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Now cosmetics and skin care is a massive industry but I have one bit of advice to almost anyone that’s using skincare products. Avoid cosmetics, save your money and save your face. Cosmetics are not making you younger, they’re actually making you older and most of them are loaded with a lot of potential toxins which could not only be damaging your skin but affecting your health throughout the rest of your life. Now that’s quite a statement to make but that’s the one that I believe and it is my opinion, and it’s based upon a lot of research that I’ve done. See I’m Tom Mower, and the founder of Sisel International, I’m also head of the research and development department. And unlike most companies we actually make the products that we sell and we have a massive plant to make them, a big research and development department. And we are simply researching the research to find the most spectacular discoveries that ever have been made before in science so that we can make products that are truly powerful and effective.

Now many companies would of course say that they have powerful affecting products but in looking in the analysis of them we find out that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact to start with I’d like to quote a statement that I read in an industry publication years ago and it was by an expert in skincare and cosmetics, one of the really giant companies that’s into cleaning products bought one of the largest skin care products in the world. It was a multibillion dollar transaction. They titled the article that was written to professionals in the industry as culture shock. And what they said is this soap manufacturing giant was in for one big shock and they went on to say that their laundry soap got clothes whiter and that their dish washing detergent got the grease away from dishes and these were things you could see. But ‘Cullen’ was the name of the person that was making the article and he said that, but the product benefits in cosmetics are psychic rather than rational. Now what that meant is of course if you think they’re working it’s because you think they’re working, the rationality is that they’re not.  Then he went on to say in terms of ingredients and formulation there’s little difference between one brand and another. Now let’s paraphrase that. Does that mean that the cheapest products sold at Wal-Mart or Kmart is probably about as good as the most expensive product sold in the most posh boutique or department store? Yeah that’s basically what he’s saying and I pretty well agree with that. He says in terms of ingredients and formulation of course, there’s little or no difference between one brand of cosmetics and another but the product benefit to the consumer is how it makes her feel about herself. And so that’s it, perceived value.

So the whole article talked about just that thing. That in the world of cleaning products you have to have results that are seen, that are visible, that work or who would buy a laundry soap that didn’t? But in the world of cosmetics and skin care you have a perceived value, how does it feel on the skin? How does it smell? How does it look? And do you think it’s really working? In terms of ingredients the products for wrinkles usually just puff up the wrinkle, they can film the skin, they hold in toxins and moisture. They can irritate the skin literally and make it swell up so that it appears less wrinkled for a period of time. But the ingredients that they use in it really don’t make a long term effect. And this is what we found as we started evaluating personal care products and skin care. See my  background was in industrial chemical manufacturing and distributing. So I was used to making these really powerful products that are used in commerce and industry, and we had to compete in a world where performance was the only criteria. So as I entered in the industry of starting to make personal  products, particularly skin care, hair care, and a number of dietary supplements, I really got the shock of my life as I started looking at what was the ingredients being used were making hair care and skin care products. Many of them were the ingredients that I made really harsh, damaging industrial commercial products. I mean products that you would use to clean the garage floor, or degrease an engine, carwash soap, things of that nature that really had to attack and go after the contamination of whatever it is to break it down. And I found out these were commonly used in things like hair shampoos and facial cleansers. They use sulphates, they use sodium lauryl sulphates, a very aggressive chemical and I could not understand why they were using those. Now like most people I’d never read the ingredients on my bottle and if you did, who knew what they were? I happened to know what they were and so that did surprise me. So I decided first of all that I was going to make a line of products for hair and skin care that did not contain any of what I considered to be the potentially harmful ingredients, commonly used in most of the products that I saw in the market place. And so it was easy to avoid sulphates and sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphates, some of the names that you don’t know but as I got in to it, I started finding that many of these ingredients had a lot of what they called tramp ingredients in other words ingredients that were created during the manufacturing of the ingredient but they’re not listed on the label. And they can have a profound effect on the person using them because they are oestrogen mimics and many of them are known carcinogens and the fact is the food and drug administration, the last I looked they had listed about 884 potentially harmful or toxic ingredients that were used in personal care products. About 150 of those I would consider to be pretty high on the scale of the potentially harmful effects they could have. The rest of them certainly may have some effects but about 150 of them are of a more serious nature.

And as a consequence I started to develop these products and I thought well I’m not going to use any of these because number one, I don’t want to use them on my body, because science is showing that they don’t stay on the body. They penetrate through the skin because the molecules are small enough they’re simply absorbed and simply shampooing can put a lot of these potentially harmful ingredients right into your blood system which can be carried throughout the body including the brain, into the eyes, and all the major organs. And they could have a very serious effect on our long term health, and they believe that they do. In fact there is some studies out now are showing that women have about 4 times more toxins in their body then men do, and so what’s the basic difference in our lifestyle? It’s really women using a lot of personal care products and if you look at what’s in personal care products you see the list of these toxins, these potentially harmful ingredients that now as of late organisations are starting to say ‘’these are really serious potential health damaging ingredients and should not be in products’’. We agree with them but we actually believe that we were saying this story long before most of them were even aware of it, and that is because of my background in industrial chemicals.

So I’ve said for quite a while the best thing about our products are what’s not in it. And so when you consider things like, on an average we think there’s about 29 potentially harmful ingredients in just lipstick and during a woman’s lifetime she may eat up to 10 pounds of it to get into her system. And studies are now showing that, I saw an article called ‘shame on shampoo’ and they’re claiming that sperm count in men is down so much because of the oestrogen mimics, the endocrine disrupters that are found in shampoos and they’re saying they even disrupt the development of the male foetus in the womb and probably have an equal effect on the female foetuses that are developing. Because they act like oestrogen but many of them may have much more power than oestrogen do and so they overdevelop or under develop certain systems. As an analysis they thought in the 1950’s that a millilitre, a very small amount of sperm had about a hundred thousand sperm in it. Now they’re saying it’s on average of about five thousand for the same unit. So from a hundred thousand down to five thousand, that’s a significant reduction, and they believe it’s all because of these potentially harmful endocrine disrupters that are found in a lot of the personal care products we’re using, likewise they’re also even in the bottles. The bottles can contain a lot of these and they’ll leech right out into the product after all these products are solvents and they’ll dissolve into the products so when we put them on our skin, whether we’re rubbing it as a lotion or an ointment, or even shampooing, there so small, they’re insidious and they just go in and they accumulate and deposit within, especially fatty tissues within our body but they can be carried everywhere.

Well all that being said and done, that’s the reason that we do make the products the way we do and avoid all these potentially harmful ingredients. So then as I looked at ingredients that we used in personal care products I found most of it is a smoke and mirror technology and you’ll notice if you open one of the major glamour magazines you’ll see all sorts of cosmetics being advertised but it’s always with a young woman. They never show you an old woman that has used these products for a long time because they may have a face like a roadmap and in reality the cosmetics in my opinion have been making them older not younger because of all these potentially harmful ingredients especially like sulphates even when you clean that are stripping the protective from the skin and helping it to penetrate even better and so as a consequence I have a real issue with almost every cosmetic line I’ve ever seen in the world because the ingredients they use really don’t give the effects that I believe people think that they’re getting from them. So my advice goes right back to the very first; avoid cosmetics, save money, save your face. But we’re going to use that and when we’re going to use colour cosmetics and so at Sisel we’ve developed a line of mineral based colour cosmetics and we don’t use any of the minerals they have, the toxic heavy metals that is commonly used in it. The other products that we have, there are so many potentially harmful ingredients in colour cosmetics and we’ve simply avoided them and have a very nice line for colour cosmetics that women can feel quite safe in using because of these potentially harmful ingredients that we know of that are not used in the making of these products, as they are in most of the other formulas that we’ve seen. But now we get down to the basic fundamentals of how do you really take care of your skin because as we live in a real world, the damage to our skin comes about, is estimated by Aubrey do Grey says about 90% of the damage to our bodies and of course to our skin accordingly, comes from the environment, and only about 10% of it is genetic. I would believe that too because I saw a National Geographic story once about a monk and he was 87 years old and they said in the article, they had his picture, and they said he had skin like a baby. The reason why is he went into the monastery when he was a baby and had never been out into the sunlight, and that is a big factor. Skin is really damaged by our environment, and there’s about 3 basic factors that damage skin, and most of it comes from incidental sunlight and fluorescent lights because we don’t spend so much time out into the sun, but it’s still ultraviolet light that’s doing it. Now we have a problem with a lot of the toxins that are in the air that is in our environment. Not only that we’re breathing, but the skin is a living breathing organ and it takes air in from the outside and respires and so we’re getting a lot of toxins from cars and industrial contamination that’s going into our skin. So we have those factors and then of course the food and water that we eat has got a lot of toxins in. So those are the things that are really damaging skin.

Skin really damages essentially because it oxidises, it corrodes, and as that happens and it starts to wrinkle, it starts to pull in and a lot of the receptors become very sensitive to hormones and that’s what a wrinkle is, the skin starts to constrict to protect itself and for those of you that really don’t know that’s what a Botox shot does, is they come in and it just numbs those receptors in those muscle lines so they don’t constrict and all that has happened because of sunlight damage. So if they can numb the receptors so they’re not responsible to adrenaline which is the hormone that’s doing it, then the skin doesn’t constrict and it just goes back smooth. Unfortunately you’re numbing your skin and we don’t think that’s a very good answer for it. The best approach you can take in skin care is to avoid doing harm. It’s the first rule of medicine, it should be the first rule of skin care. So we’ve designed a system to do just that. And so I’m going to take you through it very simply so that you can understand some of the basic fundamentals of skin care.

First of all, understand this; that there’s a lot of things out that you can put on your skin that makes it look temporarily better. And one of it is they have exfoliating creams. And we don’t make exfoliating creams because we think there’s a lot negatives with it. First of all, what it does is they use alpha hydroxy acids or some types of hydroxy acids and they cause the skin to shed its outer layer, the stratum corneum. When that happens you have a lot of pink fresh younger skin on the surface but it really shouldn’t be there. By nature that stratum corneum is a protective layer and it’s kind of flecked over but it looks nice if the skin is healthier and when you remove it, now you don’t control the moisture that is leaving the skin and you let a lot of the environmental attack get into the skin much easier. So we think over a period of time that your skin will age much faster because you’ve used it. And then also studies are showing after a year or two your skin, well it’s an irritant, it causes the skin to kind of puff up so you contain a little bit more water in it and it looks fresher and younger but you’re getting a lot more damage. And then the skin starts getting used to it and then it starts to thicken and you become more of a leatherhead because of the response to the irritant from these exfoliating creams that are used on the market. We just don’t think that that’s the right approach to do it. Most of the industries are out there right now, because you get to see a quick fix and a fresh face but in the long term we think you’re getting an old leathery skin that will develop because of it.

So let’s treat the skin like what it is, a living, breathing organ. So we’ll start with, simply cleaning the skin, and we have a product that is very effective for that. The first thing we do is we based it on ingredients that don’t use sulphates. So if you’re using a facial cleanser, look in it and see if it has any sulphates. And of course sulphates strip that protective mantel and the outer part of the skin that is mostly oil soluble and when you strip those off, just like sulphates are used for engine degreaser and garage floor cleaners. So when you use them on your face, no matter whether they say they’re for facial skin or not, and maybe they’re pH-balanced for the skin they still strip the oil soluble components and damage the protective mantel? and the way that it protects your skin and regulates moisture control in it. So what we want to do is we actually want to clean the skin and leave it free so that it can function like it should and then if you apply treatments to it, to improve the look and condition of the skin and the feel of it, they’re much more effective. They’ll penetrate better, the skin isn’t being irritated, it’s not damaged and so it responds better. I think that makes sense and so, we have a firming facial cleanser, a simple program to start with is clean the face and rinse it thoroughly, and then you’re ready to start with skincare products.

Now there’s a lot of companies that have many different types of products and you can use, I’ve seen them have 14, 15 different products for skincare. It’s really kind of absurd because I think for the most part they’re preying upon women’s desire to take care of their skin and they’re telling them ‘’just pat it in’’, ‘’don’t rub it in’’ and ‘’use your little finger’’ and ‘’you need a day cream, a night cream, and exfoliating cream’’, ‘’You need a face pack’’ and all of the things they go through and quite frankly, I don’t believe you do, and when you get done listening to me, see if you don’t agree.

Skin is really a complex organ but it’s easy to take care of if you have the proper biochemistry to work with. Now understand the statements I am going to be making have to be in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration or Ministry of Health in other countries, and they say with skincare products, that are classified as cosmetics, and they say ‘’no matter what it does, as long as the ingredients are approved’’ and the approval process is not very difficult for products for skincare. The fact is most of them were grandfathered in, in 1967 and 1982 without any testing. So that’s why a lot of the ingredients we say that you should look for and avoid in personal care products were grandfathered in before they knew the potentially harmful characteristics that they had and once they’re here, they’re here. It’s like smoking. Smoking has nothing good. Smoking, you can’t get rid of it because it’s been grandfathered in. Well it’s even more difficult with skincare products because they’ve been around for a long time and a lot more people use them even than even smoke so consider that. This is why the products contain things parabens and sulphates and PEGs and and all kinds of things that we don’t believe should be there, and I think as you look on our website we have a Sisel-safe website or have some brochures you could look at the ingredients that we think are potentially harmful for you, so you can judge yourself and make an intelligent decision. But trust us because first of all we don’t use them because of the science that shows the potentially harmful aspects of them.

So anyway you take a very nice cleanser like a firming facial cleanser and you simply clean the face with it and rinse it free and then you’re ready for the first product. It’s a simple 3 step approach to skin care. You start from the bottom up and we start with a product for wrinkles. We have 2 products for wrinkles. Now most companies that have products for wrinkles simply seal the skin. They’ll use something like hyaluronic acid and they say ‘’well this is the moisturising molecule of the skin’’, but geez it’s a huge molecule it’s not like it is within the skin and they get it from either, they have a product that they get from birds or grind up rooster which is high in hyaluronic acid and make it into cream and put it on the face because it’s mostly hyaluronic acid. But it simply is like putting a large piece of plastic wrap on your face and it keeps the moisture in but that moisture’s trying to get out because it’s carrying toxins that also could keep in carbon dioxide because the cells are respiring and so you’re keeping in carbon dioxide and the toxins and the toxin-laden moisture and you also could be keeping oxygen from coming in. so that’s one of the problems that you have with hyaluronic acid, also with products that are based upon collagen or even because they can have filming properties, they can inhibit the biology of the skin. What you want to do is keep the skin working and keep it as healthy as possible and that’s the mission of what we do.

So we have 2 products, and we have an ultra intensive wrinkle product and we have an intensive wrinkle lotion. Both of these lotions are very very powerful, the ultra intensive wrinkle lotion is the most powerful but also costs more money so we have an alternative for a woman who has some very serious skin conditions and we suggest they start off with ultra intensive and it’s loaded with some really powerful ingredients. We call them peptides, polypeptides, and other ingredients that you never really heard the name of; thyrodoxin, erbothyronines, those are ingredients that you need to look up and all we can tell you is they will penetrate deeply into the skin and they do go down and in and they have an enormous power once they’re within the skin in the concentration that’s necessary. That brings me to the next point. I’ve seen a company or two use one or two of these ingredients but they use so little of it that you really can’t have an effect. It’s almost like waving a chicken over a pot of boiling water and saying ‘’oh I made chicken soup!’’. It really doesn’t work that way, you have to have enough parts per million, enough active per cent, an activity level of the ingredient to really get it into the skin and make it work.

So this vast array of the super powerful ingredients that have been shown to have a profound effect on wrinkle aged skin are intensively concentrated in our ultra intensive wrinkle lotion, and they penetrate down and what they do is what we have to legally say they do, they can greatly improve the appearance of wrinkled skin, they just seem to disappear. They look so much better, the skin looks younger, fresher, and the whole overall appearance of the skin is greatly enhanced. Does it do it from the first day? Of course not. If it was a quick fix it would probably have a long term negative effect on it. So use this product and then just watch as your skin improves and gets better and better and better. Now if your skin isn’t so aged or so wrinkled you can use our intensive wrinkle lotion rather than the ultra intensive. It has a lot of these powerful ingredients but not in the same huge concentrations and diversity as the ultra intensive does. So you choose one of the two. And so you start with wrinkle products, rub them in until they’re absorbed.

Now the next product that you’ll want to use is, we have a product called SkinDu. SkinDu is made of some very interesting ingredients that contain moisturising complexes that are extracted from nature that will go into the skin and really soften and moisture the skin and provide a large amount of moisture right into the skin. This is very different than the moisturisers that are on the market place because they’re using things that are filmers, and light mineral oil, that’s a common one that’s used which has got a lot of potentially harmful effects with it, and suffocates the skin, and this doesn’t. This has got a lot of extracts, even one of them from coconut water which is, they actually used to use it in place of, in the war when they were running out of blood and they had plasma transplants, it was so compatible with the body that they actually made infusions that they used to say people that were badly hurt in wartime.

But in skincare we put it together in just the most elegant mess, and you put your wrinkle product on first and then you spray this on because the wrinkle product has got a lot of oil soluble components in it and this is mostly water soluble components, it will push it down deeper and set it in, and then replenish your skin with all of the moisture. Because a lot of the moisture-holding components of the skin get damaged over a period of time with the environment and so now we’re replenishing the moisture, we’re putting this broad array of intensely powerful products for wrinkles and aged skin down deeply into it and setting it.

So now that we’re done with those two products there’s only one left to use. And that’s a product we have called Actify 6000. Actify 6000 is a product that you rub on elast and it goes down in to the skin in a moderate depth and it has a component that actually latches on to the skin and the test on the ingredient of this component of Actify 6000 shows that it can hold up to 6000 times its weight in moisture within the skin itself. So it attaches to the different structures of the skin, many of them which may have damaged because of environmental impact that we have over our lifetime, actually now have this molecule attached to it, it’s a lot of moisture. It doesn’t seal moisture in, it holds moisture in so the skin is more moist and natural. And you’re literally done with just those three products. You use the wrinkle product, use the SkinDu, and then you use the Actify 6000. And that’s a complete skincare other than certainly cleansing it.

Now the Actify 6000 is quite an amazing complex because it has a lot of ingredients in it. Not just to moisturise the skin, but to replenish many of the components that are in it. And it also uses an amazing new compound called resveratrol and it actually intercepts the oxidising that is done by UV light and other oxidisers that are in our environment and neutralises them and there’s nothing that I’ve seen and I think scientists have seen that is any more effective on these types of oxidiser, particularly from light, than it is in the Actify 6000. So then it has all kinds of support ingredients to go through the skin, to support the skin, as it’s functioning better to support the oxygenation, the microcirculation, all of those things going on with the skin need a flexible lotion on the skin to moisturise it, to keep it smooth and soft, and functioning in the way it should be and there is a powerful array of very exotic newly discovered ingredients that we use in Actify 6000 to be the final product that you put on your skin.

So the nice thing about it is they go on easily, quickly, you don’t spend much time, and then you can decorate your face with whatever colour cosmetics that you want. If you’re a man, of course you’re not going to decorate your face but you can still have really great skin with this, and over a period of time we think that perhaps if you had badly aged skin and you used it you could see a significant difference, beginning within about 3 months and at 6 months your skin could look maybe 5 or 6 years even younger because there’s such an improvement with it. Try it and see, we suggest maybe just take a photograph and take it of your face without makeup on and put it on the mirror and then turn it over every 2 or 3 months and see if your face doesn’t look a lot younger from using the skin care line. We think it will, because we believe skincare products are making you older, not younger.

Now that’s the skincare system, except that our skin does most of its repair while you sleep so at night you’ll come home, a woman will come home and she’ll want to take off her colour cosmetics and we have a makeup remover that’s very good for doing that, but instead of having these harsh solvents that attack the skin to get the colour cosmetics off, it just solubilises it and rinses off very nicely. And so while you’re sleeping, we have one final product we’d recommend and we call it rapid repair. And it is loaded with the most powerful ingredients that you have never seen, that I’ve never seen in other companies products to go in and penetrate deeply down into the skin. If you rub it in, you won’t have this cakey lotiony gummed up face that you do with other night repair creams because you know what they’re doing is basically just filming the skin or coating it up with things to hold moisture in it and this is not the way this product is formulated. Our wrap and repair product penetrates very deeply, it has a blend of wide variety, of very exotic powerful ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin and to replenish a lot of the components that may have been lost through the day and to support the skins most powerful biological systems that are activated at night to repair the damage that has occurred through the day. Now it’s not, course it’s not legal for us to say that our product is going in and repairing the damage that’s done, those are claims. But we can certainly support the body and the body has got a tremendous mechanism for repairing skin at night while you sleep and this formulation is powerfully fortified as no formula in the world is, with these extremely effective ingredients to support the skin as it regenerates as you sleep. And I will tell you this; if you use this product you’ll wake up in the morning, your skin will feel nice and it’ll start looking better and better, and you start with the process of applying the other skin care products, right from the morning. You don’t even necessarily have to cleanse your face or cleanse it lightly, just a little wash with a little bit of water and start applying your other skincare, leave it in because the ingredients are so effective and so powerful and the other ingredients on top of it will be even more effective in making your skin look a lot younger and more youthful.

So in a nutshell, that’s the products. It’s a very simple system. You simply have three products for the day, one at night, a facial cleanser, a makeup remover, and that’s the complete skin care. Now we do have a product for hands, because hands, and arms, and legs, and things like that, you’re looking for treatment that’s moisturising without filming, without suffocating the skin that replenishes and we do have a hand and body lotion and it is the most elegant you’ve ever seen. It’s not like these gummy, cakey, oily ones that are on the marketplace, this actually penetrates into the skin and revitalises and refurbishes the ingredients that you have within the skin that need this type of health and so the skin just stays nice and flexible and supple all day long with our hand and body lotion. But as far as intensive skin care, there’s four products. There’s a wrinkle product, pick one of two for whatever you need, there’s the SkinDu to moisturise, The activfy to replentish and to protect, and then at night use the wrap and repair for supplementing your body’s repair mechanisms as they were. So it’s not a complex system but the ingredients are like you have never seen before. You won’t find those in other companies’ products, they’re extremely expensive. But Sisel does manufacture the products that we make, and that’s unusual. Most companies just have their label on a formula that another company has made. By doing that we’re a massive, we’re one of the largest manufacturing companies for personal care products in the world and we have this massive plant that’s debt free. And because of that we have a lot of extra money that doesn’t go out to shareholders. We’re a privately held company, my son and I, we hold the company ourselves, and we’re dedicated into really putting out products that are extremely powerful so we don’t have to pay out money back to loans, to banks, or payments to make or shareholders or anything like that. So we can put a massive amount of money into buying these extremely expensive highly effective, exotic ingredients that companies, if they did use them would only use a small amount. But we use the maximum amount to get the maximum benefits to make a skincare line for you that number one is very simple to use. Number two extremely effective, and number three because of this system we have, are very reasonably priced, so you have it all in one. So that’s the Sisel skincare line. You can see now if you’ve listened to it, why would you want to use other products? My advice again; avoid cosmetics, save your money, save your face. If you really want to do something about it, there’s a very intelligent approach to skincare and I believe only Sisel has that.

So thank you for listening, try our skincare products, give it a six month try and see if you don’t look a lot younger than when you started. I believe you will. Thank you.

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