SpectraMaxx Product Testimonial

My friend from Victoria, Tom, gave me permission to share his SpectraMaxx testimonial.  I thought you would like it . He has sarcoidosis and is looking for ways to support his body naturally. This testimonial shows the power of this Sisel product. To add even more power and health benefits add Sisel’s AGE Pill as well to your daily regime.

Find out why

After reading the product testimonial below you will be convinced Sisel’s Nutritional Products play an important in any health regime.


Hi Katie,

Wanted to share with you my first taste of SpectraMaxx and it’s effect.

Sunday night I felt pretty bad …. was coughing and feeling out of breath. Felt exhausted on waking up this morning and only got out of bed at 12.30pm.

A knock on my door after I woke up was the delivery of SpectraMaxx.

I had some cereal and then 10ml of SpectraMaxx as a start dose. After 15 -20 minutes I started to feel better and then bit by bit my energy levels increased dramatically that I was able to go for a swim in the pool in the afternoon …. even my sense of being and mood improved.

Coincidence? I don’t think so….I definitely feel SpectraMaxx assisted in my recovery and I’m looking forward to see how I feel after a week, a few weeks and in a month taking it on a daily basis.

SpectraMaxx the perfect companion to the AGE Pill

If you are currently taking the SpectraMaxx you like to consider taking the AGE pill. This is in my opinion the second most important product to the The Age Pill.

SpectraMaxx and the Age Pill

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