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Telomere support supplement

When I first decided to take a telomere support supplement, my Mum freaked out and said: “don’t be crazy, don’t take anything that can affect DNA”. Whether it is crazy or not, one cannot deny telomere health is critical. I found plenty of research to back up the benefits, so I proceeded.

Within the first week of taking TSX (telomere support supplement) back in 2014 I noticed improvements in my sleep and subtle improvements in energy. I started on 1 capsule a day at 36 years old.

By the time I reached 42 I went up to 2 capsules a day. At 43 years of age I started my Dog on TSX (at 14). Now at the age of 45, I am taking 3 capsules a day. I only made this decision to increase my dosage last week after reading about Dolly the sheep.

Dolly the Sheep and Telomere Health

I was spurred on after discovering that the reason dolly the sheep died sick and young was because many scientists believed she had short telomeres.

Even though she was created from newly created cells her DNA was old because it was taken from cells that were aged 6. The DNA of the cells was old and was indicated by short telomeres. As such Dolly experienced old age diseases of sheep at a young age. She got sick at 4 years of age with severe arthritis and lung cancer. By the age of 6 she died. She only lived half her life expectancy. What did scientists learn from this? Telomere health and length seems to be critical for good health and ultimately life expectancy.

I am now excited to be combining the AGE Pill which supports the body to create new stem cells. Plus TSX which supports the stem cells to maintain healthy telomere length and coming very soon D Bomb which supports the body to remove dormant, dead cells called senescent cells. 3 keys processes indicated in health and life span.

Whilst we cannot make any claims regarding our products, and can only discuss science-based on ingredients. It is up to you to decide if you feel this is something worthwhile. I am of the opinion you can’t take your money with you and without good health life is very miserable.

I will admit that taking any supplement will do little to no good if you are abusing your body with things like smoking, drinking, and a crappy diet.

I would love to see someone make lifestyle changes before or in addition to supplementation. Never the less, I personally believe in the benefits of high-quality supplements and Sisel’s TSX.

Telomere Support Supplement Testimonials TSX

After doing some research I came across Dani Walker’s testimonial.

“Jack & I have been taking TSX for 13 months now. Jack bicycles 30-40 miles 3 times a week and feels marvelous. At 37 yrs young my mental clarity and overall well-being has improved as well. “

Dani Walker shares this story on her website:

On Jan 25th 2013, we met Robert Foote a 90 year old man (chronilogically) who had his telomeres tested in June 2012 & tested at 62 biologically…not bad. He started taking 3 tsx in June 2012 & retested his telomeres in January 2013. After 6 months of taking TSX his biological age was 49! My hope is to stay 39 forever…I know I’m not 39 yet but when I’m 90 chronologically, I want to be 39 biologically and I believe TSX has the ability to help me meet this health goal.”

What ingredients in a telomere support supplement help improve telomere health?

Astragalosides found in the astragalus plant from China (are considered the “a” grade of telomere support ingredients, in other word ingredients from other sources can provide telomere support but this is classed as one of the very best).

Its takes a massive amount of Astragalus root to obtain the key extract needed to obtain a so-called therapeutic amount of the ingredient. 3 tons of Astragalus root is needed to make 2.3 pounds of active extract. This is considered a super concentration.

Activating telomerase enzyme production has been implicated with two astragalus plant root extracts from Astragalus root called cycloastragenol and astragalosides. Research indicates that large doses of these molecules may provide support to help slow telomere depletion and potentially provide support to rebuild the telomere that has already been lost.

India: Bacopasides (considered the “b” grade ingredient for telomere support. This ingredient is not as powerful as Astragalosides however has been shown to provide powerful benefits to telomere health).

When you combine the A grade ingredient and B grade ingredients together you get a synergistic powerful effect. A one, two punch.

In addition to these two key ingredients, a massive array of complex antioxidants can further help to provide support to the body so it can potentially provide support to protect telomeres from the hotspot degradation caused by free radicals oxidizers.

Introducing Sisel’s TSX (Telomere Support Extreme) TS-X

Sisel believes TS-X contains 32% higher concentrations of astragalosides than a product prescribed by some Dr.s, plus it is half the cost. In addition, TSX contains additional ingredients that support long healthy telomeres called bacopasides as well as the added bonus of powerful antioxidants.

TS-X was developed by Sisel International after Tom Mower (Chief Sisel Scientist) researched the research. Harvard-affiliated scientists discovered that old-aged mice injected with the enzyme telomerase experienced a renaissance of youth!

Incredible results were achieved in the health of mice. Mice that had been struggling with all sorts of age-related health issues enjoyed dramatic new support for their health. They looked younger. They acted younger. Their bodies tested as younger!

Telomere Support Xtreme: TS-X

Tom discovered that the combination of two enormously powerful & natural telomere support ingredients could provide better results (in his opinion).

In TSX Sisel believe on average that:

Astragalosides is in approx. 30% greater concentration than other products


Bacopasides are in a 50% greater concentration than other products

PLUS as mentioned before TSX is 1/2 the cost of other Telomere support supplements on the market.

What if you are taking another Telomere Support Product?

First of all, many people do not realize that the telomere support product they are taking does not have enough of the astragalus extracts to get a beneficial effect. Science indicates a certain amount is needed to obtain any age reversal benefits. The active ingredients must be the right extracts in the proper concentration to achieve the desired benefits. A super concentration.

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