TRANSFUSIUM has shown to be very effective in restoring the appearance of youth in many individuals.  I’ve been researching  the current research and  found information that tells me that TRANSFUSIUM not only helps ones skin to look and feel younger, but certain ingredients help to restore function of younger healthier skin.

In 4 days I saw results. I documented them by picture. But by 2-3 weeks!   HOLY COW!

Sisels Transfusion best anti aging cream in the world



  • Redness.
  • Blemishes.
  • Large open pores.
  • Crows’ feet.
  • Wrinkles.

All seemed to have a much better look. Plus my skin just felt healthier. It had a different glow if I can say that. I sent my pictures to SISEL and they were amazed too! Let me ask you this. If you had a product that could do all that, how hard would that be to market? Who do you know who wants to look older? No one!

Transfusion anti aging anti wrinkle cream

Best Anti Aging Cream in the world

Found on the outside of a healthy person’s skin is a beneficial barrier that slows dehydration. It also prevents the invasion of microorganisms and harmful materials into the skin.  Pollution and other extreme environmental stress caused by lifestyle damage this skin barrier.  Normal aging skin has a weakened skin barrier, but  it also has less repair capability to correct the permeability function.

Transfusion Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging CreamTransfusion Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Cream

Transfusium Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Cream









University Hospital of Liege in Belgium found that skin pretreated with extracts from Crithimum Maritimum had much quicker recovery. Researchers used high tech testing in the Laboratory of Skin Bioengineering and Imaging to carry out a study to assess the epidermal permeability function following  the removal of this barrier and then applying Crithimum Maritimum (Samphire) and control formulas.(1.)

This was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. Crithimum Maritimum is an extract from wild plants. Based on this study it is shown to have  powerful results on skin repair and age reversal.

There should be no doubt in anyones mind that the world in which we live is extremely toxic . New strains and mutations of viruses are prevalent. 

The human body is somewhat protected by built in barriers that are damaged by age, lifestyle and through the application of certain toxic substances found in antibacterial soaps as well as other personal care products.  Damaged barriers do not have the selective permeability function necessary to provide the protection necessary.  Normal aging of the skin does not provide adequate repair of this barrier function, thus allowing viruses, bacteria and toxins to directly enter the body.

Several years ago, studies came out indicating that certain Teflon type substances were being found lining arterial walls of people who died from complications of atherosclerosis.  Some proposed that the substance somehow came from the Teflon lined frying pans. 

Others suggested it was from skin care products designed to make us look younger. 

Other recent studies suggest that our overuse of antibacterial type of soaps as well as other personal care products have helped to remove this protective barrier from our skin.

Not only do we find Teflon type substances in the arteries, but other studies find parabens in the biopsies from women with breast cancer.

Parabens are found in many products. Without a protective barrier, perhaps these toxic chemicals are allowed to enter and be deposited in the fatty tissue of the womens breast.

As in other SISEL formulations, we do not just put in a dusting of Crithimum Maritimum, Tom Mower and his crew there in Springville add enough to really say, “Its in There!”. 

Through the use of advanced technology skincare products  like TRANSFUSIUM,  perhaps, we can restore this normal function of healthy skin. We are living longer, lets get there in a healthy way!

1.Caucanas, M.,Montastier, C. Pierard, G.E. and Quatresooz, P, 2011,Dynamics of Skin Barrier repair following preconditioning by a biotechnology driven extract from samphire (crithimum maritimum) stem cells. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 10:288-293

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