Sisel International #1 in the table below. Taken from public post in facebook.

“Tom Mower Share this with everyone. Sisel’s Compensation Plan is number one in the entire MLM world, is fabulous and fantastic far beyond all others. There is not even a close second to us. I am sharing the wealth and in doing so you can fulfill your dreams if you will work and make it happen. With Sisel each new distributor or customer pays you much more than any others company as you can see. Look at some of then at the bottom of this list. Some companies are cash cows to the big leaders and the company at the distributors expense. Soon the walls will come tumbling down as their flawed and immoral in my opinion Binary corruption compensations plans fall as their foundation is sand. Sisel foundation is rock sold for it is built on the success of the average distributor rather than Robin Hood in Reverse Binary plans who take from them to enrich the mega rich up-lines.”

Please note this compensation plan comparison is believed to be accurate, feel free to check for yourself and do your own research.

Sisel has a high paying unique Network Marketing Compensation Plan combine with safe, effective,  scientifically advanced products like the world has never seen.

Sisel Compensation Plan Comparison against other companies

Comparison of Network Marketing MLM Compensation plans.