals we get what we call a inflammatory response and that’s what our body encapsulates and destroys and removes and there are many, many studies out there that show that if we can control inflammation in our stem and oxidative stress we can slow down the process of aging and we can live a much healthier life especially our later years if we can control it earlier. There’s a very strong link to inflammation and oxidative stress when it comes to aging and health.
My Grandma is 90 years old and she has suffered migraines her entire life. I’ve had migraines to where it’s vomiting and all the lights are out and nobody talk to me. Hers would go on for 3 or 4 days and they would give all the pain medication and it wouldn’t touch it. So last November I brought her a bottle of Resveratrol supplement Eternity and just said hay just take it and for literally for 2 months I would come over there and Grandma you’re not taking this. Just take a TBS to see if it will help. She started taking it, it was in September. We were at my Moms house and my Grandma grabs my husband Jack and she’s like “that stuff really works.” I haven’t had a migraine since I started taking it. It has almost been a year and she still hasn’t suffered a migraine. There is power in good nutrition. It’s amazing. I hear benefits of many different things from skin care to headaches and migraines when people get there body back in balance.
It’s a hard thing for people to realize because it seem so simple but you look at statistics over the last 100 years we had 1 in 100 people would have cancer back at the turn of the century. Now we have 1 in 2 or 1 in 3 in many areas, and we can see that the more industrialized the country is the higher rates of disease and cancer because what happens is substances to our bodies in the air, water and personal care and in nutrition and if you go to South America, or Africa you see many of things diseases and cancer rates are many, many times lower because there’re not exposed to all the different things.
It sound like up in Joseph, Oregon that everything is pretty pristine. Actually they are in a community of 7500 people in the entire county we don’t produce a lot of emissions or all that stuff. The worst thing here is in the winter because we all burn wood. I know my girlfriend she has Asthma she has a hard time in the winter because of all the wood burning. It’s a beautiful place with lots of pristine. The deepest glazer lake in the USA and it’s gorgeous.
It sounds beautiful.
You need to come and visit. It’s the right place to get people healthy. There are still sick people here and that’s one of the things that Jack and I have had so many conversations about growing up. My Mom always a garden she canned, she cooked fresh we didn’t eat boxed foods; my friends would come over and had dinner. She has a restaurant and she loves to cook. That was the best meal I’ve ever had so that’s how I was raised. He wasn’t raised that way; he did eat a lot of boxed food. We’re exposed to it all the time now in processed foods now and that’s why we need powerful supplementation.
The science is there I love science and that goodness for it. It shows us what works and what doesn’t and by researching the research out there we’ve found effective ways for people to have the good health. No matter where you go you are going to be exposed foods and over preserved and we are going to be deficient. We are a Big Mac society, we won’t to drive through one window and pay and drive through the other get it and drive home. We just don’t peel carrots and snap beans and we can see the results of it after 100 years and we can see diseases and we produce 1000’s more chemicals that are foreign to our bodies so how do we get back to the basics is really what it is? We develop those types of products that people can have powerful anti-oxidants through national supplementation.
I kind of feel the more I know very little compared to you. Do you feel we are in a place now that we really need to supplement or are we at the next step.
That information has been out there. If you get on with the Dept of Agriculture and look at the web sites with the tests on top soil and agriculture you will see vitamins and minerals and nutritious in food have declined over the last 100 years or so. You can see in many cases a fruit or vegetable is 80-90% deficient in the nutrition’s we need. Compared to 75 or 100 years ago and we can see the top soil is a fraction of the depth it used to be. When these plants are cultivated in the soil year after year after year what does the farmer do. He gets paid upon the weight, size, and the look. If we paid the farmer based upon the fiber, vitamins, calories, it would be a different ballgame. We would be a lot healthier people.
Tom we only have 1 minute and I’m so bummed. I’d love to sit here for 8 hrs and ask you all these questions and thank you. I want to say happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I appreciate the opportunity and for the people listening out there I want to say thank you. This won’t be the last time you’ll be on the show as a guest.
Dani thank you so much I would love to be back on your show.
That would be great we look forward to it and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for spending the midweek Wednesday.

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