Why Sisel International Manufactures their own products

One thing that is unique to Sisel is the fact that we manufacture our own products and from a marketing and a sales perspective you know that’s a whole other business that you need to manage. But part of the component of the Sisel mission is the fact that we have unique products that we sell. We have unique skin care; we have unique personal care products, nutritional products. And so when we built a 400000 square foot manufacturing facility it was the type of facility that we needed to produce our unique products. Many years ago when we were producing products we would go and ask a manufacturer of an ingredient or someone to compound something for us, they didn’t have a recipe book for that. Those ingredients had never been manufactured before and when you have the industry buying metric tonnes of an ingredient and here’s somebody on a mission who needs 10 pounds, they’re not going to change and go a whole other direction. And so over the last 2 and a half decades we have specialised in manufacturing and spray dryers and juices and beverage filling and perhaps even more so in research and development. Because it’s not the fact that you’re going to go out and you’re going to buy an HPLC or an IR or some type of scientific equipment. It is a mind-set. It is very difficult to take people from an industry that has travelled this road for a hundred years and say ‘’you know what we don’t use parabens’’, we need to find ways to formulate around that. We don’t use fragrances that contain a list of 30 or 40 ingredients for fragrances; benzenes and things that are very aromatic that potentially could cause a problem that we find in pesticides in many cases. And so we need to go out there and we need to train our staff different in the industry. We need to have processes that are different. One thing that you’ll find in our facility, when things enter the plant they’re not just checked for colour, taste, flavour, you know, bacteria, yeast, mould, like most facilities are, they’re checked for; are they preserved with something?, do they have residues of pesticides? Do they have heavy metals? You know they need to meet our criteria not only from the visual perspective and, does it foam? Does it feel good to the skin? They have to meet the Sisel mission standard which is metals, pesticides, benzenes, nitrosamines and all the different you know hitchhikers that come along with these different ingredients that we see in the industry.


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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor