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Sisel Terminator Mouth Wash

Sisel Terminator Mouth Wash

Terminator Sisel's Toxin Free Mouthwash

Terminator Mouth Rinse

Studies indicate that many mouthwashes may increase the risk of cancer. Terminator contains stabilized Cl02, eliminating mouth odor, is free from potentially harmful ingredients. Uses Xylitol, leaving a protective mantle on teeth to keep bacteria from depositing. Contains calcium hydroxyapatite, supporting dental health that lasts.

Sisel dental products have cutting-edge formulas, designed for fresher breath, cleaner teeth, and better oral hygiene. Your smile will be more beautiful and healthier.

Terminator Mouth Rinse is a unique hygiene product. It doesn’t cover bad breath, it completely eliminates the odors that cause it. Terminator Mouth Rinse doesn’t contain alcohol or harmful chemicals.

The most important active ingredient in Terminator is stabilized chlorine dioxide, which eliminates odor and provides fresh breath. This chemical safe compound is so effective at fighting microbes that municipal water treatment plants often use it for disinfection.

Xylitol, all natural sweetener, is used instead of ordinary sweeteners. Other sweeteners feed bacteria that cause dental caries or plaque. When used together with the toothpaste, Terminator can help improve your dental health, and you will see the results at the dentist’s. Your breath will be minty fresh.

Terminator Mouth Rinse Fact Sheet

Sisel Terminator MouthWash Ingredients Label

Sisel Mouthwash Ingredients label 

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