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If you were to buy one Sisel nutritional product it would be SpectraMaxx. SpectraMaxx ~ Liquid Multivitamin & Mineral Megatonic. Give your body the power and protection it’s been begging for: 40 Whole Food Antioxidants ~ 74 Essential Trace Minerals ~ plus Organic Fulvic Acid. Including Phytonutrients, powered by organic fulvic acid.

Why take SpectraMaxx?

Our bodies are starving for essential trace minerals and nutrients. Soils around the world are known to be around 70-75% deficient in essential trace minerals and nutrients due to over farming and chemicals. These trace minerals and nutrients are called “essential” by the scientific world and allow thousands of chemical processes in our bodies to take place which are absolutely necessary to health and disease fighting. If they are not there, the health promoting process does not happen. We age faster, disease occurs & we experience decreased energy and become vulnerable to health related issues.

SpectraMaxx ~ Essential Trace Mineral Megatonic

With hundreds of new man-made chemicals created each year, we now
have over 2,200 groups of free radicals that assault our bodies every day. These rogue molecules cause cellular decay, corroding our bodies like a rusty old car. They accelerate aging and threaten our health. While scores of products extol the antioxidant benefits of foods like mangosteen, noni, acaí, chocolate, and green tea, how can we know which is best?

Because different foods have unique molecules that scavenge specific free radicals, no single ‘super fruit’ can address all the harmful free radicals our environment pummels us with every day.

SpectraMaxx contains 40 highly concentrated, intensely powerful antioxidants that create this broad spectrum antioxidant supplement. Using Chelated fulvates — ionic liquid minerals, which when combined or chelated with fulvates increases absorption and utilization. Fulvic acid becomes fulvates in this process and is loaded with Photonic energy from the sun.

SpectraMaxx Megatonic Sisel International Product

SpectraMaxx Megatonic Sisel International Product

Spectramaxx | Essential trace minerals |SpectraMaxx- Energy from the sun.

74 essential trace minerals Perceived as vital for over 2,000 essential biological functions.

Bodies that work right just feel better. The human body has about 2,000 biological processes that rely on essential trace minerals our bodies MUST have for proper function. Energy production, normal hormone function, oxygen utilization, enzyme creation, new cell formation, and healthy joint
development are just a few of these fundamental tasks our bodies try their best to accomplish with what we give them. Sadly, most of the foods we eat are chronically lacking in essential trace minerals.

Just a single dose of SpectraMaxx gives your body the trace minerals it needs to support keeping up with the demands of the thousands of biological processes happening non-stop.

SpectraMaxx 38 antioxidants 74 Trace Minerals

Fulvic Acid. The missing link of modern nutrition.

Simply put, fulvic acid is one of the foundational keys to all life on Earth, and it’s disappearing. By transforming minerals and other nutrients into minute ionic molecules small enough to be absorbed by the roots of plants, fulvic acid forms a necessary, although invisible link in the planet’s food chain. Without it, plants wouldn’t be able to use the nutrients found in soil to power important processes like photosynthesis and cellular respiration, and would die. No plants would mean no animals, and no us.

Fulvic acid not only makes SpectraMaxx more readily absorbable, but transforms it into a full body elixir perfect for naturally increasing energy and
getting your body back to optimum function. Many researchers now believe that fulvic acid may support the body’s natural ability to more favorably deal with illnesses, infections, and disorders that affect every system of the body.

SpectraMaxx also provides: Full Vitamin B Complex + 400 UI of Vitamin D per serving.

Science has found over 60 different diseases that are completely preventable as long as our body gets the proper nutrition & SpectraMaxx provides it all in just 22mls a day.

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Sisel International's SpectraMaxx Megatonic

SpectraMaxx Megatonic

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