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Vibrant Laundry Detergent by Sisel International

Sisel Vibrant Laundry Detergent is a masterclass in the power of natural cleaning. Where other leading brands fall short, Vibrant picks up the slack and then some. Many top selling commercial detergents only contain two or three cleaning enzymes, while some don’t contain any at all. This leads to an ineffective wash with poor results. Vibrant beats the competition with an astounding five potent, all-natural enzymes. What’s more, the price of Vibrant is only half the cost of several competing all-natural detergents. Better price, better cleaning, better results. What’s not to love? Experience true cleanliness at affordable prices with Sisel Vibrant Laundry Detergent.

975 mL/33 oz Vibrant Launadry Detergent. Keeps clothes looking clean, bright, and new without potentially harmful phosphates, borates, sulfates, or chlorine.

With all the environmental toxins that you face daily, something as simple as washing your clothes should not be a concern. SISEL Laundry Detergent is designed to keep your clothes looking cleaner and brighter, yet is gentle on you, your family and on the environment.

With all the environmental toxins that you face daily, something as simple as washing your clothes should not be a concern. SISEL Laundry Detergent is designed to keep your clothes looking cleaner and brighter, yet is gentle on you, your family and on the environment.

Ordinary laundry detergents may contain potentially harmful ingredients to your clothes, your skin and body and to the environment. They can linger in the air of your home. And since they may clean by corrosive action, they could be retained on your clothing. Such chemicals may soak into your skin or be inhaled. Over time, they could become extremely detrimental to your health. In addition, when your wash is done, the left-over water can have a negative impact on the environment. Studies point to toxins that are commonly found in most laundry detergents, turning up in streams and ground water. These harmful ingredients may be the cause for mutations found in certain amphibian and fish populations. Scientists state that the effects on the downstream human population may also be of significance.

Instead of using these potentially harmful chemicals, SISEL Laundry Detergent uses highly biodegradable ingredients, making it safe for your home and the environment. SISEL Laundry Detergent removes the factors that cause garment graying. Lipsticks, butter, salad oils and dirty collars on shirts may be removed by applying SISEL Laundry Detergent directly on the stain and gently rubbing it for a few minutes before putting it into the wash, thus offering a substantial savings over having to purchase a spot or stain remover.

Hard water? No problem. SISEL Laundry Detergent functions well in hard water because of special agents that bind minerals in the water that normally inhibit the cleaning power of the detergent. This assures that the cleaning and rinsing action of SISEL Laundry Detergent is greatly increased rather than bound up and neutralized.

SISEL Laundry Detergent is concentrated so you to use less detergent without compromising cleanliness. Our liquid detergent contains safe and effective foaming agents designed to emulsify and hold soils in suspension and then rinses them very freely away. And you will love the pleasant “Mango, Tango” fragrance that neutralizes odors that may have built up in fabrics from using other, less efficient products in the past.

Don’t let another wash day pass using ordinary laundry detergent. Clean, concentrated, and nontoxic to you and your family. Let SISEL Laundry Detergent make your home a SISEL home today.


For small to medium loads, use 30 ml or 1⁄2 capful. For larger loads or heavily soiled loads, use 60 ml or 1 capful. Add detergent directly to wash water before loading your laundry.


Eye irritant. In case of eye contact, rinse eye(s) thoroughly with clean water for fifteen (15) minutes and then call a physician. Do not swallow. If swallowed, drink a glass of clean water and call a physician. Skin irritant. Wash skin immediately if directly contacted. Once detergent has been added to wash water, it is not considered to be a skin irritant. Keep out of the reach of children.

Vibrant Laundry Detergent Factsheet

Vibrant Laundry Detergent Ingredients

Aqua, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Sodium Polyacrylate, Alkyl Polyglucoside, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Methyl-2 Sulfolaurate, Disodium 2-Sulfolau- rate, Sodium Carbonate, Protease, Amylase, Man- nanase, Disodium 4, 4′-bis (2-Sulfonstyaryl) Biphenyl, Cellulase, Lipase, Mango Tango Fragrance, Chloro- phyllin-Copper Complex, Methylchloroisothiazoli- none, Methylisothiazolinone, Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Nitrate.

Sisel Vibrant Laundry Detergent

Sisel Vibrant Laundry Detergent

Vibrant Laundry Detergent Ingredients

Vibrant Laundry Detergent Ingredients

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