Australian Pricing for Sisel’s Hydrogen H2 Water Filter

Australian Water Filter Pricing for Sisel’s H2 Water Filter

This Australian pricing and compensation plan is current and effective as of 03/03/2016.

Hydrogen Water Filter Pricing for March 2016

The promotional price for Distributors between Mar 1st and Mar 31st will be $3392AUD** 2500PV/980BV. That does NOT include GST/Freight

GST will remain at the 10% and shipping will be the 75aud, so the total for the order at the promotional price would be 3806.20AUD

Retail/Customer price excluding GST/Freight: $4070 AUD 3180PV/1520BV  Retail price including GST/Freight: $4552.

Hydrogen Water Filter Pricing for April 2016

Beginning April 1st the machine will be listed at the regular price of the $4217 AUD, tax/freight not included. The price including freight will be $4713.70 AUD.  (There is a chance freight charge and duties/taxes we may need to increase it slightly).

Compensation Plan and Pricing for Sisel's Hydrogen Water Filter

Compensation Plan and Pricing for Sisel’s Hydrogen Water Filter

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