Sisel Kaffe Premium Ground Coffee
Sisel Kaffe Premium Ground Panama Boquete Gesha Coffee

Sisel Kaffe

If you like Sisel Kaffe Black Instant, then get ready for the full-body taste of Premium Black Ground. Made with the award-winning Panamanian Boquete Gesha coffee bean plus four healthy ingredients, Premium Black Ground will excite your senses with its rich aroma and superior roasted flavor. (12 oz bag)

Sisel Kaffe Premium Black Ground is arguably the best-tasting and healthiest coffee in the world. Those who have experienced this rich blend of ground coffee agree when it comes to coffee, no other brand matches it in aroma and flavor.

Premium Black Ground is a robust blend of Panamanian Boquete Gesha coffee beans and four unique health-promoting ingredients: chaga, ganoderma, bacopa and gotu kola.

  • The Panamanian Boquete Gesha is grown and harvested in Northern Panama where the climate is perfect for creating the rich taste of the award-winning bean.
  • Chaga contains B-vitamins, flavonoids, phenols, minerals and enzymes to support the immune and digestive systems.
  • Ganoderma is an ancient mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote longevity.
  • Research shows Bacopa lends big support for the memory.
  • The Gotu Kola leaves and stems have a long history supporting respiratory health.

The Premium Black Ground comes in 12 oz closable bag.

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