Sisel Weight Loss Reviews

Sisel Weight Loss Review Sisel Lean

May 6 2016

Anne Marie: One of my preferred customers has been taking Chocolate SiseLEAN for the last 2 months she has lost 15 pounds and she is astonished that her fingernails have begun to grow since they never did before.

Oh by the way did I mention she is in her early 70’s?

Larissa: Wow, fantastic results !

Christen: ‘ Success always leaves clues ‘ fantastic …

Katie: Great testimonial can I share it?

Anne Marie: Yes anytime

Katie: thank-you!

Anne Marie: Your welcome

Tanya: Can anyone share what diet been on side with that fantastic results?

Katie: Hi Tanya since weight maintenance and weight loss, actually i much prefer to say fat loss, has basically to do with calorie consumption vs expenditure (that being said you can eat a lot of unprocessed high fiber low calorie foods e.g. fruits and vegetables and exceed your daily calorie limit as certain foods are metabolized differently but that’s another topic see the movie Fed Up for more info on that topic).

So to so make it easy calories in calories out since the average resting metabolic rate is around 1500 calories (more depending on your size, activity and lean mass) by simply replacing one meal per day with Sisel Lean (as prescribed on the packet) and eating two normal meals (e.g. not a large pizza or excessive high calorie junk food) then you will drop body fat.

The idea with Sisel Lean is to keep or gain some muscle whilst dropping fat with an overall weight reduction. (when you lose weight you can lose fat and muscle) and generally you want to lose fat keep muscle however someone who is very over weight or obese will lose some muscle too which is fine as they have more muscle than a person of normal weight needs.

Fat loss is achieved by increasing vegetable and fruit consumption reducing all added sugar, eliminating fried foods, increasing fiber, including some good fats and like olive oil, avocado and oily fish helps curb sugar cravings.

Combine Sisel Lean with Fire N Ice Tea and your on a real winner because if you become hungry have a tea you get a energy boost and it feels like a treat because its lovely and sweet. (only 15 calories) plus it boosts your metabolism.


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