Neways Feroxin

Neways Feroxin

7 June 2020. Posted by Katie Larking

Why am I talking about Neways Feroxin. I absolutely loved this product and used to take it all the time. Feroxin was a popular product. Neways Feroxin was produced by Neways International.

The original founder of Neways International was Tom Mower Sr (he is currently the President and CoFounder of Sisel International) he was also the product formulator for the Neways products up until 2006. Neways Feroxin Mineral drink was a product that Tom Mower believed was essential to overall health and wellbeing. Since trace minerals play a vital role in health it was no surprise that Neways Feroxin became extremely popular and one of the top sellers.

As mentioned I loved this product and quickly saw results when using it. After taking it i had a hair mineral analysis and found my mineral levels were really great. So I believe this product may have helped. However it wasn’t long before Neways was sold and the product name was later changed.

Luckily for me Tom Mower started Sisel International and took all his knowledge and science and developed new range of products. Tom Mower developed a product called SpectraMaxx. SpectraMaxx is megatonic packed full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. So for me this is really a combination of the power of Maximol Solutions and Feroxin.

Learn more about SpectraMaxx and discover how this product can provide you with over 74 iconic trace minerals. These minerals are essential for over 2000 biological functions in the body. SpectraMaxx is loaded for Fulvic Acid to support mineral Absorption. If you loved Neways Feroxin I am sure you will love SpectraMaxx.

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SpectraMaxx Testimonial

SpectraMaxx Testimonial

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