Years ago Tom’s old company was buzzing with excitement. Tom Mower Sr., sold his company when it was at its best not only where the products second to none and arguably the best of its kind the company was doing very well and the company topped an estimated $750,000,000 in annual sales.

Tom’s old company was said to be the 5th largest MLM company before it was sold. So what happened?

When I first joined Tom’s old company in 2002, I joined because of the amazing science and safety (non-toxic personal care products with no potentially harmful ingredients). There was lots of positive passion from followers of Tom Mower Senior. His passion is evident in all his products. He always strived to make the products exceed user’s exceptions and go above and beyond what was expected. He researched the research and used the best possible ingredients he could find to produce a phenomenal product line. This is why now, I love Sisel products so much.

After selling his old company Tom’s focus, passion and brains turned towards Sisel International. His passion for great products and helping people is moving. Tom Mower Senior founded Sisel International with his son Tom Mower Junior which in my opinion outshines any company of it’s kind that I know. Many loyal followers of Tom Mower feel the same way.

Tom Mower Sr. is a great man who really cares about people and making life better. If you are interested in trying the products you can, even if you are here in Australia.

Tom Mowers new products are fantastic, I really mean jaw-dropping. His liquid nutritionals are brilliant as well as his anti-aging product line which is available in Australia. His products contain ingredients based on the latest research and this research and science are included in the development of Sisel products.

SISEL International is another opportunity to build long-term success with Tom Mower now and into the future.

For those ready to weigh their options, SISEL International extends the offer to all old distributors the ability to become SISEL Distributor or Preferred Customer. Tom Mower Sr. created a great compensation plan when he owned his previous company.

Sisel’s compensation plan now is very generous with high paying commissions. The compensation plan is brilliant as it really encourages new distributors to assist and benefit from helping other distributors in their teams. The Sisel compensation generously gives 60% of the sales back to Sisel distributors.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor