Supra Detox Mucoid Plaque

Supra Detox Mucoid Plaque
SupraDetox is a powerful yet gentle detox that helps to support the removal of mucoid plaque.

Supra Detox Mucoid plaque

Gentle Detox and Cleanse. Can you detox mucoid plaque? Is this possible? According to the mucoidplaqueguru. com it is also referred to as “mucus”.

“An important point to recognize is that some modern pathologists inappropriately refer to mucoid cap as “mucus”.[20] [21] [23] [24]. Ref

But all these people are wrong. What mucoid plaque actually is, in reality, is a mixture of primarily necrotic epithelium cellular debris, fibrin and mucus that naturally forms over damaged areas of the gastrointestinal tract. It may be composed of other things as well such as bacteria, digested food, albumin, and inflammatory cells. But it’s primarily necrotic tissue, fibrin and mucus.” Ref

“This is probably in need of an explanation. So let me explain. Everyone knows about the adherent mucus layer. But there is another layer that is distinct from the adherent mucus layer that everyone is ignoring.[2][3][4] Medical science calls it “mucoid cap”. [2-12] But occasionally, medical science also calls it “mucoid coat”[4] or “mucoid plaque”.[1] You see, every day the food that you eat is causing damage to your mucosa.[5]

This causes a type of chronic inflammation whereby fibrinogen and necrotic cellular debris mixes in with the adherent mucus layer forming a “cap” over the damaged mucosa. Mucoid cap is substantially thicker than the adherent mucus layer. [4] It is over ten times thicker. [3] It protects the damaged mucosa from digestive acids while it undergoes repair.” Ref

The intestinal lining is wounded when exposed to chemicals and certain foods amongst other things.

Supra Detox mucoid plaque

It is important to detox mucoid plaque. Supra Detox supports the body to remove mucosa cap or plaque. Also referred to as Mucus.

According to the mucoidplaqueguru . com mucoid plaque is not in the colon. It primarily resides in the small intestine. This is the part of the intestinal tract where most of the vitamins and minerals are absorbed from food. So it is important the nutrients have free passage into the body and are not blocked by mucoid plaque. Mucus or mucoid plaque can also slow digestion and transit time. This would explain why many say they have never seen it on a colonoscopy. This is because cameras only see into the colon when having a colonoscopy. 

It seems it is important to detox mucoid plaque.

“Mucoid plaque is thought to be the body’s reaction in the intestines to toxins and chemicals from the foods we eat. This is a response by the body to project sites that are injured.  

Although protective, this mucoid plaque may harbor parasites and pathogenic bacteria; 

Many practitioners believe that mucoid plaque may be the cause of numerous other concerns in the body such as allergies, food sensitivities, fatigue, low energy and constipation to name a few.” Ref

Mucoid Plaque Removal and Cleanse

Dr Becky discusses how this product can go to work to cleanse and remove mucoid plaque. This product is similar to Tom’s previous product Feel Good. Which is funny because after using th Supra Detox my friend said how good he feels after his 4 day cleanse. 

Dr Becky talks about intestinal health and Supra Detox

“A lot of our products at sisel support the immune system and if you talk to certain experts they’re going to tell you 70 to 80 percent of our immune system actually fits within our gut mainly the small intestine and it’s so true because we are what we eat.

I talk about this all the time we’ve got good bacteria we have bad bacteria and the intestinal tract the good bacteria is there to be somewhat of a guard to activate all these lymph nodes and lymphoid tissue in the gut.

If we have a breakdown of that system if we have bad bacteria or breakdown in our immune system or we are overwhelmed with toxicity then those toxins can come right through the lining of the intestine. 

Remember the intestine is very vascular so if you have all these toxins and antimicrobials coming in,  they come into the vascular circulation and then they just wreak havoc. 

You’ve got free radicals now running around you have DNA damage you have a breakdown of cell-to-cell communication. When it is not working well you’re set up for degenerative issues inflammatory issues potentially liver disease and then the toxicity becomes overwhelming.”

So when I talk a little bit about some nutrients with super detox tonight not only are we going to fortify the area of the intestine and help to cleanse out some toxins.

 We are also going to fortify areas that are responsible for removing toxins through the kidneys, the endocrine system, our sweat glands, our liver, and our respiratory system there’s a lot going on in our bodies.

Tom Mower senior put these nutrients together. He recognized it wasn’t just about the intestinal tract. Other areas in our bodies need to be fueled to create that balance of cleanliness within our system.

It is important to cleanse the intestinal tract from time to time.

Supradetox is a natural detox formula. In my opinion, again you’re gonna have some experts even the realm of gastrointestinal specialties that say you don’t have to do colon cleanse it’s not necessary you know our body knows how to detox itself.

What I saw in my medical practice was pretty shocking in terms of the degree of constipation, the sluggishness of the intestinal tract, the sluggishness of the body in general, especially when the intestinal tract slows down everything, slows down You become this like toxic soup bowl, because you’re not eliminating waste.

I have patients whether it was due to diabetes which will affect the motility of the gut or they were on certain drugs that affected the motility namely narcotics. Or certain you know anti-inflammatories out there that could cause constipation.

If you start to back up it’s like a sewer backing up in your system. I had patients that would move their bowels every couple of days. Not too horrible. But once a week, every two weeks, every three weeks, and my worst case was a lady that only moves about once a month and that’s just no lie.

What you’re looking at is something so toxic and they need some help and so we need to number one give them a good cleanse. An opportunity to get all that toxicity out of there. Then get them onto a routine and so super detox actually represents something that you can do like once a quarter. 

This is not something you’re going to do every single day months and months and months on end absolutely not and I’ll tell you why in a second. But when you pick like quarterly or even every six months it’s just enough to kind of rev up the system and then get back into your routine. 

This creates good movement of the intestinal tract so you’re eliminating on a regular basis. If you go back in time and you look when we were eating more raw foods and whole foods we didn’t have processed food. 

We were taking in more fiber we were better hydrated. Every time you had a meal back in those days you went to the bathroom. It is called the gastric reflex meaning stomach colic, meaning colon and then reflexes that the two communicate.

So you eat food goes into the stomach. Digestion starts to happen and then you have something called peristalsis movement.

That allows your colon to go. You know you need to evacuate and so if you’re eating three times a day or five times a day you would actually move your bowels three to five times a day with a good bowel movement because you’re eating a lot of fiber.

In today’s world, some people are so excited to say I have a bowel movement once a day or every couple of days. No I mean you need to have better bowel movements because it’s just toxic soup.

So with the SupraDetox in terms of the mild laxative effect, it really helps you eliminate the colonic waste. The number-one ingredient is something called Cascara Sagrada (bark) Extract.

I am very familiar with this ingredient. Again this is an herbal laxative to be used once in a while. You can use the capsules of Supradetox once or twice daily for up to five days you’re probably not going to need it that long.

But is going to allow for contraction of the intestinal tract. It is going to allow for movement of the bowel. To allow that waste to be eliminated. Plus it decreases the reabsorption of water in the colon.

Meaning there’s more water more hydration in the large intestine so with contraction and hydration and it give bulk which means fiber in the intestines you’re going to evacuate and because it’s about motility you only need it initially to stimulate the motility a little bit aggressively.

Then I’m going to talk to you a little bit later on how you maintain that motility without the Cascara Sagrada (bark) Extract. This is one of the main ingredients and it’s a great herbal laxative. Again you just use it to potentiate elimination and especially if you want to rev up your system for weight relief.

People that really need to allow the elimination detox to happen a little bit faster more efficiently which will potentiate your positive results in terms of weight released with our products.

Aloe vera is part of Supradetox and when I was in practice I use aloe a lot especially with my patients that had irritable bowel I’ll get into like all the definition of irritable bowel in a little bit but aloe is very soothing.

Then there’s yellow dock root powder which is a blood purifier so anytime I mentioned a nutrient that’s an extract it’s a root. The powder is a  blood purifier what it does is it increases your circulation and fuel circulation through your detox organs like your liver like your pulmonary system and your kidneys and your skin.

So with the yellow dock your allowing for more of that blood purification to happen because of increased circulation.

I love the fact that Tom put in ginger and garlic powder because ginger has been used forever to help digestion it increases circulation so that our absorption in the system and that are eliminated. Garlic has been used for centuries as an antiseptic which means it’s a natural antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral.

Marshmallow powder very interesting because not a lot of products contain this. If you look at the research on marshmallow it’s pretty extensive for helping digestion and absorption. But very good for alleviating constipation. It is a little bit of a different mechanism than Cascara Sagrada (bark) Extract.

It is allowing for a little bit more like water to come into the colon instead of water being reabsorbed back into the system so it’s potentiating the effects of the Cascara Sagrada (bark) Extract.

Buckthorn powder which is on the same level as the Cascara Sagrada (bark) Extract. 

Oregano is a phenomenal product for the lungs so oregano powder will help with decongestion. A lot of people that are detoxing, they may notice a dry cough or maybe a wet cough. Maybe they’ve been a smoker, been around pollution, toxins in the environment. This is a decongestant so it opens up your lungs, so you breathe easier and you push the toxins out of your lungs faster. 

Burdock powder is one of my favorite nutrients of all time. It is a detoxifier on so many levels.It is an adaptogen you’ve heard me talk about adaptogen. They help the body adapt to stress physical stress and emotional stress. But this particular burdock also supports the increase of bile release from the liver and the gallbladder.

If you don’t have one, either way, you’re still going to produce bile. You dump it into the intestines which is a cleanser. But burdock actually acts as a prebiotic so it’s a fuel to increase your body’s ability to produce more and more probiotics. Remember the good bacteria the first line of defense.

There’s dandelion powder and slippery elm. If you remember slippery elm is soothing because it’s very soothing to the intestinal tract like aloe vera is. So it’s been used for a very long time with people who have irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel, diverticular disease and it’s very good for digestion and absorption.

Red clover is an interesting nutrient it’s from the legume family that’s the bean family. Another blood purifier but great studies on red clover in terms of how it helps the cardiovascular system and may decrease the plaque that sits in our arteries.

Then the last nutrient which is always one of my favorites is milk thistle and thought to be great for the liver. So if you have hepatotoxicity toxins sitting in the liver, fatty liver, alcohol-related liver disease, drug-related liver disease, hepatitis B, hepatitis D milk thistle it is perfect to round out all these nutrients.

So SupraDetox is about good colonic movement and elimination. Aiding digestion and absorption. Supporting your kidneys to work as a better diuretic. Supporting the respiratory system. It expels a lot of these toxins and a lot of these nutrients will also support an increase in the body’s ability to sweat better. Especially the ginger so it’s a multifactorial approach to detox. 

This is a very comprehensive superior product. Very nutrient-dense and because the extracts are so pure and they’re dense, you’re going to get maximum effect. You only use it for a couple of days that you need. If you need it for the full week that’s okay. Then just think about it quarterly or even every six months.

Support the immune system 75 to 80 percent sits in your gut.

Most people need 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day. Most people take in half that. Add something like flax. I love ground flaxseed because it’s got soluble and insoluble fiber very balancing. If you tend to be constipated it’s going to make you move more regularly. If you have diarrhea it absorbs the extra liquid and they should go more regularly. So extra flaxseed helps to get that extra fiber from your diet.

If you’re eating processed foods and fast foods and all this other garbage out there you’re not putting fiber into your system. So go with fruits and vegetables.

If you need to supplement with flaxseed that’s great. Psyllium is another good option for a lot of people. I found in my patient base that psyllium was very gentle so if that’s not the case and go with the flaxseed. You can grind it. You can add it to your food or shake.” Dr Becky talk

Dr Becky Natrajan Maes M.D. is a Board Certified Gastroenterologist, certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. For 13 years she operated a thriving private practice in Tucson, Arizona. She graduated with the highest honors from Hahnemann University Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and completed her subspecialty training at the University of Arizona.


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