Well good morning everyone.  Its wellness Wednesday with Dani Walker here and last week we talked a lot about metabolic syndrome and how fun it is to try and lose weight and change your life style and keep the weight off.  Just improve your health for the year 2011.  I made the announcement on the air that I was going to start and that’s my weakness is the actual physical exercise.  I’ve been blessed to not have to really worry about my weight but it’s still important to exercise and keep my heart healthy and my body healthy.  I announced that I would be working out 30 minutes 3x a week and guess what week 1 I succeeded 2 of 3 times so I can look at it as a failure and won’t quite or I can look at it as a success and say 2 is better than none.  I encourage everybody out there to do the same if you didn’t meet your goal that week don’t quit.  Keep on moving forward.  But having said that today I’m so honored a guest on the show and we are going to talk about all different aspects of heath.  This gentlemen I really believe that life success is not about how I achieve in my life but how many people I help achieve success in their life whether  it be financial, mental, spiritual or whatever.  This gentlemen has helped 100’s of 1000’s of people achieve financial success, and physical health and success in their life.  He’s a mentor, he’s an author, a speaker, he’s CEO, chief science, a product formulator, and he’s a father and I’m just so honored to have him on the show.  Mr. Tom Mower Sr., I would like to welcome you and thank you so much for taking the time today and I know you have lots of people pulling on you in many different directions.

I’m here.  Thank you

I appreciate those kind words and I’m thrilled to be on your program.

I appreciate you being on the program.  It’s just so true you’ve helped so many people over the last 30 years of your career and nutrition and everything.  Just having said that want to allow you the opportunity to give real quick how did it all start for you?  What led you to Sisel International and the point your at right now.

I was an industrial chemist for a number of years and making a powerful commercial industrial product used for all types of manufacturing and things like that and I thought that is where my career was going to be.  I found a discovery at the University of Helsinki on hair loss.  Male pattern baldness, they were testing skin cancer products and during the testing of one of them men were re growing their hair and it had nothing to with medication.  It was an emulsifier in the formulation to keep the oil and water components mixed together.  It emulsifies the hormone that caused the male pattern baldness.  That just turned my whole into health and nutrition.  As I look at it I thought it was safe proved to use in food stuff, proved in cosmetics and it will remove the hormone that causes male pattern baldness.  So I developed it and bring it out, and I did.  I was so restricted because the government would not let say that it would re grow hair even though it was safe and natural and ingestible even.  They said that’s a drug claim and that will take 15-20 years.  Now it’s still the same mechanism 100’s of millions of dollars to get a new drug approval.  Many hundreds of tests to be able to say it re grew hair and I realized how the government and the medicine, pharmaceutical industries were keeping so many really important discoveries from people to be able to know and use about it and use them.  Yet there is a tremendous amount of science.  As I perceived that there was an opportunity here to help people to bring together these great discoveries that went coming out and being found in medical research I started a company to private label at first for some network marketing companies and others.  Eventually I liked the industry so much and helping and I could see everyday people were enthusiastic and they wanted to make another income and wanted to improve their health and do good things.  By nature I love doing that and here was the mechanism to do it so I started off into the industry and with a couple of things in mind and first of all I started researching the research to find the greatest discoveries and then I coined bridging the gap between science and human needs.  With that out came one famous product after another.

It’s really interesting to me that you started with chemical manufacturing and now you devoted your life to manufacturing completely toxin free product lines from makeup to the nutritional supplements.

Yes I was so shocked because that was industrial chemist and when we put products out we had to put out MDS telling the customer about the dangerous, harmful properties that the chemicals they were using to clean floor, disinfects and all.  I made about 400 different products and what the harmful aspects of them were and as a chemist I had ever actually looked at my own hair shampoo or toothpaste to see what was in to.  But as I discovered the hair would re grow, someone else discovered and I found there science and with it they said you needed to avoid using shampoo’s that are oxalates the common is Sodium Laurel Sulfate because they said it interrupted the hair growth and it would make hair grow at ½ the speed it normally grow about 2 years instead of 4 years.  It had become dormant for 2 years instead of 3 months so it greatly slowed down the quality of the hair and it thinned hair.  So I will not use that, it’s what they made car wash soap out of.  I knew it had some other harmful ingredients with it so I walked in my shower and picked up my shampoo which I had trusty that my wife knew a lot about products and certain she did from look and feel it but knew nothing about chemistry.  In my shampoo I had brake fluid, industrial antifreeze, engine degreaser, garage floor cleaner, and car wash soap plus many carcinogens potentially cancer causing agents and endocrine distrusters.  All of these things I warn my customers about were in my bathroom.  It didn’t end there because I was an industrial chemist I just went from product to product I told my wife this is a toxic environment.  Our bodies are so contaminated by what we have in our bathroom no wonder people are getting so many diseases, sickness, and things of this nature.  I’m not a quick, quick I’m a scientist and I know what these ingredients can do and I had to warn people about it.  Here it was in my bathroom.  So has I got into it I thought the first thing I’m going to do if I can make products I’m not going to use any of these ingredients because I know better.  I now don’t want to use them and I don’t want my children and family using them.  If people really knew about it they were not.  People should have the right to know what’s in their products so they can choose and use safe products.

I totally agree.  With that what’s the first rule of medicine do not harm?  That’s a laugh now.

You see all side effects from pharmaceuticals and those things.  Still you think the products in your bathroom would be safe.  What I say is if you don’t smoke the most dangerous environment is your bathroom.  There are so many different toxins and it’s very simple terms your listeners can relate to the average man uses about 5 products a day and average woman 24.  Well the average man has a certain level of toxins in their body and the average woman has 4 xs more in her body so look at the difference.  She’s using all these contaminated products.  Lipstick is a very simple thing to make some analogies so people can relate.  Lipstick on the average has got 29 toxins in it.  You want an intoxicating kiss not a toxic kiss.  So I eliminated them and it’s not tough to eliminate them.  Products cost a little bit more to make because you have to use better ingredients.  These ingredients why are they used?  Why are people allowed to smoke, once it’s grandfathered in it takes an act of congress literally.  They can’t get rid of cigarettes and there certainly not going to get rid of the 100’s and 100’s of toxic ingredients in personal care products.  There are about 150 really serious and out of that are serious toxins and out of that there are about 20 or so I consider quite dangerous and are commonly used in all products out there. That was my mission and I love that mission.  That’s why I stand behind Sisel and my husband.  We’ve so many people having amazing results with the nutritional results.  I just appreciate your mission and following through on that mission.  Doing it for the last 30 years that’s been you’ve followed this mission.  Been the pioneer and leader of nontoxic products.

We are talking with Tom Mower Sr. owner of Sisel International and he was going into the fact of how toxic our bathrooms are.  They’re probably the most toxic environment we enter into everyday.  Mr. Mower I just want to thank you for being on the show.  You we’re talking a little bit about all the toxins we find in our personal care products.  For me could you just for a few minutes before we get into the nutritional products you’ve developed and changed many people lives, could you talk about the FDA to say to make claims for the product.

Think of it this way, suppose you were a secretary and I walked into and I said will you fill out an application for a new drug approval.  You know what you would have to do.  Its 100,000 pages just the application alone.  Imagine typing that out on your desk.

I’d say forget it.

You’d quite and go somewhere else.  That’s the process and it’s what’s in an ingredient that makes it a drug it’s what you claim that it does.  So as a consequence the product that can re grow hair that I had previously with my startup company before Sisel, that one would re grow hair.  But I couldn’t say it re grew hair and it actually didn’t it just emulsified the hormone and removed it from the follicle so it couldn’t interrupt hair growth.  But I couldn’t say that because it’s illegal to do it.  I could be shut down, fined, or even sent to prison just saying a product was safe, approved even in the food stuff.  Which it did, it was illegal to tell the truth and I was really quite shocked by all that.  It really offended me and made me mad at the regulatory agencies would be so restrictive on that.  Why to protect the public health it was approved as an ingestible and was a skin care already.  It started me on a mission to enlighten people and to find out what really worked in products and bring them out in ways so even though our government is restricting us so badly and keeping things from us that we should have the right to know and that’s freedom of speech I would think.  But there’re a lot of quacks out there in our industry you know and they make absorb things that can’t possibly happen the way they do. You need to be protected from that but those are FTC not FDA things.  The FTC gets involved in it to and I took a look at this and I’m going to find ways to do and thank goodness to Desha we cannot produce scientific studies on ingredients and show that they work in products.  I went into that and started bringing these products out and over the years I’ve had formulation I’ve made and there been a research study comes out and show an ingredient harmful and I’ll remove it from my product and even advertise to my distributors that this product has now been found harmful, or cancer causing and it’s now no longer in our formulations.  I got involved with Dr. Epstein from the cancer prevention coalition and he and I did some shows on CBS, and Nationwide we’ve informed them on some serious products that were cancer causing and had been found in skin cancer and they got removed from just the industry themselves removed it because of the publicity.  To get a new product improved you’re going to have to go through 100’s of clinical studies and it cost ½ billion to 1 billion dollars to get it completed and as a consequent you don’t get safe national products come in the market place saying what they do in doing that you can’t patent a national ingredient and this is why pharmaceutical companies in nature and will make a synthetic molecule that’s different but it does the same thing and with it will come lots of side effects.  That’s what it takes to get a product to market and who can afford to do that.  Even if you’re a small or medium business, I’m a large business man and to invest ½ billion to billion dollars and wait 15 -20 years to bring a product to market, if you can read between the lines and read the scientific articles there’s still is a way to know what really works to help people with their health issues.  That’s what we’re in the mission of doing providing that type of information and providing the products based upon his spectacular scientific discoveries that have been done in the world of biochemistry today and there are a lot.

That’s one of the things I was so impressed with when we first went down and met with you was the fact of your knowledge on the science and the fact you’re out there researching all the science that’s coming in from all the different universities and the studies and then just the fact you know how to formulate the products with the right amount of ingredients so it’s going to do what it needs to do, so we’re going to get the health benefits that it can give our body.

You’re spot on with that.

I tell people about cosmetics and I say simply this avoid cosmetics and save you money and save your face.  There not making you older or younger there making you older and there probably the most serious health hazards that you have and you don’t recognize it.  When it comes to active ingredients in cosmetics that’s a joke.  They put so little of the thing that does works that it and all the products I’ve ever researched and I’ve looked at all of the major companies and all the minor one.  Most of them don’t even make the products they sell.  I’ve look at them and if they do have an ingredient with some value usually usually it would be expensive and so they use such a small amount of it I tell people it’s like waving a chicken over a pot of boiling water and say I made chicken soup.  There is almost nothing in it.  On the other hand if you take a look at the science and it will show you the ingredients the form it’s in the amount used and if you’ll do and do it correctly then use other ingredients with it because 1 and 1 can be 5 if you understand the synergistic fact with it.  If you put 5 or 10 ingredients with it you can have a tremendous beneficial response if you use the right kinds and right amounts and do but that costs money.  With me I’ve been very successful in business, I’ve built one of the largest manufacturer plants pharmaceutical grade and extremely high quality in a world where quite candidly mediocre not good for you or they don’t perform anywhere near what the hype they put out they put them is.

Right, and the show is kind of taking a turn and I’m appreciating this because one of the things I’ve found just through the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained from you and Tom Mower Jr. and other people at Sisel is organic, pure, and herbal and all those things you see on the label on the shampoo bottle, cosmetics, makeup and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything in that industry.

It doesn’t mean tidally squat, If you think of this and had a swimming pool full of shampoo and was just the cleansing agents and took 20 different ingredients say 50 or 100 and you mixed them up in a little tiny bottle and took an eye dropper and took 1 drop out of that mixture and you dropped it into a swimming pool volume of shampoo ingredients you would have parts per quadrillions of the ingredients but yet you could list every single ingredients on your label and that’s the kind of things they do.  So get caught up with that stuff that’s on it.  It’s the same thing you get into with nutrition.  You hear about all the antioxidants and high uric scale and things like that and it’s such a farce.  I tell people if you’re going to buy these expensive antioxidant juice drinks go down to the supermarket and buy Ocean Spray because that’s just what you’re getting from the companies that are changing a fortune for them.  Maybe they have 2, 3, or 5 different kinds of juice but its still juice.  If you look into something that really wants’ to work I have a product called Eternity and the equivalent of one bottle is enormous at ½ oz. has the equivalent of this product of active ingredient in 40 bottles of red wine.  It’s so concentrated that a ½ oz of mine then you get into antioxidants and it’s the same thing.  I have a product called SpectraMaxx.  It’s got 40 different antioxidants but not juices because that does very little bit but not enough and what it is, is the concentrates of those.  Ninety- nine percent concentrate that we will put into a product and 40 different kinds and why do you use 40 different kinds?  There are about 2000 different categories of free radicals and if you don’t have the right antioxidant to inter act with the type of free radical or oxidizer it doesn’t work.  So the ones you get you get but the ones you can’t get get you.  Don’t get caught up in the antioxidant high with the juice or a few things.  You need a super mega tonic that active concentrated ingredients in one product to make it really effective and that’s what we do.  In fact you take ½ oz of ours it would be equivalent to eating maybe drinking 15 or 20 gallons of juice if you can imagine that to get the actives.  That’s what you need.

That would be a cleanse.

Yes, that’s a lot.  But that’s the same thing and then you look at that.  It’s very important.  The University of Manchester just put a report out this past month and they said cancer is a man made disease.  When I first heard of that I thought some quack saying something, but the UOM so I looked into it and found they went back and studied mummies that were 6-8 thousand years old from a whole bunches of different cultures and continents.  They found out of the 1000’s or 10’s of thousand they found one case of cancer in all of those.  So cancer really didn’t exist.  If we look at cancer in 1900’s only 1 in 80 people will get it.  Now the American Cancer Society says by 2050 every person born on earth will get cancer in their lifetime.  It makes since it’s a man made disease.

I saw that study on UOM I think maybe Sisel posted it and I read about it and it was amazing.  I always wondered how and where was the first case of cancer and when did that happen?  When we come back from break I just want to get into more the Eternity and SpectraMaxx there were a few questions I wanted to ask you.

It’s so good to be here.  I’m super excited we have Tom Mower Sr. he’s the owner of Sisel International, chief scientist, he’s been formulating products in the 100% toxin free nutritional supplements and an amazing array of personal care products.  The first part of the show he delved into the fact that our bathrooms are the most toxic environment we entered into everyday.  It’s just shocking to hear that but there’s a lot of publicity right now a lot of people writing books and trying to raise awareness.  He’s been doing that for almost 30 years now but people are just now catching on it takes a pioneer.  Mr. Mower you were talking before break about the ethicist of a product and when you formulate it you take the science and read the science and the science use this mush of this and they use this much of this ingredient or nutrient and that’s how are formulate your products and you’re talking a little bit about Eternity which is one of my favorites.  If you don’t mind could you just tell us a little bit about how that product in formulated in comparison to other like Resveratrol supplements that are out there on the market.

Yes they’re a big difference and if you’re buying a Resveratrol product you’re probably buying the wrong one.  I can tell you why the processing of it destroys most of the active and they don’t look at that.  Harvard University Medical School did some extensive studies and they sold all their research to the pharmaceutical giant Galax/Smith/Kline for 720 million dollars if you can imagine that.  They paid that much for it simply because of the fact it saves them all of that time so they can develop a drug.  What’s the drug they want to develop?  Well for life extension and youth regeneration.  It’s not just antioxidant it’s like extension its youth regeneration and there’s some antioxidant with it.  But it’s really for regenerating youth and it’s for extending our life greatly.  In their studies they should that you would increase 100% brain regeneration in a week 200% and all of the organs of the body.  Now this is based not my formula but one that they had done using Resveratrol and three other ingredients.  They also know that in it that’s it very difficult to make and you have to be extremely careful and manufacturing.  I’ve looked at the companies that are making it and so far I’ve only seen one that’s doing it right.  Most of them are just putting them into powders and it reacts to heat, light, and air to destroy the actives.  Glacial/Smith/Kline said the same thing.  You haven’t got a very effective product.  Most of it is destroyed.  Sort of think of it like cutting an apple or a potato and sit it on the counter and watch it brown.  The same thing happens with the Resveratrol much more quickly.  I’ve got a pharmaceutical grade plant I know how to make this and we make it in an environment where there’s no light, heat, or air.  It’s made in nitrogen so there’s no reaction.  We’ve put it into and protected it.  It’s so reactive it’s very difficult even digesting it destroys most of the components of it.  None of these companies they’re just throwing it out and jumping on the band wagon trying to say they’ve a Resveratrol product and most of it get destroyed in the stomach and that which gets into the blood system ½ that get’s destroyed in the liver so you’re buying a product you pay a cheap price you have something that’s worthless and a good product is really quite expensive by most companies.  But we’re able to be the exception to that.  We know how to protect it from gastric attach and to protect it from the liver so you take it and you get a tremendous amount of it delivered right to the cell where it’s suppose to do some good.  With that we have a pharmaceutical grade plant to do it.  We looked at Harvard University’s studies but this isn’t new stuff.  I started research unit long before Harvard did and the Chinese actually knew about it 1000’s of years ago and we’re extracting the ingredients and making life extension products and I went to China in 1988 and found it.  I started really seriously looking at in the 1990’s the formula.  It’s such a tricky the Chinese had a good formula but ways of new science doing a lot better and so I’m using mega doses of it, and it’s one of the key factors I believe will end aging.  That’s a pretty bold statement.  Aubrey Degray who’s a PHD from the UK he’s the world leading longevity science he said it’s possible to end aging and he thinks it will be done in people lifetime that are living on the earth now.  He’s looking more towards the pharmaceuticals.  He and another scientist in longevity research have determined the 3 factors that are necessary to end aging.  Certainly Harvard found out that Resveratrol here favorite and mine to switches on the genes of youth and you don’t even think about that.  When you’re born certain genes grow you to about 25 and they switch off and the ingredients in Eternity have been shown in clinical studies to turn the 52 genes on that took you from conception to adult hood and turn them back on.  With that comes the youth regeneration.  It’s not just anti aging its youth regeneration.  Energy, vitality, all of those things comes from it.

That’s amazing.

Yes it’s one of the major steps with it.  There’s a lot of it for your program and it would take too long for the details.  You need to essentially do three things if you’re going to end aging.  One of it is turn on genes of youth and start regenerating the systems in your body.  Harvard found that you could regenerate the brain 100% and 200% in all the organs.  That’s massive then the genes of youth are on.  The second thing is counteract all the free radicals that are causing about 60 of the major diseases from cancer to heart attack, stroke and etc.  You can do that with a blend of anti oxidants and then the other thing is I haven’t programs before but you talk about how nutritionally deficient food is.  You can have low nutrients in food from protein, and carbohydrates and their easier to get.  What are really important are essential trace minerals and they’re 74 of those.  They call them essential it’s not me saying it. There essential to biological activity and because their inorganic once they’re taken out of the soil you farm soil from 50-100 yrs you deplete most of essential nutrition’s from the biological processes in your body.  If they’re not present they either wait and your health goes down significally.  So in our SpectraMaxx we’re added those 40 antioxidants and 74 trace minerals.  We’ve actually found a way the sun converts solar energy into chemical energy and it binds to these nutrition’s.  We’ve added that in a patented formula that we have.

Is that the folvics that are in there?

Yes it is.  It’s the folvic acid and it’s got photonic energy converted to chemical energy and then the cell then convert to the electrical energy.  I’m trying to say it as simple as possible.  I’m a scientist and I understand how difficult some of these things are for people.  You can say them in simple terms so people can understand them.  So the energy of the sun that food now is so deficient in cause they fertilize them and grows without proper nutrition.  Not just without proper but with so devoid of it.  So you’ve got that.  You’ve got antioxidants, nutrition, biological activity that’s being regenerated.  Youth that’s been turned back on and the other thing you need is bring you’re immune system up and keep inflammation down.  That’s where you have a lot of health damage and that can be done with an extract from the seaweed called FuCoyDon.

That’s our family’s second favorite product.  It’s actually I’d have to say Eternity is my favorite as far as the taste because I just love the cranberry, raspberry flavor.  The benefits from my family with my son had allergies really bad and then Jack with the Sarcoidosis that’s all about inflammation and his immune system being completely out of whack and I really feel like FuCoyDon is the one that our family has benefited from using.

You’re so right.

For your listeners if they want to on and type in FuCoyDon and there is almost 900 clinical studies from around the world and the ingredients that’ are in Eternity almost about 18,000 studies.  Powerful things about this it’s all based on real science.  We use so much of the ingredients in it I tell you one company as an example we just did a Edward Bender came in and sold us one of the ingredients and it was so very expensive ingredient and it takes about 50,000 and it starts becoming effective at 20,000 so the range is 20-50,000 for effectiveness and we use 50,000 and one of the major companies selling formulation based on this same ingredient that the vender says you know what they use.  Four parts per million.

Wow.  There’s the chicken waving the chicken over the soup right.

You get it.  Yet they make all the claims you know.  That’s the hocus pocus the over hyping and under performance you find in so many products.  You really can’t have a lot of faith in them.

That’s so frustrating.  That’s one of the things that frustrate me.  You shared on the show today that they can make those and put organics, pure, and put herbal on a shampoo bottle and you turn it around and the first ingredient is you know it causes cancer.  You type it in online and all these studies come up.  It’s the same thing with nutritional supplements that there capitalizing my trust and naïve ness cause I just trust what’s on the label.  I don’t realize it’s all about formulation.

It is and even when you think about organic you know organics can be so heavily contaminated so with many things and you don’t even think about it.  You think about it as pure.  Perhaps they have a greater nutritional value with how they do it.  There can be a lot of contamination with it.  For me I prefer organic if I knew it wasn’t contaminated but how about a pure activeness that’s blended together with other pure actives that come from natural products but that you have a therapeutic punch or effect from them because they’re so powerful and done in the right way and used in the right amount.  The problem I find is that I can’t find hardly anyone in the industry that does that.  They take a little and say a lot.  Over hype and under delivered.  That’s the thing that really bothers me about all the harmful ingredients in personal care that exists to this day and even things like the mineral base color cosmetics that are out there.  47% of women are using them now and 93% say they’re going to and every single formulation I’ve looked at are loaded with toxic heavy metals.

We will talk more about that and I’m sorry to cut you off but we’re going on break.  I want to cover topics like heart disease and cancer if we can.


We’re back this is Dani Walker I just want to invite everyone to go to daniwalker.com.  We’re offering a free Ecorse about 7 secrets to optimal living.  So you can go there and down load that for free and as well find out about all the products we’ve talked about with Tom Mower Sr. with Sisel International.  Mr. Mower I’m really sorry I had to cut you off there before the break.  You were talking about cosmetics and could you state again I kind of missed it how many women are going to use mineral based cosmetics.

Right now it’s just taking over but 47% of the women use mineral based color cosmetics.  The survey shows 93% say they’re going to and that is absolutely amazing.  The problem is they’re contaminated with heavy metals.  These heavy metals are things like serious as you uranium as one, lead, cadmium, zinc, aluminum all kinds of toxic heavy metals like this, beryllium things of this nature that are so harmful to the body.  One of the problems is of course is they’re there.  But the skin is acidic.  The skin naturally is acidic to help keep bacteria from growing on it.  So we have an acidic range of around 5 to 5.5-7 with 7 being neutral.  So it’s somewhat acidic.  So when you put acid and metal together they degrade quite quickly.  These metals that are involved in the minerals remember they’re just a combination in the minerals and their mined from the earth and so when the minerals hit the acids of the skin they ionize.  In other words they take the very smallest atoms off it and then they easily penetrate into the skin and go toxic to the skin, the body.  There carried around through in body and deposit in the organs especially the liver.  There serious health hazards.  As I looked at this with so many women wanting it I’ve gone through the work of building a product line called Timeless Minerals.  We’ve literally have removed all of the toxic heavy minerals.  I sell people only the best thing about our products is what’s not in it.

Wow, and I love the mineral lines the makeup lines.  It’s amazing I’ve never been much for wearing a lot of make up or spending a lot of money on makeup.  It’s not an expensive line but it’s the quality and how long they last.  I’ve had one I tend to wear the same color of eye shadow everyday and I’ve had that eye shadow sense last November like what 14 months now?  I’m still using it I use it every day.  I can’t believe it; it’s amazing how long they last.  I just love your mineral makeup line.

Well thank you

So just to kind of I’m hearing all this and I’m just shaking my head and I’m amazed and frustrated and it just really given that knowledge I hope everybody listening is empowered to go out and make healthy choices start buying toxin free products and I’d love for you to chose Sisel.  That’s what my family uses.  It sounds to me like with the toxins in our environment and in just in our personal care products now we need the nutritional supplements also to help regenerate and build the health back.  We’re getting attach everyday by all these different chemicals.

You’re certainly right about everything.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  So when you take a look at this and a single grade is contaminating to your bodies is personal care products take them from your bathroom and put them where they belong and that is in the trash.  Then replace them with safe products but I tell you what it’s darned hard to find any that aren’t contaminated.  We’ve on our Sisel website a list of the really serious harmful ingredients that you should avoid.  This is a consequence people could simply read a label if they knew the things to look for and their 15-20 that are quite serious.  Just as one example Dani they’ve done research on breast cancer cells and they’ve found that 94% of them have par bins.  That’s the common preservative that’s used in almost all cosmetics and I’ve had a 100% I have dioxin in it and you’ll never find dioxin on the label but it’s in most of the products that you’ll use.  They use the process of orphan ox illation.  That’s in toothpaste, hair shampoo, bubble bath, bath and shower gels.  All of those things dishwashing detergent.  The dioxin is serous cancer causing agent.

Why wouldn’t we find that on the label?

It’s a trace ingredient.  That means that it’s created during the processing and forming of the ingredient.  Because it’s there it’s not a main ingredient it just naturally occurs during orphan ox illation process.  So it forms but you end up with the end ingredient which is something like a PEG which is poly glycol which is in a lot of products.  If you know what to look for and I know Moms aren’t scientist.  Just need to look lauryl product in it you need to avoid it.  There’s a number of others but in making that sodium laurel sulfate in an example that is what the chemical will come out as but in the processing of taking it from compound called sodium laurel sulfate to sodium lauryl that’s an ox illation.  The change in it there’s a reacting that takes place so you have a higher foam level but it also creates a compound called 1 4 dioxin and it’s not what you’re after so it doesn’t have to be listed.

That’s crazy

There’s a lot of rules and stuff like that.

So 100% of breast cancer victims they found dioxin and was it 94% par bins?

Yes correct in the breast cancer cells.  It’s visual this you know the Vietnam vets that got cancer from agent orange they  were defoliating in the jungles of Vietnam that was dioxin that caused that.


How would you like to be standing out in the jungles of Vietnam when they’re spraying Agent Orange on it?  Would you want to be there?

Absolutely not.

Ok so visual this when you step in the shower if you use enough oxidative shampoo which almost everyone is your just like you’re standing the jungles of Vietnam because your showing yourself with the product that probably came with that contains dioxin in it.  Rapidly goes right into your system.

We’re doing that every single day.  This makes me crazy.  Toothpaste and shampoo this is people need to know the word needs to be spread and that’s why again just everybody listening go to Sisel International.com and check out the product lines.  Check out the makeup check out the shampoo the personal care is amazing.  The nutritional supplement there’s a lot of listeners who are dealing with some serious diseases.  Cancer and you Sarcoidosis and heart disease and things like that.  I kind of intended for the show to be about those but we got off track and I’m glad we did.  We need to spread the word and the message and the Mower mission and toxin free products but just real quick before the show is over we have like 5 r 10 minutes.  We were talking about cancer and the study that Manchester just put out about the first 10,000 mummies and they’re was only one case of cancer?

If there’re were somebody on the planet who has cancer I know there’s lots of some bodies but can you just explain maybe one product you might take if you had cancer?

That’s not an easy question because there’s lots of kinds of cancer and there’re some products in nature that actually will fight cancer.  The best resource for your people to go to is pubmed.org and then type in the type of cancer and type in the ingredient and they can see if there is a scientific study done on it.  For me if I had most types of cancers, if I had a breast cancer, or endometrial cancer or a skin cancer I would take a compound that has Resveratrol in it.  If I had something like colon cancer I would take a product that had FuCoyDon in it or Corsicans different compounds.  You need to know what to look for.  But overall if you had brain cancer, what do you want to take for brain cancer.  I can tell you some things that come from an extract from cranberry, strawberry and Resveratrol from red wine.  There’re different stokes for different folks so to speak.  It actually has to do with the cancer.  To have such a different chemistries and many natural ingredients can support your body’s ability to create an apoptosis cell bed so you have to find the right one.  If you get cancer go to your Dr. and do what they tell you to do.  Then you can take these supporting ingredients and if use there’s resources now to look up and see what the studies are and if there studies enough on it then my advice would be to use and find a product that doesn’t have fairyism ferry dusted with a little bit of but has an intense amount of it in a form that’s still good and useable and most companies doesn’t unfortunately.

So you had said that for colon cancer I’ve had someone who has colon cancer and the specifically they need to find a product with FuCoyDon in it?

Yes that what I, but you know a new study comes out that people that take aspirin to reduce your heart attack but if you take aspirin and a certain amount of vitamin D has now been shown that it almost bullet proofs people against colon cancer.  It’s amazing thing.

Aspirin and Vitamin D, omega 3’s also have a factor.  But aspirin bullet proofs people or they won’t get colon cancer.  It’s an amazing thing.

That’s amazing.  Mr. Mower we only have 1 minute to go and I just want to real quickly say thank  you for taking an hour out of your day and I know you’re super busy with just to put it into perspective for the listeners we just got to spend an hour with a gentlemen who’s created billion dollar companies and has been formulating non-toxic nutritional supplements personal care products the leading scientist and icon in the industry and taught and spoke before 100’s of 1000’s of people all over the world and I just want to really want to thank you for taking this hour out of your time.  I’ve had several people saying can we have him on the show again so hopefully you’ll allow me to take another hour of your time another Wednesday in the future.

I’ll be happy to do that and I tell you what if you want a special show on how to end aging I can tell people how to end aging and the process and everything or a specific topic you can bullet proof yourself against heart attack it can be done.

Definitely we’ll have a show ending aging and the bullet proofing yourself from having a heart attack.  This is Dani Walker and I invite you to go to daniwalker.com and let me know what you think about the show and thank you very much Mr. Mower and you have a wonderful day and thanks everyone for listening and we’ll be back next Wednesday for you wellness Wednesday Come Learn With Me with Dani Walker.

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