Well good morning everyone.  It has been an amazingly crazy week for our world, and I’m sure everybody is concerned and has lots of questions and I hope you all are praying for Japan.  This is Dani Walker and its wellness Wednesday and we are going to have guest Tom Mower Sr. on the line here in just a few minutes.  He is the CEO and Chief Scientist and Chemist of Sisel International and he has spent lots of time in Japan and has been formulating all kinds of nutritional supplements and we are going to talk today about anti-aging but we are also going to talk about things that we as a nation can do as a people can do to help.  What’s going on, on the other side of the world and also help protect ourselves from the radioactive fallout that could be headed our way.  We are in Northeast Oregon and we have right now.  You know radiation always goes to the east.  The way the wind blows so one of the first places it could hit would be Hawaii, but of course the other place would be Oregon, the coast of Oregon and we are up here in Northeast corner so we are a little off shore but still very concerned about that.  I’m just really honored and excited to have Mr. Mower on the show today to speak with all of us about how we can protect ourselves, how we can stop aging.  Of course all of us women no one wants to get wrinkly or age at all.  We want to stay healthy, happy and active, fit and look gorgeous to hundreds of years of age.  Mr. Mower are you on the line with us?


Yes I’m here with you.


Thank you so much again.  I just want to thank you for being on the show and we are going to talk today about anti-aging, so I just wanted to ask as I said, being a woman as I said I’m 35-years old and I’m starting to see a few little wrinkles here and there.   I don’t feel like I recover as quickly as I did in my twenties.  From things falling down or whatever it might be or just working physically.  What are some things we can do to prevent aging?


Well the Chinese have a saying that it’s a poor Dr. that practices cure.  China traditionally you paid your Dr. to keep you healthy.  They would examine your body and this was long before electricity or even microscope.  They knew how to check the different meridians throughout the body and then when they were done they would give you a formulation.  You would go to a medicine works right there, at the Dr.’s office they would take a paper and they go to the different draws and pull out the components that was necessary to support your body and the needs that it was deficient in.  They said the human body can live to a very long age if you can eliminate the toxins and waste and provide the proper nutrition to it, to make it function as it should.  By nutrition they are not talking about eating well rounded meals. The FDA puts out for what you are supposed to be taking every single day by that a food pyramids.  In reality food is so deficient now that the soils have been over farmed and every time you pull out a product out of the soil you take all the inorganic nutrients with it that is in that produce or whatever you are taking and they are not being replaced.  It keeps diminishing every single year.  As we are in America, virtually all the soils in America have been 75% depleted of its nutritional value.  The plants don’t grow either very well so they have to fertilize them and essentially you might have a nice looking apple or potato or anything else but it has about 25% of the nutritional value that it had 100 or 150 years ago.  So the idea is to supplement.  But supplementation isn’t like eating a more balanced diet.  The food is so deficient that you can’t eat four plates instead of one to get what you need.  That is really what they are saying.  More than that, the Chinese Dr.’s would do is they would take herbs and make concoctions they would make the therapeutic ingredients and they would design them to treat whatever system that was within your body that was not functioning at its optimal level.  Be that the heart, liver, the brain whatever those things.  So taking a page out of their book, if you will. We have gone out and created a product line that we think will end aging whereas other companies say well here is a vitamin, or a multivitamin here is one for people over 50 and here is one for people under 50 and here’s one for women and here is one for men.  They’ve kind of done that and that is so woefully inadequate, because what you need is really powerful and specific nutrition that goes far beyond just a multivitamin with it.  That is what we are doing.  So we’ve been studying with some very significant people around the world, Dr. Aubrey Gray of course is, you probably don’t know this but he is the world’s leading Bio-gerontologist that deals with aging.  He says that there is and the group of scientists that he has to they say there are reasons why we age fast.  If we can end the decay then we can live for a much longer life.  So all of the parameters that cause aging they have pretty well found and now you have the holes they know you where the holes are.  You have got to put square pegs in square holes, and round pegs in round holes, and so with the research they have done and the research that has been done around the world we have a large research and development division here and we have gone into it and we believe we have found the scientifically proven ingredients that can be used in these formulations to virtually end aging.  Now aging is not a disease, so we can talk about it more freely.  If we talk about curing cancer that’s a disease or diabetes.  But ending aging is not a disease.  Aging is an accelerated mechanism.  In other words we decay a little bit every day but that additional decay builds upon the decay that is already occurred.  To give you an example; at conception we have 100% of our biological functions going we’re on Mother’s milk.  If she doesn’t have enough nutrients in her body the baby is going to take them right from her body.  The Mother will pay the price.  In today’s world since food is so nutritionally deficient that’s exactly what happens but then when the baby is born it grows progressively till about  twenty years old and the person is fully well grown and the genes that cause them to grow is something people really don’t think about they are called sauterne genes.  Those genes cause people to grow then switch off and instead of just going up at an angle you hit twenty that stops there and you start to decline.  This is the rate we believe people decline.  Between 20 and 30 they age about 1.2 times faster than in other words everyday they lived they have aged 1.2 days.  By about age 30 it increases by about 1.4 every day.  At age 30-40 you age at 1.8.  At 40-50 your aging 2.2 days for every day that you have lived.  Then it goes on 50-60 you will age 2.6 days for everyday.  Then 60-70 everyday you live you age about equivalent to 3 days from when you were 20.


So that is why we can see somebody or not seen somebody for 10 years and we can go oh my goodness  they either look this same as they did 3 years ago or they look like they have aged 10 years they literally have then.


In equivalency from 60 on if you live one year your aging 3 years.  What can we do about that?  That’s the big question.  But, there are many factors that contribute to that accelerated aging and it’s called accelerated decay.  If we can end decay we can end going down faster and faster and faster.  We can actually go now parallel.  The science is there to do that we believe that is the theory of aging.


Mr. Mower we have just one minute till we have to break.  Obviously we will dove into that when we get back.  So you’re saying for example I’m 35 years old, I’ve been on the Sisel liquid nutrition and absolutely love it.   I started at 33 so you’re saying I have the possibility of aging one day for a day in my 40’s 50’s and 60’s on these supplements, Is that correct?

Almost, we are almost there.  I’ll explain it to you when I come back.  If wherever you’re at if you’re at age 40 your aging 1.8 days you will keep right there and probably regress somewhat.  You will never get back day for day.  You might go back to a day and a day and half from 1.8.

Alright everyone we are here with Tom Mower Sr. chief scientist of Sisel International where talking about how to literally end aging, how to just stop our bodies from aging.  Tom before the break we were talking about what we could do to end aging.  I’m just going to ask you, what is it we have to do stop aging.


Well according to Dr. Aubrey Grey we have to he wrote a book Ending Aging.  There’s a cumulative effect on a number of things.  First of all essential nutrition, you don’t get enough of it in the foods you eat.  So biological processes cannot occur, or they occur at 25 %.  So no wonder we can’t repair or regenerate the way we should.  So we need to bring essential nutrition back up to 100 percent of what our bodies need.  We can supplement with that.  The other thing is we can now trigger the genes that turned off when we were 20 they are called sauterne genes.  Harvard Medical School has just done a very extensive study on how to do that with a combination of 4 ingredients.  The primary ones are Resveratrol.  When you take enough of that you add that into your body, you go into every cell in your body.   It will trigger those genes that are sitting there that are now dormant back into activity.  You have literally 100% increases in regeneration in the brain in just a week, and 200% through the rest of the body and organs.  So those are powerful things.  But you also have to counteract the free radicals that oxidize this.  There are thousands of them in our environment now that didn’t exist that when our ancestors had to face.  So you need a powerful broad range wide spectrum of anti oxidants to counteract and neutralize the vast variety of free radicals that are attacking us.  If you took an, anti-oxidant drink which is quite popular right now there woefully inadequate.  They only have a few types of nutrients in it and they are juices.  You have to have a really concentrated extract in them because it takes a great amount of power to counteract the free radicals attack our cell in our body.  It takes about 100,000 hits a day.  So now you can imagine that’s a lot of oxidative hits.  The other thing you have to do is you have to bring the immune system up and as we get older our immune system is there but gets disorientated mainly because of all the viruses it has fought, in its lifetime it does not respond well.  With that you have to take inflammation down.  It’s the inflammation that causes the damage from the disease and things of that nature.  If you can keep the inflammation down you will not have the damage.  So that is basically it.  Regeneration and repair, proper nutrition of an essential nutrients and trace minerals, immune systems stimulation, and regulation.  Inflammation control and neutralizing the free radicals that causes oxidative damage.  We have found all the chemistries that can do that.  They are all natural no pharmaceuticals synthetics.  With a compound we have which is called Eternity it reactivates the genes of youth, and you have this massive regeneration going on in your body.  So now your body starts functioning like a teenager again or like you were 20.  So all these processes come you start in increase energy, you start burning more fat.  You have more endurance and those things.  But to make those functions go you have to have nutrition so we have a product called SpectraMaxx and it has the essential trace minerals and nutrients, that food is so deficient and that you literally with a dose of it you get enough to equal all of the servings of fruits and vegetables that you should have, which you should have 8 servings in a meal if food was at its level that it was say 150 years ago.  Now it’s not it would take about 30 servings.


What’s the size of the dose on the SpectraMaxx that you’re saying?


If you are less than 150 lbs it’s ½ oz.  It’s not much.  But it is extremely concentrated.  If you’re over 150 lbs it’s ¾ oz.  It’s not a lot to take.  It’s the same with Eternity.  The other thing with the SpectraMaxx we have forty different types of antioxidant extracts, concentrates combined in it.  We believe other types and other varieties than there are the right concentrations to neutralize all the free radicals that are attaching us.  Then we have a third product which is called FuCoyDon which is an ancient formula from China which they made some ingredients called FuCoyDon and they took it out of seaweed.  We have been able to refine it to much better than they did in that time.  The National Geographic just a number of years ago came out with a few years ago with an article on people who live longest on earth and one of the groups is from Okinawa where they grow that type of seaweed, that has all these FuCoyDon in it, because it brings the immune system up to a new born baby and takes the inflammation down to zero.  It supports stimcell activity and that is really the holy grail of health right there.  So with three products Eternity to promote regeneration and repair, it will take to back to the biological activity of your youth.  SpectraMaxx to add the nutrition the antioxidant shield for all the types of free radicals.  FuCoyDon to bring up the immunity and take inflammation down to zero.  Those are the requirements Dr. Aubrey Grays Book Ending Aging.  Will solve aging.  We’ve been testing it on animals now. Not our formula but formula’s have been developed.  There trying to take in pharmacedicals the fact is Flaks/Smith/Kline has paid $720,000.00 for just the information that Harvard Medical School had done on it.  If they can find a synthetic molecule to mimic it so they can patient it and bring out a drug.  It would be terribly expensive.  It would be around $300-400.00 a month plus you have to see your Dr.  The studies and results have already been done in nature.  They have published their studies and we have looked at them.   We can make it more concentrated, and more effective and more bio-available than what they did.  We were doing just pretty much straight forward research and that research can be built upon to make a more successful product.  So it shows you the potential for usually pharmaceuticals are first found in nature and then they make a synthetic molecule.  So what we do is what did we find and how can we use it and what was the strength that was used.  What can we do to improve it and to add other synergistic things with it to make it much more effective in what it is doing. That is just exactly what we have done.  So in there animal studies they are doing they had animals on the product in controlled studies and living twice as long as animals that are the same age and that didn’t have it in their food and when I saw the picture of a Resist Monkey actually a video and they had 2 of them about the same age to be about 28 on the average.  The one monkey that was not on it he fat, lethargic, lots of long gray hair, dull eye site and just sitting there, with no energy.  He was ready to die.  The other monkey that was the same age was slim, and trim, youthful and alert and bouncing around the cage and it was amazing to see the differences in the 2 of them.  So now they are doing studies on humans and they’re finding and yes it does turn on the sauterne genes and all of the repair and the regeneration does occur and so that’s a  major step forward.  So when you combine these you literally go sideways from then on.  It doesn’t mean you are going to be immortelle. I was just going to say the most impressive thing to me is here you have been able to do this.  With the all natural this is just food we take in.  It’s not synthetic.


What I fear is that they will come out with something and say they charge $400.00 for a month for a prescription.  They will claim it will stop aging.  What are all the side effects going to be?  What’s it going to be if it’s a synthetic molecule?


That’s exactly right.  Our bodies are used to using natural ingredients.  What we are promoting in our product is extracted from food but understand it’s not like food but it is in that it’s a component of food but it’s the active part of it.  We take these high concentrations and put them together with high concentrations of other ingredients extracted from nature that science has shown that works.  So your body metabolizes it fine then there are no side effects with it where with synthetic molecules almost always have side effects that occur with it.  But not with these.  With that let’s say you have gone down when you are 40 years old and you are concerned with your health and you were aging perhaps 1.8 days and if you take a look at the human biology now that they have mapped the human gene.  When they say you have the potential to live to be 150 years old.  Our genes will carry us that far but we are dying at an average age of 75.  So why are we dying at middle age?  Because of lack of nutrition, regeneration, repair, immunity damage and free radical attacks that are oxidizing.  Take our systems down until we cannot go on any further.  About at 60 we track whatever disease that is going to kill them.  Then the last 10 years can be pretty miserable.  You can be in a nursing home for the rest of your life, and when you’re in your 60 or 70’s for any reason that is a pretty miserable life. Your body has the ability to regenerate and repair itself, if you can provide the proper nutrients and take away the toxins and waste.  These formula’s do all that.  Even within your cells themselves you have little energy engines there called mitochondria and they wear out, just like our car engine wears out.  It takes in oxygen and it takes in sugar, glucose like gasoline and it literally explodes it oxidizes it.  That creates energy in your body.  After a period of time they stop functioning because the oxidation starts breaking them down to.  The ingredients in our Eternity in the tests we have done it shows that it would go into the mitochondria and repair them.  It’s just like over hauling your engine.  Your body has the ability to do it.  It’s in your DNA.  The DNA is there to do it so.  Resveratrol will do that.  Even more so it will go to the nucleus and be create lots of new energy engines more mitochondria is made.  As much as 4 times as many as you had before. So you see your energy levels go up.


That’s amazing; I’ve had lots of people say “I feel so much better now I have so much energy now.”  People are actually noticing without me saying anything.  So we are going to talk more about that when we come back from this break with Tom Mower Sr.  All right everyone we are talking about how to stop aging.  This is really exciting as Mr. Mower was saying before the Eternity, the product itself and the ingredients have the ability to get all the way into our cells and nucleus and create more mitochondria and more energy for us.  Mr. Mower can you explain for me and for our audience as well that when you say it’s not just a simple food. I just can’t eat a bunch of grapes and get enough Resveratrol to do all the amazing things it does for the monkeys and aging.  So how are you taking the extracts, can you explain a little bit about what that mean exactly or us?


If you took it one simple way, and there are ways of extracting extracts from product.  You will   put it into a liquid and it will react it with something, and some way you will cause those extracts to come out.  You can do this with a centrifuge; it will throw products out according to their size and weight.  It will take off certain sections.  You can distil them with alcohol it will cause them to fall out of solution and there is a number of ways you can extract them.  I won’t go into all the technology.    Basically, are if you look at it like this say it was a bottle of juice, and you literally put it to boiling and to where all the water was gone you would have a concentrate.  But within that there are many components.


So which ones do you want?


What you do is design a system or a methodology so you can isolate the kinds of ingredients you want and to concentrate them.  The reason that we do that is that it takes a huge amount.  In order to activate the sertuene genes, the ingredients they found in red grape juice or red wine if you will.  But they are fairly high in it.  In order to get the equventlentcy of ½ oz it would take 40 bottles of juice, all reduced down to less than ½ oz. to the amount you needed.  So that’s what we are talking about is concentration.  Nobody can drink 40 bottles of juice, or you could take ½ oz. of the extracts in them.  That’s what we are doing. With our antioxidants in the liquid form or in the subcontractors do it for us and the product we sell.  They are in the business of concentrating extracts.  They are like 98-99% pure extracts and what kind you are using.  Then you have a real powerful therapeutic dose that will give you the results that was achieved in the clinical studies the researchers have done.  That is how we are making it work.  Just for example there’s raspberry in the SpectraMaxx.

For me you know I think just to eat more raspberries.  What is the extract that you are pulling out of the ingredients?  I don’t know if raspberries are a good example or not?


Raspberries are a really good example, they contain lactic acid and it’s a real powerful antioxidant for a certain range for radicals.  But you would have to drink, or if you’re eating raspberries maybe eating a 5 gallon bucket to full of them to get the ultimate power you would want.  Out of raspberries they would extract the lactic acid we put it in and the high concentration.  People could get the dosage of equal to what was in the study.  We do the same with 40 different types of antioxidants or fruits and vegetables to get the antioxidants out of them.


Perfect that is wonderful I think you say we would have to drink you say 40 bottles of red wine or 40 bottles of red grape juice.  I think there are a lot of people we just don’t realize because we are not the scientists to and wellness fields as well as you do.  Want does that exactly means extracting what out of a raspberry.  What’s the main ingredient in a raspberry that has such health benefit?  Here is a good way of looking at it suppose you were mining gold and they dig a shaft in the ground then they bring out the ore.  You are not bringing out the gold you are bringing out the ore.  It’s the rock that the gold has and you follow the vain.  Then they take it down and crush it.  Can they go through the process in a number of different phases and chemical reactions and in the end they come up with pure gold?  Most of it is thrown a way but it’s the ore that is thrown away.  But it’s the gold that you want.  It’s the same with the extracts you go through these you are after the gold that is in the extracts if you will.  Lactic acid or Resveratrol or thing you don’t know.  Corisetan or Polythenals they are there and science knows what to do.  There is big money in pharmaceutical and they want to find something that will have the same power as what’s in nature most of the time and they cannot find a synthetic that in the same molecule that can be done.  That is what we can capitalize on finding them and bringing them in the products.  That’s wonderful and people have had so many amazing results.  To me I would like to think about, like you started before as we can give our body the nutrition needed and our food actually had that nutrition in it our body would heal and overcome a lot of the diseases that happen as we age.

Certainly if you look at this rationally if you want to regenerate and heal and have 20% of the essential nutrition that is needed for biological activity how effective is your body going to be supporting the systems that cause regeneration and healing.  Only 25% or less.  It’s the same way with many of these extracts whatever you’re trying to do.  But in ending aging, we believe we have been able to accomplish that.  We say as a comparison suppose you started on these three products the triangle of life.  We think of instead of going down faster and faster than you die at 75 on the average you will start to increase some want because you’re youthful genes are actually becoming somewhat more youthful and then you just go sideways for a longer time.  If you drew a chart on the wall from 0 to 150 and had 75 then you had a slop coming off of the top going down and ending where to 75 was that you died, that was accelerated as she went down you get to a certain point your 25% down the line is death and suddenly you go sideways that mean to go out a lot further and live a lot longer and essentially the way we figure it according to the study’s they have done on mammals you have to look it that because people are not leaving 150 years yet on this.  But animal’s world live about twice as long and if they started them young the animal will live twice as long.  Mice that live 2 years will live 4 years.  That kind of example the same with rats and rabbits, dogs and monkeys.  I haven’t done it on monkeys yet but, at any age and they live to be 50.  This is to new science for that we weren’t doing it to many years ago.  All mammals have the same genes. Fifty- Two sauterne genes amounts to a man and if you activate them, then and at whatever age or degradation that your body is in you go up a little because you are more youthful.  Then you go parallel with it rather than an accelerated decline.  So you are at a certain age 50 and you are probably going to die at 70 or something like that or even 75.  Then we believe we can probably add another 20-25 years to that.  But if 50 now or even 75 live to be 100.


They will live to be 100 and healthy, I think most people it is like I’m ok if I don’t live to be 100.  It’s like that 60 if I have to go into a home and have all these different diseases and health issues I have to survive for the last 10 years of my life.


That’s what Harvard Medical School said are you will stop aging and your health will be maintained and you will live longer in good health.  No one wants to live a number of years and be in miserable conditions so there saying from there science is till you biological time clock ticks out.  So you will live like you are fifty in your physical condition, you will go up and down a little but basically live in that physical condition you are with more energy of course.  You would live on and on and on and would continue till you reached the end of your life.  You would live healthy and die at an older age and you haven’t deteriorated.  I think that’s the idea behind it.


Exactly that’s awesome and amazing.  For me just thinking selfishly, I’m at 35 years old and I think with the physical and the aging it slows that process down as well.  Could I be 50 physically and still look the same as I do now?


You are 35 and you have the potential to, you have a genetic code and you have the potential to.  You have the potential to live to be somewhere around 120 to 125 years, and in good health through it all.  Now wrinkles are a whole different thing.  That’s caused from oxidation reduction caused from ultraviolet light for the most part.  There are also toxins in the air that our skin breaths from the outside in. It doesn’t take oxygen from our lungs so we have a lot of toxins there and they oxidize the skin.  If you want to do something about wrinkles you have to neutralize those effects and regenerate and repair.  You can do that topically.  There are compounds that can end aging and skin to.  Every day if you think of this there is a certain amount of microscopic damage that’s done to your skin and the body does not come in and repair it very well.  There are some compounds that will support the body because they will react and oxidize those sites.  They will support the body and identifies them to the body so the body can come in and the skin can come in and repair the damage that occurred on a daily basis. Then you can work on things that regenerate the skin that occurred and find it in cosmetics.

We’ll talk more about that after these messages.  So Mr. Mower as much as I love being a woman I want to talk about fighting wrinkles and fighting the aging that happens to our skin from the outside, you said something that reminded me that I would really like to bring up the topic about potassium iodide and the radiation and the possibility of uncertainties that are going on in Japan and what that is going to effect the whole world and what we can do to protect ourselves and our families from the radiation and our bodies since we are talking about anti-aging.

Well Dani I’m ask that all the time now and everyone is going crazy and they want to get potassium iodide now.  I even heard on the news this morning that supplies are all sold out.  People are buying them here and all over America and in Japan.  As you know when Chernobyl blew up that radiation cloud went up over to Russia and the Scandinavian Countries and literally they’re huge herds of rain deer that were so contaminated and they were many hundreds of thousands miles away and they had to destroy something like 90% of the herds.  A lot of people to this day still have severe amounts of radiation damage that lives in those areas.  In Japan if those nuclear reactors blow which way do the winds come.  They always go east.  That’s the way our Jet Stream comes.  Especially up in your country people are more vulnerable to that.  We have a big operation in Japan so we are asking what we can do for potassium iodide.  I’ve got distributors here from America and emailing me from Europe and I said you know potassium iodide is good to a certain degree but it’s not what you people think it is.  It protects the thyroid from getting cancer from radiation.


What about the rest of the body?


It doesn’t work anywhere else it’s just that.  There are a lot of side effects from potassium iodide.  If you’re over 40 you defiantly shouldn’t take it.  People think its complete protection and it’s not.  It protects the thyroid and it’s very limited.  As I came into the office today they had calls coming from Japan and a number of distributors especially west coast people we need to make the potassium iodide.  I said you are not going to do it.  There is no supply, the stocks are all gone.  But we have a product called fovic acid, and fovic acid is enormously powerful.  I just pulled up an article about people today and it’s by Dr. William R. Jackson. The Japanese used it to clean up the Chernobyl nuclear disaster including the soil, animals, and people exposed to the radiation.  According to Dr. Jackson fovic acid annihilates radiation.  It does, everything I have researched on it has shown that, that is exactly what happens.  There are no side effects with it.  The nice thing about it, it’s in our SpectraMaxx.  We already have it out.  We sent a message off to our people in Japan.  You’ve already have SpectraMaxx and fovic acid and this is what they fed to people, animals.  They were bathed in it and sprayed it on the soil.  It neutralizes radiation.  That’s amazing, that’s an amazing thing.

Where everyone was so worried about potassium iodide which is so inadequate for what we need and that is fovic acid and that is the answer.  As a consequence we use it in our SpectraMaxx because it helps to deliver the nutrients and it grabs onto like radiation and it holds onto and neutralizes and carries them out of your system.  So there is a real answer.  That is a real answer.  Now talking a bit more in-depth can we take just the ¾ oz dose?  Yes that is plenty and you know if the nuclear cloud comes up we would probably be taking it 2 or 3 times a day.  You want to make sure it’s always in your system.  Of course we cannot say our product will absolutely say we can eliminate radiation.  We are a third party here in the USA here’s third party validation there’s numbers and sources on it say that it does annihilate radiation.  It’s a miraculous product so if you’re using it for other proposes than that because it’s full of energy and it full of nutrition’s like nothing else on earth.  It’s how plants and animals grow and has nutrients from the soil.  It has amazing power to break down radiation.


That’s wonderful, I too have had a lot of people asking it’s all over the internet asking “What do we do”, and it’s so great that there is something we can use to not only protect our thyroid but also protects organs and on a cellular level from radiation.  Exactly and that’s beautiful.  What can we do?  How many times have you gone to Japan in your last 30 years?

We’ve been there 50 times or so.  We have a lot of distributors over there and we’re concerned about them and what happened.  Many of them have had their homes destroyed, and that type of thing.  I’m more worried about the Japanese people.  They are really handling it well.  I know I have been amazed.


They’re such an honorable and respectful culture…  It’s amazing to see how they are handling this.


Yes it is.  The devastation, we had a woman and we were having a meeting in our office and we were just introducing the SpectraMaxx and we were in Japan and we were trying to build momentum for this upcoming year and when the earthquake hit we had tremors in the office and our ceiling falling and everything.  They couldn’t get home and everything was shut down so they stayed all night, they watched TV which was still working.  One woman watched a Tsunami came in over her village and destroys her home while she was watching watching it so it was pretty serious stuff.  Now they are so worried about the radiation we have sent them, talk about the right time, right place, and right product.   We have the product and it is there right now.  That is wonderful.  So what can we do from here?  My husband and I have a lot of people on the radiation topic protecting themselves.  Then they ask what’s a good charity or what can we do to help?


It hard to put it out, you don’t know what charities to use or not.  We have a charity called Earth Stewardship Foundation.  Now we are directing it to help the people in Japan.  If anyone wants to come into Sisel International and contribute to Earth Stewardship Foundation we’re putting the money right directly there to help the people is such need by buying commodities and things for them.  None of it is wasted toward administration it’s taken right to the people of Japan.  So every dollar I give goes to Japan.  A 100%.  That is Earth Stewardship Foundation.

The people that are listening and want to donate to that, can customers donate to that?


Yes they can, and we have had some significant donations come in.  It’s a catastrophe like we have never seen.  I think Katrina isn’t anywhere near like what this has been in Japan.  If people want to help we can put it to good use.  We’re very philanthropic when it comes to that.  We support endangers species, restoring wild life, preserving the environment.  With this catastrophe the first concern should be people.  We’re turning our resources of Earth Stewardship Foundation.  We’re still supporting charities, charities for children to help them.  We are not going to suddenly leave them.  We have a lot more interest for donations to help the people in Japan.  We’re turning it to that to.


Absolutely, that is wonderful.  We’re really thankful to know that cause now I can tell everybody it’s a great place to give and they know every dollar they give is going to go to the people who actually need it, rather than 40-60% of it.


You know we had an interesting thing happen just yesterday and had a charity come in and want to donate to Japan.  We have a weight loss lollipop and it’s called Slender Pops.  They said can we buy a bunch of those lollipops and sell them, because it curbs there appetite and it flushes out fat and binds fat and they lose it very quickly and the lollipop tastes good to.  These people knew of it and said can we buy a lot of that and go on a fund raiser?  We can sell weight loss lollipop and generate a certain amount of money and that goes to Japan.  I thought that’s very creative thinking.  So that’s what we’re doing.  For every dollar you give we will match a dollar from the company.


Great! Oh my gosh that is so neat.


Yes it is very innovative.  People want to help and they need a way to do it.  For a lot of people and myself included I don’t believe in a lot of these charities.  They have corporate jets and huge salaries.  I set this on up and I don’t have any administrative costs in it.  My company absorbs all the administrative costs and puts it all where it needs to go.


That’s beautiful, thank you so much Tom for all that you do, and thank you for dedicating your life to helping people live healthy, prosperous lives.  I know that you and your son and your whole team there at Sisel are working over, over time to make sure we all get the support we need to taking care of Japan and changing your funding to help those people in need there and make sure they get what they need.


My whole company is that way.  I’ve made a lot of money in my life and I started Sisel, I have a great knowledge of science, nutrition, business, and marketing.  I put $150 million dollars of my own money in this and said I don’t care if I make any money back.  I’m not going to retire; I’m going to put the benefits back to people.  I’ve had this extraordinary breakthrough in science at reasonable prices big dividend to distributors and I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to helping people become happier, healthier, and wealthier.  I’m not doing it for any income at all.  I’m not interested in that.


Well that is beautiful and I just thank you for your giving and thank you for giving your heart and thank you for giving an hour of your time to me today and to the listeners.  This has been amazing and I know that everybody just loves to hear from you.  We learn so much from you.  Just before we close out here a gentlemen from Ireland called me yesterday and he heard a radio show in Ireland.  Do you run in Ireland?

We are in Ireland yes we are.


I was just amazed by that.


I don’t know what show he heard but we are all around the world and trying to help people and inform them, so they know what to do.  If you just sit there and do nothing you are going to be dead at 75 with some kind of debilitative disease.  We can stop all that.  You can cardio protect your heart with Resveratrol and the effects of a heart attack are damaging.  That’s beautiful.  Thank you again and we will be back next Wednesday.



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