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Regenerating Youth
Regenerating Youth

Regenerating Youth with Tom Mower

Regenerating Youth with Tom Mower. Tom’s passion is to create a range of natural nutritional products that support the body in the quest to fight aging. Below is Tom’s post from MeWe, he shares how 3 Sisel Products, TSX, AGE Pill and the new Product X will support the quest for regenerating youth.

On the wake up with Sisel call today, I introduced new information on a future Sisel product. Product X is the name until released. 

On the road to immortality, there are now going to be 3 incredibly effective products. They address ending aging in 3 separate ways. All 3 are integral to the overall goal of ending Aging and Regenerating Youthfulness.

They are:

  1. AGE Pill
  2. TSX
  3. Product X (soon to be released)

It is so informative I suggest you listen to it multiple times. Write down key points so you understand them. You will have a good grasp of the process and the solutions offered. 

The AGE Pill Supports Refurbing the Stem Cells that are senescence. I.e. they are active but slowing down.

TSX supports keeping Telomeres in Stem Cells long. (the longer the telomeres are the faster the rate of cellular duplication of Stem Cells). As the telomeres shorten, the duplication of new cells slows down. Ref

When you produce less replacement cells (generated by the Stem Cells) the number of replacement cells will be less than the rate of the mature replacement cells that wear out. i.e. The longer the telomeres the more replacement cells you make. The shorter the telomeres the replacement cells cannot keep up with the loss of old ones.

Consequently tissue mass throughout the body declines, organs, muscles, bones and decline in number. The result is that the body is in a state of degeneration. Increase or maintain telomere length, to where Stem Cells are producing more replacement cells being lost and the body is in regeneration.

Product X is designed to support the functions needed to replace Senescent (dormant) Stem Cells. When the Stem Cells become dormant, they emit perhaps the most dangerous toxins that cause rapid aging and diseases. They also are a great drain of energy nutrients needed by healthy cells. The internal mechanisms throughout the body are trying to remove the Dormant/Senescent Stem Cells.

This normal removal process is called apoptosis (programmed cell death). It becomes aged as the immune system becomes more disoriented and is losing its ability to recognize, create apoptosis and remove debris left from dormant stem cells that have died. Ingredients in Product X nutritional power could support apoptosis (dormant stem cell death) and revitalise the immune stem cells to remove the debris left from the decomposing dead stem cells. 

The Stem Cells are in a polyp like situation, where one removed, it is possible a new young revitalized stem cell will be created. Consider this possibility: If at age 50 a person had 60% Senescent Stem Cells, with only 40% functioning at a senescence/declining rate, the body would be into an even more rapid degeneration rate.

To remove the Senescent/Dormant Stem Cells and replace them with again newer young ones, has the ability to create an acceleration in regeneration that is complementary with the AGE PILL as it works on Stem Cells that are in senescence/decline. It supports the cleanup, repair and functionality of them with a precursor effect to remove plaque buildup (Glycations). Then the accumulated cellular garbage lipofuscin plugging up the cytoplasm within the cell.

Then to add additional precursor support to NAD+, the regenerational energy superstar stem cell, for achieving optimal homeostasis (maximized efficiency/energy) in the cell.

Regenerating Youth Products

A short recap of the above processes and the nutraceutical natural medicine support their ingredients offer:

1. The AGE PILL, precursor support cleans up the declining inefficient Stem Cells both from plaque and accumulated toxic garbage within it. The precursor assistance to creating the energy, regeneration molecule NAD+ (commonly called the immortality molecule in the research world). Re

2. TSX precursor support for maintaining long telomere tips on Stem Cell chromosomes which regulate/ignite the rate of duplication of Stem Cells in creating replacement cells for those wearing out.

3. Product X provides dynamic, (almost a Lazarus effect) in providing precursor support for senescent/ dormant Stem Cell removal and debris removal, through apoptosis (cell destruction of harmful cells) and the clean up of disintegrated cellular components  (autophagy) along with supporting revitalizing the immune system to accomplish its purposes efficiently.

It’s a one-two-three punch to support ending aging and regenerating youth with revitalization through The AGE PILL, TSX, Product X.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor