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Transcript from Interview with Danny Walker and Tom Mower Sr

I mentioned earlier that I had a chance to come down and meet Tom Senior back in November of, could that have been ’08?
It seems like forever.

Oh it does seem like forever, holy smokes. I was about 27 then, and, no but it was really a very very incredible experience for me. One of the reasons that it was incredible to me was that I did have a strong passion for nutrition, I had a strong passion for business, and I had a strong passion for people with integrity, and I met that with Tom Senior. And as we sat and talked, and literally it was four and a half hours, I found a sense of humour that was unlike many. It was fun to hang out with him and talk with him, very real, very down to earth but not only that, we talked about things that were near and dear to my heart, and we talked about different areas that he could help. As many of you may not know, this weekend he’s down in California getting a humanitarian award from Whole Child, for his philanthropic efforts. And what an opportunity for us to have a person like this, [clapping] exactly. There are many that are down in that area that will have an opportunity to go to that event and you’ll have a chance to see Tom receive his award. And as well he meets with the Dalai Lama, Saturday? Or Sunday morning?

Yeah so he has an opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama and talk about the world that we live in and health and wellness and his mission, but it shows you the type of person that Tom is and the integrity behind the man and his desire to continue to help and do everything he can. And when you listen to him today, the thing that I want you to know is that there was a point in time where I used to try and figure out how I could really emulate Tom by speaking the way that Tom speaks and I started sounding very uneducated because I couldn’t actually speak that way. Seriously.

So the problem is, is that we also have to be ourselves, but what I want you to think about while you’re listening to Tom Senior today, is that here’s a person that has spent the last 25 years absolutely on a mission to change the world that we live in, we get information out now, the FDA where they just came out and started talking about BPA, Bisphenol A, and Tom Junior talked a little about that, but where we’re starting the see that the FDA has changed their mind, you know what, it might be a problem and there may be some issues with it, Tom’s been preaching that for 25+ years. And we’re starting to see some of these things come about, and realisations in the environment and the society that we’ve created, well here he is and he’s been working on this for 25 years and the story goes that when he looked at that bottle of shampoo and he looked at it and he said ‘’you know I’m not going to have this kind of ingredient in my household while my kids are washing their hair with it and they’re brushing their teeth with poison‘’ and on and on, and Tom Junior said you know the joke was, for a long time Tom Senior went through and threw out every single shampoo and soap and toothpaste and everything else and all the kids said ‘’but dad what are we going to wash with?’’ and he said ‘’I’m going to make something better!’’ and he did. And so for 25 years he’s put pure ingredients in to our products and he’s made them better than what we can find on the store shelves and they’re more efficacious and they have more integrity in them than what you’ll ever find. So I’m going to turn the time over to Tom Mower Senior.

Thank you. Thanks, and thank you. Some of you haven’t had a chance to say hello, and so hello, hope we can chat a little bit later on if you’d like, if you’re around. I hear some of you have got to rush off. And so I’ll try and talk quick, and I’ve learned how to do that in spite of being married, where you usually listen and absorb rather than comeback. But I really like life, don’t you? I mean isn’t is great to be alive? And it’s wonderful, I just talked to these folks that had the subway sandwich and said they just retired and were just bored stiff and you know I don’t blame them. Retire? What is that? And what is the value of what you do with your life? That’s the important thing isn’t it? You have all of this accumulated ability and then you retire. And I remember when Michael Jordan retired. Do you remember that? He went to play baseball and ended up sitting on a bus for pre-league baseball and when he came back it was too late wasn’t it? The bloom was off the rose and he wasn’t quite the superstar that he was before and never could regain it and it was paradise lost. Well in the business I’ve been in and many years ago I was involved in the industrial chemical business and you don’t think things don’t come full circle and Kerry who’s sitting up here front row was a professional sales rep for me up in the Idaho area. We eventually fired him for a number of reasons but….

He’s like ‘’poor guys’’, he’s back, but you know Kerry really, he did a good job and very ethical decent person and I enjoyed working with him and we had kind of a mission then didn’t we? That we made the most spectacular commercial industrial products than anyone in the whole world. And there was no products like this for industrial chemicals because after all when you went in to make a demo in industrial chemical products.

Porcelain Bright, that was the best product.
It was, he still remembers it from years ago, Porcelain Bright, it was to live and die for if you were cleaning bathrooms, there was nothing like it in the world. I remember once I went in to an accountant, a commercial accountant, they didn’t know who I was, I was in there and one guy was saying Porcelain Bright is the greatest creation that God has ever made which is really interesting because I was the one that made it but I said I won’t take all of that credit, but it was a great product. But the important thing is when you had a, if you are in industrial commercial sales you needed to have a product that demonstrated well and if you’re going up against a competitive product it had better outperform it. And that was how I designed the formulas that we use, right? Laundry soap, brightest laundry, cleanest. The most powerful degreaser, all of that. And so in the process of doing all this over the years I was always researching trying to find out how we could make the very most powerful effective products in the world so that when my representatives out there like Kerry made a demonstration, the customer would say ‘’wow you know that is really great’’, this is the product they want because the results were based upon evidence you could see. Over the process I found a product quite coincidentally that would regrow hair. I wasn’t looking for a product to regrow hair, or anything in personal care, but it would regrow hair. It just was in a scientific journal that I would subscribe to and I read it and I thought you know what I’m selling to a lot of supermarkets and things like that. Those of you from Idaho, I had all the Albertsons stores, and all the Smiths Food King stores I was selling them all of their waxes, strippers, degreasers, all of that type of thing and those kind of products and I thought you know here’s a product to regrow hair and there’s a lot of people, guys that are bald and who’d like to get their hair back and this was scientifically proven from the University of Helsinki in Finland, and it came, they weren’t testing a hair grower, they were testing a product to try and arrest skin cancer and when they rubbed on men’s scalps, nothing happened to the cancer but they would start growing hair, because it was breaking down the hormone that causes male pattern baldness. So it was just decomposing it within the scalp and so as that hormone was removed, the hairs a little factory, and started shooting up hair, and so they did a three and a half study because they thought it was a side effect from the ingredient, the cancer fighting ingredient that they’re trying to test, and they found out in fact it wasn’t, it was from an oil and water emulsifier, the same one that’s used in salad dressing and it was emulsifying the hormone that caused male pattern baldness. If you can image Ranch Style will regrow hair, you are right, it will. Or blue cheese if you prefer that, that will work too because it’s got the same emulsifier in it. Very simple, a food grade product used in salad dressing was regrowing hair. Quite amazing.

And so I thought well I’ll put that product in the stores, and I’ve got all these chains and they can sell it for me, and we can regrow hair and I guess I was in for a big surprise, because I found out, well stores because they would listen to me as a big supplier to them, they couldn’t sell it off the shelf because I couldn’t say it regrew hair. Why couldn’t I? Because it hadn’t gone through the Food and Drug Administration which is a organisation, very difficult to work with, and if you want to say a product regrows hair, it’s going to cost you 2 or 3 hundred million dollars and about 15 or 20 years of testing to be able to say it. And yet the ingredient is so safe, you can eat it, you can use it in salad dressing, but the difference between saying it grows hair, and saying it makes hair look thick and full will cost you a couple of hundred million dollars. Well and then you wait 15 to 20 years to bring it to market while they do all the tests but you can sell it because of what you say or don’t say.
So I thought that was really quite amazing and that’s what led me into network marketing because just like the industrial chemical products that I was producing, I wanted to make sure they worked, so I was giving some of the product to men in the area that were using it and they were growing hair and getting quite excited over it and then I didn’t know how to market it. And I thought well maybe I’ll try it in the salons or something like that but out of the blue these horrible creatures who we call multi-level marketers started coming to my house and pounding on the door and saying ‘’I’ve talked to our company and they want to buy your product’’, and I thought ‘’I don’t want anything to do with network marketing.’’ And I heard all of the stories about it, you know? I’m only in legitimate business; I don’t want to get involved and caught up in this kind of thing. I had no idea what it was, I was ambushed by Amway once when I was younger and got away and thought ‘’oh am I lucky?’’, I wish that they had got me know because what could I have done at that time because it was when Amway was growing, that great company. How would you like to have been walking around with a Herbal Life badge when it was red hot and it says ‘’lose weight now, ask me how’’, you would have become a multi-millionaire many many times over if you’re there right place, right time because those were great products for their time, but their time is done. But as I found out with network marketing, it takes an exciting product to really drive a company to make it grow. And if you have everything together it’s magic and it’s absolutely the epitome of the capitalistic system it’s so free. This is free enterprise at its best. And the thing I love about it is I got into this because I finally just couldn’t resist. They started throwing such huge volumes at me and I was a chemical manufacturer. I said ‘’okay I’ll make it for you. But this is the volume you have to buy and you have to pay for them upfront because I don’t trust you.’’ See? I had all those misconceptions and in some cases they weren’t when it comes to paying. but none the less, I started out and then started to sell these products to them and I found out, boy there’s lots of really good people that are in network marketing looking to make a future for themselves, realising that in corporate America you just don’t have much of a future, even back then. When you trade your time for dollars you’ve really sold your opportunity to really become really successful, to get wealth or even perhaps financial freedom. Now I’m not going to talk so much about business opportunity but I was a business man and I knew how to run business so I thought I’ve never been into network marketing so after private labelling for quite a few years I decided to start my own company. And I thought I don’t know how to do multi-level marketing and the fact is I’d never heard the term ‘upline’ or ‘downline’, never had. And so some people were talking to me about it and I said is there such a thing as a sideline? And they all laughed too, you know. I didn’t know. But no there wasn’t a sideline. So anyways I found this term and thought I can build a successful multi-level marketing company because now I had been reaching. I found out that you could regrow hair on bald heads you just had to say it made hair look thicker, where it was thin it suddenly became very thick, it went very youthful, seemed to fill in, you know? And cosmetic-type statements. But then as Tom Junior explained to you, I looked at my hair shampoo and I found out garage floor cleaner, engine degreaser, carwash soap, hydraulic fluid, that was the components that was in my hair shampoo that I was using and like all of you and almost everybody else in America I never read the label on the product that I was selling. What I found out was when I read the label I knew what the chemistry was because I used it but I had false hope that the companies that were making these products, I thought they would be making something that would be effective and safe and in reality there seemed to be a total disregard for that, and what they wanted was a product that foamed a lot, smelled good, and had good packaging and advertising and the tramp ingredients that were along with it, the very toxic potentially harmful cancer-causing ingredients didn’t seem to matter. They mattered to me, because I was using it. I also knew they didn’t have to use those ingredients to make products and so I asked the supplier, so what’s the difference between this, that I’m using for garage floor cleaner and this that’s in car wash soap and they said that ‘’it’s the same stuff, we send a drum to you or a drum to them, it comes out of the same vat’’, I said ‘’how can you use it, it corrodes the skin, it’s loaded with potential cancer-causing agents, oestrogen mimics, how can you legally sell it?’’ and they said in personal care products, the FDA really doesn’t regulate it. In fact they don’t test the ingredients and in 1967 and then again in 1982 there were so many products on the market place, they just said ‘’we can’t test them, so everything used up to this point is approved’’. Approved, with all of the potentially harmful ingredients that were in them, I could not believe it. So everybody was happy, except me, I wasn’t happy. But they use these products because they’re cheap, they’re inexpensive, and they tell you stories. They say ‘’oh there’s nothing wrong because this product’s made out of coconut oil or coconuts’’, so you might here that sometime, they’ll say it. ‘’Well out products are safe, they’re made out of coconuts’’. Well let me tell you how they make it out of coconut soap; they take lye that you can dissolve a body in, you know a dead body? They used to but bodies in pits and dump them with lye and just eat them up. They react the coconut soap with lye and then after that’s reacted they take sulphuric acid, that’s battery acid, which also can dissolve human bodies and they react it with sulphuric acid. And they have a product they call sodium laurel sulphate. And so they bring it into a product and they adjust the pH so it’s fairly close but it eats the heck out of your skin and out of your hair. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a hair shaft and we’ll be putting some out, that people have used sodium laurel sulphate, it just has like big chunks eaten out of it if you’re using it, and there’s all kinds of ingredients in the process of making it that get formed coincidentally and you don’t have to put them on the label but they’re very harmful. And so they’re there whether they say it on the label or not and then they put it in a bottle made out of petroleum products that have got all kinds of ingredients that will have been put there but they leech from the bottle into the product because remember this is a shampoo that dissolves oils and greases, or cosmetics and it just sucks them right out into the product. So now the bottle which is loaded with toxins, will migrate into the product. You put it on your skin and you think it stays on your skin, partly it goes right in, and it really affects your biology. Those oestrogen mimics just, I’m getting off on harmful ingredients but they will just drive oestrogen receptors crazy and they found out with some of the ingredients they’re using breast cancer, like parabens, 94% of all the breast cancer cells, they’ve also got parabens in them, and 100% of them have got dioxin in it. Where do you get those? Out of your shampoo, out of your skincare products, that’s how they’re getting in there. Not outrageous, but you don’t have to use them. And so we don’t so we start developing products that were toxin free and we said the best thing about our products is what’s not in them, and I was pretty proud of that, and I still am. The best thing is not what’s in them.

Now we are not extremists, but we are rationalists I believe and I think products should not have anything that’s potentially harmful and I think companies have a moral responsibility; it’s a matter of integrity not to use those. They know better, but they will deny it because the products they’re using, the ingredients are cheap and ineffective, the ones in shampoo, you put salt in them, plain old table salt. They put a little in it and it’s like water and they put table salt in and it goes thick. So you think it’s thick and rich, and it’s not it’s cheap and it’s delude, and it’s corrosive to your skin and to your hair and loaded with potentially harmful toxic ingredients that enter right into your body, and you don’t know it. But science does, but it’s not blasted all over the newspaper, once in while you see something. But I saw something once on a back page of the Wall Street Journal, it said ‘’Good news for kids that hate baths’’ and they were talking about hair shampoo and the ingredients in it, denatures proteins in the eyes and in animal studies it had shown it’d gone in, broken the eyes down and they said young eyes that are developing, don’t develop normally because they’re using these shampoos. And the study was commissioned by the Institute to Prevent Blindness and they contacted the university, Georgia medical school and had them run the studies, and they found sure enough, it affects the eyes. They thought it should because they knew the ingredients, this is the ones used in garage floor cleaner, should break down protein, that’s how it cleans grease and they thought the eyes are so delicate it would do it. And they said ‘’yeah it should do it’’ and also in adults it should cause cataracts. Isn’t that something? And what is that in? And not from getting it in the eyes, it’s from getting it in the skin because it goes through the system.

So what ingredients do they use that in? Bubble bath, toothpaste, bath and shower gel, facial cleanser and hair shampoo, and your dish washing detergent. While you’re washing your dishes it’s getting in and going into your eyes. But it’s not just going into your eyes, it’s going into your brain, it’s going into many of your major organs, and you know what? We’re paying the price because of the irresponsibility in my opinion of the industry. Now I’ve been sued over it before because companies have been awfully unhappy because of the statements that I have been making. But I was ahead of my time. But you know what? Right is right. And it was right at that time, and it’s right today and I’ll stand up for those convictions. And I had one company sue me and they said, huge national company and so they sued us and followed a law suit and they’re going to stop me from saying it and I think Bret Jenkins who’s sitting back there and if you know him you’ll know he never used my product that could regrow hair, but none the less he was an attorney from my previous company. He’s the one with the bright light shining off his head and it has nothing to do with an angelic experience, he’s a lawyer.

But anyway they sued me and so we had a deposition. As I went to this deposition, the other lawyers were there and if you ever had your deposition taken, they ask you all these questions that they’re trying to trip you and he says ‘’admit that propylene glycol is not industrial antifreeze’’ and we were sitting there in the office and I said ‘’do you have a dictionary?’’ He said ‘’yeah I’ve got a dictionary’’ I flipped it open, Webster’s dictionary, ‘propylene glycol’ and I took it, went over to a copier, photocopied the page on a, turned it over to him and I said okay here it is; propylene glycol, it gives the chemical combination, used as industrial antifreeze, brake fluid, and in paints and varnishes and in cosmetics. And I said ‘’here’s exhibit A.’’ and I handed it to him. They were so flabbergasted; they don’t even read the dictionary! It’s in the dictionary. And they said, ‘’well what we’ll do is if you will not make these kind of claims anymore, and pay for our attorney fees, we’ll just stop the lawsuit and drop the case.’’ And I said ‘’what you can drop is dead’’ well I convictions, isn’t it? So I said ‘’what you can drop is dead because I will not, it is the truth. Let me tell you this if you want to drop it and put your tail between your legs and run’’ But I knew what I was talking about, I said ‘’I’ll drop the lawsuit and I won’t go any further because I don’t need the time wasted in it, but I’m going to continue campaigning. But if you don’t I’m going to go to court and I’m going to win and when it’s done I’ll be like Clint Eastwood, you’ll have made my day. And then I’ll turn over to Sylvester Stallone and I will become your worst nightmare because you will see me on television. You’ll see me in newspapers, in magazine articles, because I will have proven in court that your company is using harmful ingredients; brake fluid, industrial cleaner, and it gets worse and worse and worse as you know because I can prove it, because science has proved it and I’m not going to back down.’’ And they said ‘’well we’ll have to take this under advisement and we’ll get back with you.’’ It took them about 30 seconds to make that assessment and they dropped the case and went their way, you see?

But here we’re off on harmful ingredients but isn’t it shameful that companies use that? But isn’t it wonderful that there is some company that doesn’t? And that’s us! Because quite frankly I was born on the farm. I had those basic feelings within me that we should do things with integrity and with honesty in that which we’re doing. See this colossal building that was built, one of the largest manufacturing plants in the United States? When it came time to build it and we had it designed you know how it was built with the contractor? He said ‘’well we need to get our attorneys together and write up a contract.’’ I said ‘’well we’ve got the deal figured out don’t we?’’ And he said ‘’yeah’’ and I said ‘’let’s shake on it’’ and we shook, and this place was built on a handshake. Can you imagine that? Built on a handshake. Yeah, because those values are still important values. They’re important to me and I wanted to make a statement and in this day and age, a person’s word is still good. That we can stand up for something and that’s what this company is about. So now we’re going to talk about ingredients that do work. There is lots of them that don’t, lots of them that are toxic, and quite frankly, we don’t use the toxic ones, we use a few that don’t work. You know why? Because they’re part of the formula to make it dissolve or mix, or do something like that, or to flow. But now we get down to the important point of what can it do? You want to know what it doesn’t do too because there’s some really important things. I read another article and it said ‘shame on shampoo’ and it said, I don’t know if you’ve heard this or not, but sperm count is down in men, tremendously, not in my household, but in other households that’s the case. But sperm count is down in men and it’s because of shampoo! And what it is, is they affect the development of the male foetus even in the womb, and there was just a report last week showing babies are born polluted because of the toxins that the mother is putting on her skin, taking in her body and it’s going right through the umbilical cord, through the placenta which they thought was a barrier, and contaminating the baby, and you’re born with a polluted baby. How’s that? A baby boy who will not develop normally as a man because of the shampoo you’d been using, the toothpaste that you have been using, the bubble bath and all those cleansers and washing dishes, is affecting the sexual development of your male baby.

So just in 1950 sperm count was, in 1ml of fluid, was a hundred thousand units. Now it’s five thousand. Can you image? From a hundred thousand to five thousand? Now there’s a doctor Carl Lee and he’s a famous guy, well he’s dead now but he talked about hormones and things like that and he says ‘’you know it’s possible in this century, the last male baby will be born that will be able to father a child?’’ Because of this. I mean a hundred thousand to five thousand? In sixty years? Is that not serious? What do you think it does to the female babies? The little girl babies? It overly develops their reproductive systems and it sets them on a crash course for ovarian cancer and breast cancer. Because it’s driving and building up in those fatty cells and are girls getting into puberty earlier than they were? I kinder wished they were when I was a teenager at that age, but now that I’m on the other end of it I wish they weren’t but none the less it’s really working and effecting that. Because these are chemicals! They work! And these chemicals are working on androgenic receptors that are meant to supress them on oestrogenic ones in girls to excite them and we’re getting underdevelopment and overdevelopment. That’s what we’ve got in the ingredients that are there today, and our single greatest source of contaminants in our body, if we don’t smoke. Smoking’s the single worst. If we don’t smoke it’s in your bathroom. It’s the most dangerous environment in your life, that you go in to. Every day when you get up and you walk in to the bathroom that is the most dangerous place for your health that you will enter into, unless you clean it up and make it a Sisel bathroom because we don’t have any of those in. And the fact is, the head of the cancer prevention doctor Samuel Epstein said this ‘’you get more potential cancer causing ingredients in to your body from personal care products than you do from food, water and air combined.’’ It’s the single greatest contaminant and those insidious molecules are accumulating and building up and someday, wham! You have a stroke, you have a heart attack, because of the products, you have cancer, and what does the American Cancer Society say? Well by 2050 every person born on earth will get cancer in their lifetime. What kind of future is that? How technologically advanced are we? So if you don’t smoke, and most of us don’t smoke now right? So if you don’t smoke, why? Because you know it’s not good for you and you stink and it’s not sexy and besides that, but in reality we don’t smoke because it’s unhealthy. So if we don’t do it then why do you shampoo and brush your teeth and wash your bodies with things that are full of all kinds of unhealthy ingredients? It doesn’t make sense except we don’t know it, that’s the thing. Now you sit here today, you do know it. So now you have a responsibility for your own health that you didn’t have before because you can make an intelligent conscientious decision and not use these products. Not use these ingredients, these ingredients that are free of them. And so where do you find them? Very few places, and a big complete line I know of nowhere, except Sisel, but that’s our mission okay? Perhaps my previous company, I don’t know what they’ve changed but I heard they were recently talking, well I won’t go into that, but talking of some things that I would never use, but none the less that’s the mission that we’re on, so we’re not going to have anything to damage your health but what we want to do is to improve your health. And what is it? Hair? Skin? Body? Organs? Energy? Lifespan? All of that, vitality? What are you interested in? Arthritis? Cardiovascular? Heart? All of those things are under massive attack because of the environment we live in. Dr Aubrey de Grey, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him but he’s probably the most famous geneticist in the world and now that they’ve mapped the human genome he’s become quite an authority on it. And he said ‘’longevity is determined only 10 per cent by your genes. It’s 90 per cent by lifestyle.’’ And he says ‘’I see no reason where people could not live hundreds of years if they were living the proper lifestyle.’’ Well that’s quite a statement isn’t it? But our genes have the ability to replicate and replicate and replicate but what happens is they stop because our bodies are damaged beyond repair and something goes awry. So if you think about it from that standpoint, and I agree with Dr Aubrey de Grey, that that is the truth. If it’s 90 per cent lifestyle, then what kind of a lifestyle? Do you know that people that live in cities have higher rates of heart attack because of gasoline fumes, right? From car fumes and diesel and things like that. And babies that are born to women that are pregnant that live in cities, almost all will have a heart attack at an early age because of all these fumes that get in to their system from the mother breathing this air when she’s pregnant. Horrible stuff isn’t it? And you don’t hear about it, and you don’t hear about it on the news because, you know if you do it’s a little thing. They want something more scandalous or something else you know that people can really get into. But the science is all there. And we’re going to be putting the science page where we’ve got all these kinds of things so people won’t think if you’re talking to them about it that you’re a kook, you know, you’re real. So we’re going to make products that, and we are, we are making products that are free of that, so that you can put your trust in not in us but in our products. So let’s flip from there.

How many of you have a wrinkle and like to get rid of it? If you have cellulite would you like to get rid of it? Okay if you have cellulite would you like to get rid of it? If you’ve got a big energy gut would you like to get rid of it? Of course you would. How would you like to live an extra 30 or 40 years longer and be in incredible health and have tremendous amounts of energy and vitality? Would you like that or would you sooner die 20 or 30 years later and spend the last 10 years in a nursing home and lose all of everything you’ve accumulated all your life as it transfers from your estate to the medical establishment. See? Aren’t those the kind of things we face? We do because we don’t have the knowledge and we don’t have the alternative choices to make, number one because mostly they’re not there and number two we don’t know. And so that’s the mission of the company, that’s why I’m standing here today. When I sold my previous company for a lot of money they said to me ‘’now you can retire and go do whatever you want to do’’ and I said ‘’I’m going to do a Michael Jordan, I’m doing what I want to do.’’ I like this business, I love helping people. I like finding these great scientific discoveries and bringing them to pass in products that fulfil the needs that people have and want, and I can give it to them in powerful formulations. And not just single ingredients but a whole cocktail that is designed to attack the very situation that we’re going after. That’s how the company started. And with the total knowledge of the world, increasing the doubles in biochemistry every 5 years. So I started researching this in 1985, so how much do you think it has increased since then? There’s about 30 times more knowledge on the earth today than there was when I started in this. Great discoveries, things that they’d never even dreamed were going to happen, are happening.

I saw a photo, I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not but there was a mouse that they took a stem cell from a guy who had his ear burned off and they put it, they grew it and they implanted it in the back of a hairless mouse and a human ear grew on that mouse and it was running around, you’ve seen it, huh? And with that, when it was a fully grown ear they cut if off and put it on that man’s head and it stayed and it wasn’t rejected because it was his ear! See, isn’t that something? Now they’re taking the sack out of the heart out of a pig and they’re taking stem cells from a human heart and putting it in and they are regrowing a total human heart. Isn’t that something? Those things are happening, and probably within this century they’re going to go to the point of where they’re going to be able to take off a human hand and replace it. See? Big stuff.
Okay, well we’re not going to do all that, if you’ve lost your hand don’t come to me, I can’t give you a cream to get it back on. But here’s the science of what we’re doing. How would you like to have the biology that you had when you were a teenager? Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s here. It’s as close as eternity right here. The genes that grew you get shut off. And just like if you had a bunch of lights in your house that got flipped off and you’re sitting there kind of in the dark, or in a dusky atmosphere, if somebody went and, or if you went and flipped those light switches back on it would be light again and you would have all of that radiance in your house that you put the lighting system in for. It’s the same with your body. There’s a series of genes, and they don’t know how many for sure, 14, 17, somewhere around there, that are the genes of puberty, of adolescence and they take you from a baby to an adult, and then they get switched off. This is what scientists are more than theorising, they’re doing. And they found out about it, sort of coincidentally and this it should be, may be the driving product that you’re selling. Because scientists were investigating a number of years what they called the ‘French Paradox’, and they found that people in France had less heart attacks and cardiovascular disease proportionately less, significantly less than the rest of the worldwide population and they thought, they should have more because they eat so many fatty foods, and they found out the reason was because they drank a lot of red wine. And in just a couple of glasses of red wine there was enough of a key component, resveratrol and 3 others that actually would strengthen and prevent cardiovascular disease or greatly reduce it. Well anytime they find that kind of thing in nature, they want to find out, well can we make a drug out of it? Because you know if it’s just extracted from red wine, anybody can do that. There’s a law that says these ingredients are god given so as a consequence they started to concentrate it and study it and look on it. And now if you go into and you put in ‘resveratrol’ you get about 3000 clinical studies that are done and if you put in ‘corseetan’ which is another synergistic ingredient with it you get about 8000 studies that are out. And if you put out ‘ incatigans’ you get thousands more, and put in ‘polyphenols’ you get thousands more. What are all those ingredients? Well you don’t need to know all those but they’re all in that product right there and they’re all the ones that were in red wine because what they found out is you concentrated them they started very safely and they put them in yeast. They started feeding yeast red wine, well not red wine but the extract from it. And guess what the yeast became? Immortal. They didn’t die. They just lived and lived and lived and lived. They didn’t have a life cycle they just kept on living because they were giving this to them. So they took it to a mouse, as they took it to mice they found out these mice were living 30 or 40 per cent longer, and the fat ones became skinny. And when they did die, they dissected them and they looked at them and all of their organs were like when they were young. They hadn’t aged. And so they’ve taken them to other animals and they’ve given it to animals that are the same age and as they get to the point of where they start to die the mammals that are on it, they look young and they’re full of energy. And the animals that are the same age, they look old and they’re lethargic and they put them on treadmills and they have twice as much stamina and endurance as the ones that don’t, that are in the same cage with the same food and the same water, same light, same everything except they get these compounds and it just gives them youthfulness, vitality, energy, health, and it takes the aging process and it just slows it down. But does it? Actually what it does is, I believe and scientists believe, it is regenerating youth! It is taking them back in time, regenerating the youthful biology that they once had and with that, that activation is doing tremendous things. Now if you’ve been on Eternity and you’re here today you know you feel energy, it is self-evident. So as they went into their clinical studies they found out, they did the studies and they said, they came to a conclusion on one of the studies and they said there is a measurable increase in brain regeneration of 100% in 7 days. 100% regeneration in the brain in 7 days. What does that mean that your whole brains regenerated? The activity level’s been increased by 100% in 7 days from taking it. And in the rest of the organs in the body, because it’s a little tougher to get through the blood-brain barrier, it’s increased by 200%. So you take Eternity for 7 days, you’ve got 100% increase in brain regeneration and 200% going on in the rest of your body. Does that tell you you’re going to be healthier? Of course it does. And this isn’t us saying it, these are Harvard researchers that are saying it, from the Harvard medical school and from other researchers around the world this is impartial third party.

And so when they were done with all of the science one of the pharmaceutical labs came along and paid them almost 3 quarters of a billion dollars for just the technology that they had developed so that they could go out and make a prescription drug. Now that’s a lot of money to pay for just the research isn’t it, on it? The industry was flabbergasted. But if you had an option of going to a doctor every month, paying for his doctor visit and getting a prescription that cost you 2 or 3 hundred dollars, but you could live 30 or 40 years longer in tremendous health and vitality and the aging process just seemed to come to a stop, would you do it? You bet you would if you had the money, I mean some people couldn’t afford to do it but if you had the money, I’d pay that, I’d do it. But the answer exists right now in nature. The potential for that was found in their studies on the natural ingredients. Now we’ve taken that science and we’ve put it together. It’s expensive? You bet it is, it’s darn expensive. But because we have massive buying power and because we manufacture the products that we sell, we’re all in one you see? So all those different profit centres and everything are now just within one company because we make the products we sell. So now for the price of a can of soda pop every day you can take a sip of Eternity and have that tremendous revitalisation within your body every single day. And you can feel it, give me a week or two or depending on your condition maybe 3 and it’s self-evident. You feel it in your brain, you feel it in your body, you feel it in your vitality but it’s not like a caffeine buzz, you just feel great don’t you? You just feel good! It feels good to feel good and this is the product that does it. And it’s not one of these quozzi ingredients like mangosteen that’s being sold as an antioxidant or noneen that’s being sold as a fuddy duddy or whatever they want to call it. You know what? Those ingredients don’t work! They’re just psychic and somebody got side psyched on blowing this cone shell down in Tahiti and everyone was feeling so tremendous from it and then somebody over in Thailand was eating this fruit and they were ‘’oh this is so delicious, I can do so much!’’. You know what it can do? Almost nothing. Why don’t we make a noneen product? Why don’t we make a mangosteen product? Because they’re slightly better than worthless. There’s not much value in those things, if they really worked we’d make them. We manufacture! Why would we want to take your money for something that doesn’t do anything or does very little. If you want to go buy mangosteen, go down to the store and buy ocean spray. You know blueberry and cranberry are much more powerful than mangosteen is. They work! Mangosteen maybe does, a little in a study. If you get on pubmed you’ll find a few studies. You know why you don’t find a lot of studies? Because scientists won’t waste their money on researching it because they know the molecule doesn’t have the potential to do anything. There’s not a value there in science. So why do you go to resveratrol and 2000 studies out there, corseetan 8000 studies, fucoidan almost 1000 studies. They’ll spend the money because there’s power in those ingredients. But just like anything else you’ve got to use enough of it and you need to get it in the best forms so the body can take it and use it and get the results, that’s another trick.

We made a night repair product and one of the big major cosmetic products for skincare was using the same ingredient we were, they found out about it when we did. And they went in and negotiated and they had an exclusive right for all the retail sales and you can see it in their store. I won’t tell you the name of the company because I don’t talk about companies but it’s in their night repair product which is selling for almost 150 dollars for a bottle of it. And I said to them when I found out they said ‘’oh we’ve got an exclusive contract to the company’’, I said ‘’do you have it for direct sales?’’ They hadn’t even thought about that. And they said ‘’well we’ll check’’ you know retail sales are one thing and direct’s another. They checked and they said ‘’yeah we can sell it to you’’ and I said ‘’I’ll take it’’ because what it would do is undo the damage that was caused through the day from ultraviolet light that ages skin, which is the major factor that ages skin.

And so I took it and got it and then the vendor came along to me that was selling it to both us and this major multi-billion dollar skincare company and he said ‘’you know what? You’re using a lot more of it than they are.’’ I said ‘’how can that be, they’re so massive? It’s a major product they’re using’’ and they said ‘’it’s real easy. It takes 20000 parts per million to work and it starts working at 20000 parts per million of a product’’, if you have a million parts of a product, 20000 of them need to be your little thing ‘’and it works increasingly better up to 50000 parts’’, he says ‘’you use 50000 parts, right at the maximum level. This company uses 4 parts per million.’’ Four. Can you imagine that? Our product sold for about 50 dollars, theirs sold for 150 dollars. We had 50000 parts, they had 4 parts. So you’ve got to have an ingredient that has got power and you’ve got to use it in the quantity that works. And sometimes you’ll take an ingredient and then you can even use it in a form that doesn’t work and it’s not what you ingest that matters, it’s what you absorb into your body that really counts. So we look at all of that when we make a product. These products are very comprehensive all the way through. So you want to activate your youthful biology again? It’s as simple as just taking a sip every single day.

Now there’s about 4 different factors that have to do with longevity and as Dr de Grey said ‘’it’s a lot easier’’, and I’m just quoting him from a statement I read, he says ‘’It’s a lot easier to regenerate youth than it is to slow the aging process’’ and that was quite a statement, I listened to that. It’s easier to regenerate youth than it is to slow the aging process and I hadn’t really thought of it so much in terms that, other than when we were developing Eternity I said this is a return to youth. You’ve got your youthfull biology switched back on. The scientists know which genes it works on. This isn’t just a thought, they know the genes that are turned on and activated by these ingredients that are together. So I got thinking about it and as I thought, well you know it’s pretty hard to repair a lot of damage that has occurred within the body but if you can reactivate youth, that makes more sense doesn’t it? So we’re looking more in that way of ‘yeah can you live a lot longer?’ Yes that’s anti-aging but can you live at a higher level? That’s youth regeneration, and so that’s really what we’re doing.

So we think that there’s about 4 major factors. If I was going to take one product and use it I would take Eternity, that would be my choice. FuCoyDon, that would be number 2 that I would take. And number 3 would be our Supermax and number 4 would be our Spectra, that’s the order that I would use them in. But quite candidly I’d use them all, and the reason I would is they all serve different purposes and this is telling you real quickly what they do, the chemistry of the products are intense. First of all, when you take a half an ounce of our Eternity, it was equal to drinking, I believe it calibrates out to about 274 glasses of wine a day. Can you imagine that? 39 bottles of wine a day. If 2 glasses of wine a day would handle the cardiovascular system, what they found when they gave enormous doses, then they started regenerating youthfulness and vitality and energy, and guess what? They started burning fat! Because remember when you were skinny in your youth, you could eat like a horse and were skinny as a rail? But that biology gets switched off, now it’s switching back on and it’s starts that other way. And so we have to do some things to help you if you really want to get into serious weight loss and then we have that too. But the first part, let’s switch on that youthful biology. Then, you know our bodies are not simple. So these companies that come along and they have a single ingredient that does all this, you know what that is? That’s called ‘hocus pocus’ because there’s no magic bullet for all that, we have many thousands of systems, right now I have thousands of different biological processes going on in your body right now, it’s quite complex. So it takes a lot of things to work within that but we’re getting a pretty good handle on how to do that. Why? Because we make the products that we sell, and we care. And we’re really researching this out thoroughly. So the next major breakthrough, in fact I found it before Eternity, was FuCoyDon. And one of the leading researchers here in the United States has said ‘’never have I seen one ingredient that does more things to more parts of the human body than FuCoyDon.’’ And it does; it’s an astonishing product. In fact just this week I read a major study on how effective it was on osteoarthritis and a company had put that out but there’s almost a thousand studies that are out there. But it supports massive regeneration and almost every biological system within your body, but very important, the most powerful support ingredient for immunity that I have seen anywhere. And I learned about it in the 1980’s and went to China to try and get the ingredient. And the Chinese called it ‘Virgin Mother’s Milk’ and you know how Chinese name are. But they knew there’s this compound which is extracted from a seaweed would bring the body’s immune system up to about that of a new born baby. And so their terminology was Virgin Mother’s Milk. I wanted to buy it but it was so doggone expensive that I figured it couldn’t sell in the market place and so I always kept it there and even with my previous company I named one product for the immune system, that I had a bunch of immune ingredients in it and I called it ‘VMM’ for virgin mother’s milk, see? Because someday I hoped to be able to find a way to get fucoidon extracted and used in a product in a price people could afford it. Well the technology came up and a discovery was made that this fucoidon which is about a half a percentage in Chinese seaweed, was down in Tonga, was in a seaweed, was down to about 16-20%. Boy that is a tremendous difference. So if I could get up to about a 40% more concentration in it, now I can do something with it and because we have this huge manufacturing plant, I went down and bought 13 hundred tonnes of it. Can you believe that? Here in Springville, if you know anything about Springville, I can tell you one thing; I may not have a lot of claim to fame but I own more seaweed than anyone in town, I’m the king of seaweed in Springville. We got thirteen hundred tonnes of it stored. You think we don’t believe in it? But we bought it, we were trying to corner the market place and we sorted it for a while. But with it, as we researched the research we found out there were some very powerful ways to make fucoidon even more powerful. But they were only in research, no one had bought it in the market place and no one had patented it. So we put about 20 different patents on it together. We got about 10 on Eternity, we put about 20 different patents together to make the most powerful potent fucoidon that had ever been seen and that’s what we’ve done so that you can have enormous support to the immune system. This is a cell signaller, and perhaps you don’t know what that is but it’s kind of like your wife telling you what to do. ‘’oh honey take out the trash’’, ‘’will you fix this’’, ‘’do that’’, you know ‘’do this’’, ‘’honey do this’’, that kind of thing. But fucoidon goes to the cells and just like you can have a key in a car that’s cut to turn it on, it goes to receptors and it contacts them and sends a chemical signaller which turns into an electrical signal to the cell and tells it to activate, to do something. And in many of those things it’s stem cells, and when it supports the activation of that stem cell, and stem cells, they’re kind of like this; they’re kind of like a queen bee that produces and egg you know, that makes bees up. But as you get older they get damaged and the shape goes, like an oval, it goes to where it’s very fragmented like and they don’t produce a lot. Now fucoidon goes in there and starts then pushing out their cells again and so you start supporting a tremendous amount of regeneration. So as you’re regenerating in all these areas of your body, what do you become? Healthier. But the immune system comes up right now because most immunity, about 70% of it’s right in your stomach. So Fucoydon works right on the receptors in your stomach, brings your immunity right up, that’s very important. The second thing is in nature it’s the most powerful anti-inflammatory that I’ve ever seen. And when you get a disease, information is usually what causes the damage from the disease. So if we can control inflammation, well certainly then again we’re going to be healthier aren’t we? And if our immune system is up then a lot of factors that might make us unhealthy are down, if the anti-inflammatory is there then the damage may not be created as much. So I’m talking quick and I hope you can understand all this. We are recording it, and what you’re hearing we then give you a CD on this when we’re done okay? So as you listen to me all this is a buzz and getting some points but after a while the buzz becomes a fuzz, and it’s kind of hard to remember, it gets a little fuzzy. So that’s the second.

The third one is SpectraMaxx. And you know we have almost a hundred different types of minerals that are in every cell of our body and where do we get those? You don’t create minerals; they come from the soil to the food that we eat. But because soils are over farmed so much, anyone here from Southern California? Down there, okay, what happens in Southern California in the Imperial Valley they grow 5 or 6 crops a year don’t they in the same soil? And every time they pull that produce out of the ground out comes all the minerals and they’re never replaced. So do that for a hundred years with 5 or 6 crops a year and how much mineral content you think is back in there? Almost nothing, you’re right. And there’s 74 essential trace minerals and they call them essential that are absolutely necessary for biological processes. So you have to eat them in the food, they have to go in and get in abundance in all of your cells for these biological processes to happen. And if you don’t have enough, there are somewhere around about 60 diseases that are contributed to trace mineral deficiency.

So if it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the food, if it’s not in the food, it’s not in our bodies, it’s not in the cells and we are unhealthy. If you’re ready to build a house, and you don’t have the lumber, the nails, the concrete, any of that, how are you going to build a house? Right? Or if it just comes a little bit at a time how long is it going to take you to build that? And it’s the same with your body. If it comes to a point in the chemical reaction, of those thousands that are going on right now and maybe there’s 30 or 40 steps to make something, a hormone or a protein or something that gets to a certain point and it needs an essential mineral and it’s not there guess what happens? Nothing, it can’t occur. See? Because these are chemical reactions that are taking place. So we know what they are and there’s been plenty of studies on it and there happen to be some big deposits of essential trace minerals on earth and we are literally having those farmed and collected and concentrated and we put them in Supermax. And in Supermax we also put a lot of the essential vitamins and things, but not like synthetics. Natural vitamins with extracts that we consider are essential for biological activity and we just load that sun of a gun up with it so that when you take a half an ounce of that we think it gives you virtually all of those essential trace minerals and nutrients that food now is 75% deficient in. that’s what the numbers are, they’re about 75% deficient in those essential trace minerals and nutrients than they were just a hundred years ago. So what does that mean? Well it means you can still get them from food but you’d have to eat 4 plates instead of 1. Other than my mother in law I don’t know anyone that has the ability to do that. So since we can’t eat that much food, then we need to supplement, don’t we? And that’s the key to it. So we will supplement with Spectramaxx. But there’s also things, have you noticed there’s a difference between boys and girls I mean I noticed that at a very early age and so with that there are androgenic systems and there are oestrogenic systems and there are some things because of the harmful factors that are in our environment and the lack of nutrition that are oestrogenic, ladies, and androgenic, men, and systems aren’t functioning the way that they could and should be and we have loaded both products with Supermax for him and Supermax for her with those ingredients we think that will support your oestrogenic or your androgenic systems so that you are more of a man and more of a woman because you’re functioning more healthy. And then you have this myriad, this cocktail, of all the 74 essential trace minerals and all these other nutrients with it to get into every cell of every body cell so that these processes just work. After all, if you activate your youthful biology, if you regenerate it with Eternity and you’re regenerating all of the systems or most of the systems in your body with FuCoyDon, you better have some materials in that cell it needs to be full of them so you become more healthy, and that’s what we do with Supermax. And that’s part of what we call the circle of life. So there’s 4 products, and the last one is protecting against the toxins that are in our environment. Think about it, a hundred thousand new molecules every year in our environment, can you imagine that? Some of them do nothing but some of them are very dangerous and as you know from some of the things I was telling you earlier it’s really affecting our biology. And the fact is, what you don’t realise is they’re saying if you’re over the age of 40 the average life span is actually kind of down. Well you say ‘’we’re living longer than we ever used to’’, well yes but 50% of all the children used to die before the age of 12, 1 in every 7 women and babies died at childbirth, and there were many diseases that have now been controlled so no wonder we’re living longer, but if you made it to the age of forty, 100, 200 years ago, your chances were better of living longer than they are today, because we’re dying of something. We don’t die of old age okay, nobody dies of old age because our genetic code says we should live to be 120, 150 years old, maybe longer, there’s some other things that can do that. So if we die at 70 we’re dying at middle age. So who dies of middle age? Nobody, you die of cancer or heart attack, stroke, something like that don’t you? That’s what we’re dying of. So suppose that we could prevent cancer and stroke and heart attack and those things, then what would happen? You would keep on living right? But what are most of those things caused from? They’re caused from these toxic molecules in our environment and in our personal care products called free radicals and basically they just oxidise, they’re oxidisers, they corrode. So what’s the answer? Well if it’s an oxidiser how about an antioxidant? Yes that the answer. However not a antioxidant because there are 2000 different groups of free radicals, free radicals that all fall within a certain category and they have such a wide diverse range of chemical construction, the chemistry in them, the molecular shape, size and reaction of them is different from one to another to another to another. So these companies come along and say we have the most powerful antioxidant in the world and it’s based upon this ingredient, that’s foolishness because it’s like you’re in a meteor shower and these meteorites are coming in and you block one here and one there and another one over here but the rest of them are bombarding you, right? How many do you want to get? You want to get them all, you want a shield up there, you want to protect it all. So one or two or five or twenty antioxidants, we don’t think is going to do it. So you need two things in antioxidants; you need a broad diverse range, we have that in Spectra AO we’ve got 42 different types in it. And you need them in the right concentration so they work. A little dab won’t do you with some. So you need enough to be able to neutralise the free radicals that are attacking you. Every cell in your body gets about 10000 hits a day, I don’t know if you know that or not. Simply breathing in oxygen, and the mitochondria splits it and creates a free radical and if it’s not neutralised you just age very quickly with that but we have lots of antioxidants, natural ones, when we’re young and they just start dropping off, by the time you’re 80 you’re down to about 5% of what you had when you were 20. So what’s the answer? Well the systems are getting damaged, they’re being attacked, but we have Spectra AO and it has the 42 different types in it to react. We think it reacts with all the 2000 different groups or types of free radicals or oxidisers for a more explanatory term, to neutralise them so we can intercept them and neutralise them. So this corrosive aging that takes place, we believe that we can intercept it with Spectra AO and stop it. Now there’s also a negative thing; and you have companies that come out and they tell a really high ORAC value products and they may have one single ingredient they’re focusing on. If you have too high of an ORAC value it’s actually bad for you, because what it does is within your body it actually decreases the amount of hydrogen peroxide that you produce. And hydrogen peroxide is what your lymphocytes, your t-cells are producing to kill bacteria, to kill cancer cells and things like that, and those studies are just coming out now, so these companies that tell a high ORAC with a few ingredients are probably damaging your own, or, I can’t say they are, of course you have to have a test for it, but they’re probably damaging, a good chance of damaging your body’s own natural production of hydrogen peroxide and you’re worse off from taking it than if you didn’t take it.

So what we say is, we have 42, we have a pretty high ORAC value but there’s so many and it’s so broad spectrum without huge peaks in one or another, it’s just diverse and concentrated of it. And then the other thing about it, is the blood will only carry so many units of it, and it’s about around 5000 units in your blood. Anything above that is just waste, it comes, and at the price you pay for antioxidants, it becomes expensive urine, right? That’s the only way of scientifically saying it. You’re paying a lot for what? It’s not doing anything because the blood will only carry so much. But if you have that huge spike then again you damage your hydrogen peroxide production. Now see this is the stuff, what but I’m trying to give it to you, so 2 things, maybe some of that will help you a little bit. But the one thing you do need is to have confidence in us and what we’re doing. And to know that we know what we’re doing. You’ll not get a founder of any company and I don’t think, most of them don’t make the products they sell but you’ll never have a founder just sit down and talk to you like this because they don’t know what they’re talking about. They think their products are neat, and that’s the extent of their scientific knowledge in what they’re doing. But we are an evidence based company, our ingredients are based upon real science and we know what they are, we know how to use it, and we know all of the parameters that someone else wouldn’t even think about but we know about it so when you buy our Spectra AO if you’re 150 pounds or under you need about a half an ounce a day and that’ll give you about, you can take it twice a day because it’s gone in about 12 hours okay, so you can take half an ounce twice a day, and you’ve got an abundance of it throughout your body. Don’t take any more than that because you’re actually getting more than what you really should have so half an ounce a day gives you plenty, or if you want to do it twice a day so that you’re absolutely bulletproof, you could do that. And if you’re over 150 pounds take about three fourths of that. And if you’re like Beverly take 2 or 3 ounces, but that’s another issue that we won’t get into right now, but it’s all based on size.

Okay so anyway, essentially that is the circle of life. Four products to give you the basic things to make you very very healthy. How many do you want to use? All four. How many can you afford to use? I don’t know, it’s a choice with people, but if you use less than a fourth of an ounce of Spectra AO and you think you’re going to be doing yourself good, yes you are because you’re going to get a lot of benefit from it. So if you can’t afford it all, use what you can do. Make a bottle last 2 months rather than one month, you know, with it. How much Spectramaxx do you need? If a half an ounce a day will give you all of that you need, a fourth of an ounce will give you 50% of what you need and you’re still healthier by doing the, the same with all of these. Just understand it’s dependant and that’s what we’ve formulated these for, most of them are formulated to give you in liquid nutrition about a half an ounce a day to give you everything that you need. Now we make it super concentrated and because we make it guess what? Things like Eternity, there is one other company that’s making a liquid supplement out and they’re over a hundred dollars for a month’s supply and it’s about half the strength of what ours it, it’s very expensive to do. So because we’re a huge debt free company, we have no debt, we don’t owe anybody anything, we don’t borrow from the banks, they borrow from us see? And that’s the way that we work this operation because now we don’t have to pay investors, we’re not going public, this company will never go public. It can’t be sold, I’ve set it up for that, I’ve set it up like Eternity, it’s going to be hopeful an eternal company at least till the end of the world comes whenever that is, and I believe that it’s going to go past 2012 for those of you that are into that thing.

But for the most part we are making products that are extremely powerful, vastly superior to anything else on earth in my belief and at a very reasonable price. So what price is health? I will tell you when you’re 70 years old laying flat on your back in a nursing home you know what price health is and you would pay your fortune to return to that. But right now, you can pay a little bit to keep from ever being there and wouldn’t it be nice to live 30 or 40 years longer in great health and then one day suddenly just flips off the switch? That’s the way I want to go, and maybe I’ll find a way to keep it tanked up for a while longer, we’re certainly going to work on it, those things are happening. But anyway that’s the circle of life, so those 4 products are just fabulous for you. If you had to use one, take Eternity, if you want to take 2, take FuCoyDon, 3 take Supermax, 4 take Spectra. And you got it.

So now we have a lot of these other products, and some of these folks, I know have to go because they’re tired of my speaking but they have planes to catch too. But when you talk about some of these things understand that not everything you buy is not what you think it is, and we have some extraordinary products. Now there’s a lot of publicity out on super omega 3’s that are omega 3 oils. There’s a big difference in them, most of them have got a lot of mercury contamination in it. And so you’re taking them for the brain but the mercury is damaging to the brain, you see? And the way they get the omega 3’s, they go down off the…
Nice to meet you, see you again, keep the faith, recruit, recruit, recruit. Okay we’ll see you again, let’s do a conference call, I’ll be down, okay, pay no attention to that bald headed guy in the back. Good advice.

But anyway if you take a look at omega 3’s, they’re going out on off the coast of South America, they’re catching all these sardines and they’re just trying to squeeze the oil out, that’s what they’re doing. They’re so loaded with mercury, and then it comes out and gets into the products and they don’t have to list mercury because it’s a tramp ingredient, it’s along for the ride, just like in personal care products. So you take omega 3 and guess what happens? You do more damage to your brain, and your nervous system than you’re doing good because of the mercury contamination.

So what we’ve done is we’ve taken a look at omega 3’s and where do you think omega 3 start? Of course you don’t even think about it, who’s thought about that? You lay awake at night, ‘’where do omega 3’s come from?’’ You know? But the important thing is to understand that omega 3’s are created by algae, and they make a type of omega 3 and then krill, the little shrimp-like creatures, they feed on the algae and they take that omega 3 that’s in them and they convert it to another type of omega 3. And then fish feed on the krill and they take it and convert it to another type of omega 3, and then fish feed on fish and that pretty well stays the same, see through the food chain. That’s the way it is, but there’s 3 types of omega 3’s that are out there. Now you can get them from some other sources there’s a thing like, they’re looking in to it now getting it from squid which has it in, they’re looking at getting it from a green lip muscle out of New Zealand, but those are still the same kind as in fish. They’re that type, so it doesn’t matter where they come from, that’s the same as fish.

The biggest problem, or the biggest issue you want to address in omega 3 oils is ‘don’t get mercury in it’ and since companies don’t have to list that for the most part, they’re definitely not going to, they’re going to say ‘’our product’s got a lot of mercury in it’’ but we’ll tell you this; we don’t have any mercury in ours, and we have a lab here that tests every bit of it and there’s none in it. But omega 3’s are really high in a couple of essential ingredients that you use, and you can rate how much, to a certain degree how good omega 3 is by the levels of those ingredients that are in it. And we have the highest levels of any company I think anywhere in the world it’s just far superior.

But we also use all 3 types of omega 3 oils in ours. Why? Because actually the one from algae is about 40% more potent than that from fish, and the one from krill is about 60 times more potent. But since they’re all different molecules, they’ll all collectively, one and one and one is not three, it’s probably ten, you see? So what we do is we put all three together, we make sure they’re mercury free and super concentrated so the DHA and the EPA that is so critical and important in those is at a super high level so when you take one of our pills it’s probably equivalent in potency to twenty of them, that would be a fish oil. It’s just that much more potent. Now, and the price? It’s reasonable, it’s so reasonable because we make these things, so. That’s one.

Another example is let’s just talk about calcium. How many women think they need calcium? Well if whether they think they do or they don’t, they do. That’s the answer. All women need calcium, but so do men, but women especially. And when do you need calcium more than any other? When you’re a girl, growing and developing. Because you’ve got to get as much mineral as you can in that body, but bones aren’t just calcium, there’s 7 major minerals that make up bone, that are there and they need to be in the proper proportions, and if they’re not in the proper proportions you have health issues. So if you just take a calcium supplement, you’re creating health issues with it but unfortunately we don’t have our daughters taking calcium supplements. I have a young daughter, and she’s going to take a calcium supplement because I know how important it is, because once they’re having a baby, that baby’s demands are beyond those of your body and it will take the calcium from your bones to make their bones, and after 2 or 3 pregnancies a woman’s bones really actually look a lot like Swiss cheese, there’s lots of holes in it from that type of thing because they didn’t build enough when they were doing it. But even if they try to take the calcium supplement when they are pregnant, here comes the big problem right now. What’s the first rule? Do no harm? That’s what we talked about, mercury in omega 3’s, toxic ingredients in skincare and all of these others around, it’s the same with calcium. Most calcium comes from grinding up eggshells, or from oyster shells or chopped up eggs and it’s calcium carbonated. Calcium carbonate occurs naturally. There’s coral calcium, have you ever heard about that? There’s some, we have coral calcium. It’s calcium carbonate. They said ‘’well it has a special frequency.’’ Yeah in your mind but it’s calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate’s only 3% absorbable, but guess what? In nature when you form calcium carbonate, lead deposits with it and so when you take calcium carbonate you’ll get twice as much lead absorption as you will calcium. Twice as much toxic heavy metal lead. You get twice as much as you do with calcium carbonate.

Now here’s the other part; it’s only 3% absorbable. So what does the average woman need? She needs a thousand on the weekend to fifteen hundred milligrams of calcium every day. So let’s work on the very lesser part of the calcium and say you need a thousand milligrams a day. Well the proponents of it say ‘’well you should take vitamin D with it’’. Well should you? You should take vitamin D3, that’s the most effective form you see, this just shows you what we know about it. So vitamin D3 is the one that makes calcium most absorbable. D does, D1 does better, D2, D3 is the best okay? It makes it 40% more absorbable. Let’s do our math, what’s 40% of 3? 1.2. So now it’s gone from 3% to 4.2% absorbable. You’re still getting twice as much lead so there you see it.

So let’s say you need a thousand milligrams a day to supplement. A 500mg pill is a big one isn’t it? That’s a whopper. So that means if you take a 500mg pill and it’s 4% absorbable, you get 20 milligrams of calcium. Of course they say you need two, so you take two 500mg pills in a day so now you get 40mgs but you need a thousand, okay? So at that ratio how many 500mg pills do you need a day? I can tell you real quickly, you need 50. You need 50 of them to get enough calcium. And you get enough calcium, you’ll also get constipation like you have never thought possible in your life and how much lead will you get? Man you talk about lead in your butt? It will be there, it will be everywhere. And then you’re so out of balance with magnesium and the other things that build good bone and then it doesn’t work again. And then you have another problem with women is they’re on oestrogen supplements and things like that, and that keeps the body from removing the old brittle bone. And they don’t get enough progesterone and that’s what rebuilds the old bone, see? So see how complicated this is? It’s not so simple. But it is if you listen to us because we know all of this and we’ll tell you what to do. It’s real simple, take our calcium K2 and take our Supermax for her, se? Because the Supermax for her builds progesterone, that builds bone and it counteracts oestrogen. Oestrogen and progesterone compete on the same receptor, and they knock each other off see? But that’s what removes old bone and rebuilds new bone if you’ve got enough there to do it. So by Supermax you’re going to have that agonist approach of oestrogen-progesterone competing on the receptor side. Remove old bone, replace it with new bone, remove, replace, remove, replace, it only removes the brittle bone see, so that’s the way that works.

So doctors, when they go in and they tell you to take oestrogen because it’ll keep your bone from thinning, yes they’re right, but what it does is it keeps the brittle bone there, you see? You don’t need oestrogen what you need is in our suggestion, the first, because they like to sue if we give the wrong kind of advice but the bottom line is, what you need is women become deficient in progesterone, not oestrogen, and oestrogen drives heart attacks, drives cancer and it keeps brittle bones there, all your weight just falls and snaps those bones. But there’s a way to do it, to have healthy bones for the rest of your life and that is take Supermax for her. Guys, you got it going, so you’re okay just take Supermax for him, even though you don’t need that progesterone ratio. But you do that and then you take calcium K2. Why? Because we estimate that calcium K2 is 91-97% absorbable because we use different types of mineral complexes in. And it’s made up of all the 7 major ingredients in the proper proportions that build bone. And yes we use vitamin D3 but we also use vitamin K2 and if you want to find out about vitamin K2 it’s a whole new thing that’s there’s people who aren’t even understanding and it does that make calcium absorbable. Well it makes it highly absorbable. And the we use a, and I’m just telling you, you don’t need all this but one of the ingredients is calcium hydroxyapatite and it has an organic fraction. And with K2 in it, it’s going to the bone, that old bone that is becoming like Swiss cheese and getting on the sides because it’s a living matrix, and it’s hitting those receptors and it’s making it want to take in calcium, and not even abundant amounts of calcium, take a couple of our 500mg tablets and you got about what you need. And you take it in and now you’ve got the progesterone working for you, you’ve got K2 which others don’t even dream about, you’ve got a whole calcium complex with no calcium carbonate, no lead in it, and a matrix that makes bone, this is what supports healthy bone. There’s your answer, isn’t that simple? No but it’s real simple if you take Supermax and calcium K2 because it is highly absorbable, you’re getting almost everything you take, no lead, and you’ve got all the major minerals that build bone without doing health damage from taking calcium, see? Now that’s the simple way of saying it. I went through it so you’d have an understanding, but do you understand one thing? We know what we’re talking about, you can’t make this stuff up on the fly and all of it is supported by science and it’s really good science. And this is the science that makes people incredibly healthy and will make them live a lot longer and be more energetic, etc. etc.

So anyway, those are just some examples, you want more? It’s real easy. You want to learn how to lose weight? It’s pretty simple, just don’t eat anything, and the weight just seems to disappear, it goes away. I had a guy telling me once ‘’well you know there’s some people that don’t eat anything and they just gain weight’’ and I said ‘’oh what is it through ‘nasal nutrition’ is that what doing?’’ Suck up the nutrients with their nose? And I said ‘’you know in world war 2 there were a lot of big concentration camps and people starved to death. But nobody starved to death and died fat right?’’ So what does that have to do? It has to do with calorie intake right? And calorie burning, those were the 2 big factors. So the FDA says you can’t sell any product for losing weight unless you either decrease fluoric intake and/or increase exercise. We go along with that because it makes sense, but what kind of products do you have that really work? Well there’s Hydroxycut, have you heard of that one? It’s just been, now being prosecuted because all the liver damage that it causes, with it. Thin Thin, hear about that? Prosecuted because of all the liver damage that it caused. CLA, conjugated linoleic acid, another one. It doesn’t, now the studies are out, they’ve shown it actually increases muscle a little bit because there’s absolutely nothing about fat so if your BMI changes, you know, it’s because you’ve increased muscle, it’s not that you’ve lost fat, that fat’s still there, you just increased muscle a little bit. If you use, there’s a number of products that are out there on it, Orlistat, have you heard about that? The prescription drug. It’s a starch blocker or a fat blocker. There’s fat blockers, there’s carb blockers, there’s starch blockers and all of those, and do they work? Yeah to a certain degree, but you’ve still got to be on a diet to make it work. But here’s the problem; if they’re a fat blocker which is that said is, you can get that now over the counter, a prescription drug on it, and it blocks fat from being absorbed. But guess what? There’s lots of fatty based nutrients that you need like omega 3’s, like a lot of vitamins, and now they don’t get into your body. So you’re losing weight but you’re unhealthy as heck in the process of doing it and you still have to cut your calories back because it only knocks out about 25% of the fat that goes through your system.

So what is the answer in weight loss, is it a milkshake? Is it ‘lose weight now, ask me how’, and every day instead of having a delicious meal, you have a horrible milkshake you have to gag down because it’s low on calories? Well yeah I guess that works but you’re going to get pretty tired of that. So there hasn’t really been anything really effective for weight loss. Now we found some things that are, and we decided to bring out weight loss. So now we have a weight loss product, and weight loss is not simple. We tell you first of all, you need to cut down on the calories you’re eating. Here’s the comparison; 20 years ago, the average person took in 1500 calories a day. You know how much we take in now? 3500, that’s the average. Can you imagine that in 20 years we changed from 1500 a day to 3500? That is a tremendous amount. None the less, what we’re telling you is the ingredients that we found work quite well with about a 2000 calorie a day diet. Now have you heard any of these diets where they are giving you this pregnant pregnant mirror serum isn’t that a thriller? A doctor walks out with a needle about that long and then hits you in the rear, with that and gets you with his pregnant mirror serum that makes you lose weight? Oh yeah that’s the biggest rage and he tells you ‘’you can only eat 500 calories a day’’, you know? Well yeah whether he hit’s you with a needle or not you’re going to lose 500 calories a day don’t you think? 500 calories a day with a shot? Who can do that, drives people absolutely crazy. You can’t stay with that, so you’ve got to have something that’s user friendly. Well if 20 years ago we could survive on 1500 calories, we have so many fatty foods in our system, can’t we use a little bit of intelligence, cut back on that to a certain degree and if we go to 2000 calories, that’s really going to satisfy our body. The problem is foods are so nutritionally deficient that we have these cravings don’t we? And the cravings are getting pretty tiring.

So we’ve developed a whole series of products that you can pick and choose and use. My suggestion is use them all at least to get to a certain point and maybe you can maintain it. So what’s your problem? What’s your issue? Use those. The first of them is a product and we call it Diminish and it’s an ingredient, that’s isolated from saffron if you know what that is. And boy is it an expensive son of a gun to get. We only use the tip of the leaf on it, to get this ingredient off and then concentrate it. But what it does is it works right at the neurotransmitter level of the brain, and it goes there and it creates a situation where you have serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is what makes you feel good, and it also makes you feel full, satisfied, but it gets broken down by some of the receptors in the brain and over a period of time as it goes down you become more hungry, you become more stressful, you have more anxiety and your cravings increase. And so what the ingredient in Diminish does is it just keeps serotonin recycling. It just keeps going, doesn’t let it broke down, blocks out the receptors that take it in and neutralise it. So your serotonin levels are always up. The only thing you need to watch is if you’re on something like Prozac, that increases serotonin levels, you need to tell your doctor you’re on a product that is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, that’s what it is. And what it does is if you’re going to produce more serotonin with Prozac because you’re low and it works for depression. But now if you’re not breaking it down it’s just going all the time so maybe what you got in your system or maybe if you use a lot less, you’re still going to have that same effect. Does anyone think that using less Prozac wouldn’t be better for you? Or no Prozac? Of course. So now Diminish keeps that serotonin just recycling and doesn’t let it break down. In the same thing it cuts off the cravings, it makes you feel more full, you don’t get as hungry, and you don’t snack as much and you may not want to eat as often or eat as much, step one, okay?

Step two is as our youthful biology is clicked off guess what? Our biology starts to deteriorate; our basic metabolic rate goes down. We become so that we’re more lethargic, our systems aren’t responding. The insulin receptors on our cells that make us take in blood sugars and things like that become more inactive. So in other words the fat circulating around through our body gets stored as fat instead of used up and it’s called metabolic syndrome. Our circulation decreases significantly.
So we found an amazing product called Thermocharge. Not that sort of formula, but there were so many amazing ingredients with it, which we put together and it supports the body in its fight to overcome the metabolic syndrome. It is a tremendous support system for microcirculation. They’ve done infrared photography and you’ll see it where they photograph the whole body and the hands and the lighter colours like yellows and greens are cooler and as you have more circulation and more heat they become red. And in 30 minutes there’s a huge increase after taking the ingredient in this and the body is starting to become really quite red as the microcirculation is improving and going throughout the whole body in the 90 minutes and you look just about like you’re on fire. Now you don’t feel that way, but you just have such a tremendous improvement in microcirculation throughout your whole body, and as that happens, these insulin receptors are starting to get active and you’re taking in more sugar and you’re becoming more healthy. And there’s a couple of things that is amazing with it. As that’s happening, now you’re going to start consuming more fat. And one of the fat that primarily works on more than any is the real heavy fat that’s around the heart and the major organs. It goes first, adipose fat, and it takes it, and that is the most unhealthy fat that you want to lose, and it goes right after that. And we’ve got some CAT scan photography on people who have done that and you just see the fat reserves going down and becoming less and less with that as it supports the body to remove that fat. So that’s step 2 in it, but one other thing happens that’s kind of crazy. And I think I’m understand it, I don’t know if the researchers understand it, but in their studies they found out that when you take this product you don’t tire and fatigue the way that you normally do if you don’t, even with exercise. And they did a study when you took it, the fatigue that you would generate, it would actually instead of going down, it would be going up, and you’d have less fatigue and then when they’d stop taking it during the exercise cycle then it would decline like that. Or if you weren’t taking it, it would go down and then when they’d put it in your system and you would go up. The same thing with recovery, you recovered faster if you had it and if you didn’t it fell off. Quite an amazing study, I guess it has something to do with weight loss, probably it’s because the cells are regenerating faster, taking in more nutrients and things of that sort. So that’s the other one, the other thing is there was a significant improvement in skin quality. What does that have to do with weight loss? I guess it’s just the overall improvement in the metabolism of using up all of these ingredients and they noticed the length of wrinkles, they shortened, the depth decreased, and the whole texture, the quality of the skin improved significantly, measurably in about a 10 week period of time. So was it breaking down the wrinkle? No it wasn’t, I won’t tell you what a wrinkle is but, what it’s doing is it’s probably just producing a lot more healthy skin instead of sagging and collapsing down it’s just kind of coming back up because your skin’s getting a lot healthier that’s a whole other technology for another day, so that’s step 2.

The next one is called transfigure and that one works right at the fat cell itself. This supports the body so the fat cells don’t take up fat, so that the fat that’s become stored, it goes in and liquefies, and even glucose and carbs go in and they are converted and stored as fat in the fat cells. So like a blown up balloon, they get bigger, bigger, bigger.

So while it goes and binds to the receptor to keep it from absorbing fat, it goes into the fat cell, mobilises the fats, supports the body’s system, it does all this. Of course mobilises the fats, so it becomes liquid and then there’s an alpha and a beta receptor, one takes in, the other releases and so then it goes and supports the body to activate the other receptor and so the fat starts to drain out of the fat cell. So none coming in, mobilising what’s in it, draining it out and it supports the body to those fat cells just start to drain out. They dry out and when they dry out they just go away, flat out go away. Now there’s embryonic fat cells, they replace the fat cells that are gone but this is a combination of 3 ingredients, it actually gets in and blocks the redeployment of the embryonic fat cells, the body’s able to do that, so you’ll lose weight with that one and that is the crowning touch of it.

So there’s the weight loss system real simple, except one other thing, have you any tough to get places? Well for those of you that don’t know, I develop the thigh cream for cellulite, that was my product if you remember, about 15 years ago where people were so crazy about rubbing on a cream to get rid of cellulite, that was the formula. It was based on an ingredient called aminophylline which is used for asthma, it’s in inhalers and it dilates bronchial tubes but also when you rub it in the cream it gets right in to the fat cells and it removes fat. Well it worked, it worked pretty good, and my previous company become just huge with that thigh cream but now over the last 15 years there’s been some tremendous discoveries made for topical creams to sculpt, and I have to say this correctly: the appearance of the body, especially cellulite. But also really good on those old tricky you know that you get, those love handles, or fat on the back to the arms. All those places that are so difficult.

So we’ve made a product which is just, I don’t know if it’s out, do you know if it’s out yet? Okay it’ll be out very shortly, called Recurve and in Recurve, this is just a super nuke. I’ll tell you what, you rub that in, I think if you rub that on that place on your stomach, pretty soon you just have a depression that would be going in there. You can contour that body. And have you ever seen someone that has lost a lot of weight and if they stand in the wind and their skin is just flapping like that? well this also has a compound in it that just firms up that skin and the whole matrix of it gets very firm so your skin will firm right up as you lose weight and those tough places, just rub it in every day and just watch what results happen from this topical attack. And cellulite, which has been virtually impossible, all the other product they had was good were the other products good? This formulation is fantastic. I don’t even use that original ingredient, aminophylline just because there are so many more, that are so much more that are advanced and these are new breakthroughs, no one’s using these, but we are. They’re very expensive, hard to get, we’re the only ones buying them or having them made for us but they’re so powerful and yet the price of the product is so reasonable.

So that’s weight loss. Curve your appetite, and guess what with curving your appetite, ladies, you feel wonderful for taking Diminish. You just take it whether you need it or not it just makes you feel great and serotonin really is good for women and feeling even euphoric. And then the next one comes in and works on the metabolic syndrome, Thermocharge. Third one comes in, works on the fat cells, Transfigure. Last one for those tough places or for cellulite is Recurve. Pretty good program. right? Okay. Thank you.

And just when they said we couldn’t do any more, we’re still working hard. And the fact is that we found a discovery we’re working to bring on the market and I’ll tell you what, this is on the bullet train to get here, we are putting the pedal to the metal. We found a study, where taking a combination of ingredients creates as much metabolic energy activity as a 20 minute exercise. Yeah isn’t that, everyone’s eyebrows go up? A tablet, it’s equivalent in burning fat and increasing the metabolism as much as if you did a 20 minute exercise. Does that mean that you’re going to sit here and start sweating? No it doesn’t. But what it means is your metabolic energy is going to go way up and you’re going to get as much fat burning and energy creation as if you had worked out for 20 minutes. Now is that now hot? We are working on that right now. No one has it, the science is there, the studies have been done, and we’re on, man I tell you this son of a gun, we had an RDB in today and I said ‘’this thing is on the fast-track’’ we may have this other, but this is going to be what we call a jumpstart, to just take your sedentary metabolism and biology and just bring it right up you know so fast. So if you’re on these other weight loss products suddenly you are a fat burning machine, you’re ready to go, and if you want to exercise, can you imagine if you give it 20 to 30 minutes of exercise, with this it’s like 20 minutes of exercise in a bottle where you’ll be but we’re not done yet. This is kind of like these guys that are selling ShamWow on the commercial. We’re not done yet, we’re going to throw in a bonus with this formulation. What we found is I don’t know if you’ve heard that these green tea diets are effective for weight loss and they’re mildly effective, but you have to cram a massive dose, you’d have to graze in a tea field to get enough of it to really do something else. But there’s a company that we’ve dealt with for a long long time working on the thigh cream that I developed and they have found a way, green tea has got a thing called EGCC’s and when it gets in to the cell they start increasing cellular metabolism. Just like this other study has done, you know with these ingredients. In fact, there’s some products that are very similar to this and catch this; I found years ago that the British navy was developing something for people who got hypothermia from falling overboard in the North Sea or they were rescuing in it and they found that, you only last 2 to 3 minutes you know, if you get in that icy cold water, I don’t know if you know that from hypothermia and they would get somebody if they were in the water for a few minutes, they’d get them out and put them in a sleeping bag, they’d give them hot soup and drinks and stuff, and they’d put somebody in the sleeping bag with them and put them in a warm room and they still lost most of the people. And they found they could take a compound and put it together and they’d make it into a liquid and they would give it to them and it would increase the metabolism so fast they would start burning so much fat that it would heat their body up faster than any of those things would do and they would save almost everyone. This is very close to what that is, in that formula that I found years ago. So this is going to really increase the metabolism, just like 20 minutes of exercise and now these EGCCs in green tea, if you can get enough in to the cell, and that’s been the problem. But we’ve got with this company and they have extracted them, it’s not green tea, they’ve taken these EGCCs out of the green tea, the active part. And what they’ve done is they put it in a type of an envelope and then they put that in another type of an envelope, these are membranes. And it’s kind of like a cluster bomb. Have you ever seen a cluster bomb come through? Well if not come down to my house and I’ll let you meet my mother in law. But a cluster bomb, you know when they drop that thing that it comes down and then it gets so far and then it just breaks and a million little so it works kind of like this. Most of these products that really work for weight loss, you have to get out of the stomach where it’s so acidic. We protect all of ours, if they’re vulnerable and antioxidants are real bad for that. Most antioxidants don’t even get into your blood system because the stomach destroys it. We use coating and things like that to protect ours. So what this company has done for it, they’ve taken and they put it into this envelope and it makes it through the stomach into the large intestine. Once it’s there, enzymes break that down see? And so now they break it down and it attaches to the membrane of the lining in the intestines. So here’s the membrane, the lining, this envelope comes up and attaches to it, enzymes break it down and then it falls apart and all of these little EGCC envelopes that are in there, like cluster bombs, they go right through and they get into the blood system and they circulate around the blood system and when they come up to a cell, now that membrane detaches to the cell membrane, and portals open up and the EGCC goes right in the cell. And now we can give the cells a super dose of it, really a super dose. And what happens? It’s like exercise in a bottle again, you get a tremendous amount of fat burning metabolic activity going on in all of the cells of the body and the clinical studies are there, so we are now on the crash course to marry that one with the other and it’s 26 minutes of exercise in a bottle, and put those EGCCs with this other formulation together in a mega formula and it’s not even going to be very expensive. This is a really fairly inexpensive process to do and we’re looking to see if we can trademark it but we think we’ll call it something like ‘Jumpstart’, because it’ll jumpstart your metabolism just like that, and get you up off the sedentary place and jumpstart it up and all these other systems will work and this is weight loss like it’s never been done before.

Now I probably, I know I have, I’ve gone through all of my time that I should and we’re only covering some of the things that are here. There’s so much to know and so much to learn, but isn’t it exciting to hear about this? These are products now, and I think from me coming here today if you haven’t experienced it. If you’ve got one thing in your mind, and that is this is a company like no other, nobody like us, and nobody even close like us.

Our compensation when we pay out 2, and 3, 4 times more than other multilevel marketing companies do and we pay it out through the whole range so people can be successful. Just get smart, don’t get into one of those binary things you know, don’t get into another company. How could you now, if you really believe and know what we’re talking about? Binaries are cash cows for companies and for a few leaders and about 96% of the people never make any money in those. We want people to make money from the beginning and we’ve set it up, so you can do that and make money fast, we’ve got to get you making money fast so incrementally you can make money all the way through. The only way we can do that is we’ve got to put a lot more money in the commission plan to make that possible, because you’ve got to have big leaders leading, you know, to do it. But you’ve got to have ones all the way down sort of like the army generals, colonels, majors, captains, you know all the way down to private. We’ve got to have them rewarded, all the way through so they can grow to wherever they have to be in so one of the missions of our company is to make people successful and most people come in to make money in a company and there’s a lot of scamming products around so you have to watch, so now that is talking about, what they do is they take rock salt, if you can believe this and they’re saying well the body is, every cell is about the same as sea water so they’re having an ingredient that is somewhat like sea water and you take it in and you put rock salt and they just run an electrical charge through it, an anode to cathode and they separate, salt is sodium chloride, and they separate the sodium and chlorine and they let it sit for about 3 days until they max it out and they just bottle it. So when you take it, you’re taking a bottle of sodium and a bottle of chlorine, can you imagine that? And I saw their video and I was flabbergasted at how good they are, they’re very good at lying. Can you image? And they say ‘’well the product will taste somewhat like chlorine when you take it’’, yeah because it is chlorine, it’s made from a rock salt generator, like you’d use in a swimming pool with that kind of thing and they’re saying ‘’well this is what happens in your cells’’, well yeah it kind of does, but if chlorine is and the salt in your cells during mitochondrial action I’m not going to get too deep, but if it splits it during that, guess what? Your body’s natural antioxidants go right after it because it’s an oxidiser, it’s a free radical. Do you know how deadly chlorine is? And now you’re drinking it? This company and they claim they have patents and I’m sure they do have some patents on it but you know I could take my shoe and I could patent it as a cruise control device. I actually could and then I could take my soda pop can and that could be part of the patent. And I could take my foot off and put the soda pop can on and I can patent that. So when they say they’ve got this patent in the system I say ‘’okay well guess what I’ve got a cruise control device on me that I can patent too.’’ So they use that patent because people because it’s patented that it’s effective. But a patent only means that it’s patented.

So here they are selling a chlorinated water with large amounts of sodium and large amounts of chlorine and it’s supposed to make you healthier. Is anyone here unintelligent enough to think drinking chlorine will make you healthier? Is chlorinated water in your system good for you? Of course it kills bacteria, but that tap water is so low you can’t taste it. This is so high they warn you about it and they’re saying drink it, and they’re saying it puts your cells back to where it’s supposed to be. Hocus pocus, we get all kinds in here but you know what? That’s the worst, that’s the bottom end.

On the other hand, guess what? Here we are. We’re the epitome of what capitalism, of what free enterprise should be. We’re doing things with integrity. We’re doing them for the right reasons. Our compensation plan is so fabulous and so generous; no company can compete with us. I took out of my hip pocket a hundred million dollars and put into this. I’ll never see it back and I don’t care. I put it into this operation and I’m spending a lot more because the value of my life now is what I do to help other people, that’s my dedication. I’m here today because that’s my dedication, to helping you to become successful in your life. So in doing that I’ll give you the compensation, I, we, us, this is actually, this is our company, it’s created for you. And you’re the most important part of it and I understand that so we give you a fabulous compensation and we give you products that no company in the world even begins to come close with. Most of them are really virtually a waste of money. If you want an antioxidant, go down to the grocery store and buy it, it’s a better buy for you. But if you want a potent antioxidant cocktail that really stops aging in its tracks, we’ve got it, and it’s inexpensive to use, half an ounce a day, what do you think it costs you, you know? Not much.

Okay so anyway Aaron’s here, I’m going to turn the time back over but understand there are a couple of other things. We have big skincare, we have real big hair products and we’ve got a lot of other special new ones that we are not talking about today, that we will at another time. But every single product we have, there’s a reason why you should use it, and there’s a reason why you should not use what else is in the market place. Or if in some cases if there’s nothing harmful, you still should use ours because they’re not really very beneficial. It’s a business, you know the products are a business tool to satisfy their business. And so where companies are trying to maximise profit for the companies for a return to the investors, how do they do that? Usually it’s on products, they do the minimum to get by and they maximise what they say. With shampoos and conditioners, skincare products in almost every case the cap and the bottle costs more than what’s in it. Does that mean a 150 dollar product costs about a quarter? Yeah that’s about right. That’s about what they cost. Does that mean the cheapest product in Wal-Mart could cost more than the most expensive product at Yeah because you’re only talking pennies difference one way or another. The price that you pay for skincare products is irrelevant to the chemistry that’s in it. All you’re buying is a bunch of hype and a bunch of hope and in reality your skin ages faster by using it than if you didn’t. So my advice in closing to you is avoid cosmetics. Mineral cosmetics are loaded with heavy metals. Colour cosmetics, 29 toxins in the average lipstick and you eat about 10 pounds of it in your lifetime. See all that kind of stuff? Shocking isn’t it? Shocking but true. And so we know these things and it just goes on and on and on, and we are doing it right and we’re doing it for you. We’re giving it something that you’ll want to take for yourself, and certainly don’t you want to share it with other people now that you really know? But we’re going to give you this tape so you’ve got it, and you can learn from it. You can refresh yourself but there was a lot to learn here today wasn’t there? And it’s hard to remember. And remember one thing; people buy benefits, not features. I talked to you a lot about features but the benefits are there too. So just sell the benefits of it and you’ve got enough support. If you want to duplicate these that we give to you, pass them out have it. You know? We just want to help you to make your business really successful.

So anyway I want to thank all of you that come in and I look forward to seeing you again, thank you.

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