Sisel Products and Ingredients meet high quality standards

Sisel Product Standards are high quality
Sisel Product and Ingredients meet high quality standards

Sisel Products and Ingredients meet high quality standards

4 December 2019. By Katie Larking

I like the fact that I have certainty when it comes to Sisel. Sisel Products and ingredients meet high quality standards.

Not sure if you have ever thought about the ingredients in the personal care products and dietary supplements you use. For most people, they probably just hope for the best and expect that it is safe.

But how many products are people buying that are poorly made, contaminated or contain something different to what the label states? 

This certainly is not an uncommon situation to find issues with product standards. With product recalls happening regularly. 

“US cosmetics manufacturer and distributor Beauty Plus Global Inc has recalled four of its products due to asbestos contamination, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” Sept 2019

Think of how many products should be recalled that slip through and are consumed by the public.

Once you investigate manufacturing standards for personal care and nutritional supplements you will be quite shocked.

Sisel is a unique player in the supplement and personal care industry. 

Everything is made in house, with unique cutting edge, custom formulations. Put together by a team or research scientists and created in a certified GMP Facility. Good Manufacturing Facility.  Tom Mower and Tom Mower Jr own SupraNaturals the Manufacturing facility of Sisel International.

Rigorous testing methods are conducted by Sisel to ensure ingredients meet high quality standards.

What is important is that ingredients are tested for contamination, potency, and purity.

Unlike other companies, you can see and find out about the process involved in the development and production of Sisel Products. 

Since Sisel actually manufactures its own products we know they are being held to a high level of standard.

Raw materials are ordered from vendors all over the world they arrive at the dock in the Sisel Manufacturing facility (SupraNaturals) and are checked to make sure no damage has occurred to the ingredient and all the paperwork is correct, it then moves onto the quality checking department. 

The ingredients are quarantined to make sure there are no red flags with any of the ingredients and meet stringent standards. If there is an issue the ingredient is sent straight back to the manufacturer. 

Sisel makes sure it meets the Sisel Safe standard. Samples are sent to the lab and there they vet the ingredients and conduct multiple analyses. This includes heavy metal contamination. Micro analysis to determine if there is any chemical contamination and Sisel also does a purity analysis to make sure the product/ingredients are of consistent clean quality before it goes into any Sisel product formula. 

Sisle makes sure they get the best possible materials to create Safe products. 

That is one more reason why I love the Sisel Product Range. 

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