Why do I need the AGE Pill?

Why do I need the AGE Pill?
Why do I need the Sisel AGE Pill?

Why do I need the AGE Pill?

Many people are asking why do I need the AGE Pill? Firstly let me say that my intention today is to present this concept in simple plain English if you really need science there’s plenty to back up what I’m about to say okay let’s get started.

Adult Stem Cells

Adult stem cells are the natural renewal repair and rejuvenation system in our body.

All doctors know that we all have adult stem cells. We all use adult stem cells. We use them every day, adult stem cells work, and they work every time. They’re a bit like magic building blocks for the body

If we need new muscle cells they can become muscle cells. If we need new heart, liver, brain or nerve cells they can become those too. And if we need to fight an infection or other condition in the body they can become the immune system soldiers. The various kinds of white blood cells.

So, why do I need the AGE Pill ?

Our body is at it’s best at around 25. The problem is after the age of 25 our stem cells begin to decline. So by the time, we’re about 60 we have about 90 percent less stem cells circulating than when we were in our 20s. We become less than we once were. Ref

When we were young we had plenty of adult stem cells in circulation.

These adult stem cells helped us repair and renew and recover from injury and disease quickly. They helped us to feel alive, young, strong and invincible

With less repairmen, due to a decrease in healthy stem cells, our tissues, our bones and joints, our muscles, our glands and our organs like our liver, kidney, heart, brain, pancreas, and digestive tract slow down and begin to wear out.

As we get older we suffer longer when we’re injured it means we recover more slowly from illness or exercise we feel less well. We feel less flexible. We feel more discomfort and we feel less capable to do the things that we enjoy in life!

Our cells and our body starts to degenerate faster than it can regenerate. Oh No!!!

It doesn’t matter how much we exercise or how well we eat, we cannot stop this from happening. We need EXTRA HELP!

Our cells are crying out for help! Help me! Help me!

Why do our cells need help? Why do our cells wear out ?

Why do I need the AGE Pill? If you are older than 25 years you are now aging!!. Cell waste (cellular sludge) builds up inside and outside of our cells.

You see when our cells create energy they also create waste. Waste known as lipofuscin. This waste accumulates over time. It happens faster than the body can get rid of it.

But as we age we get hit by another type of toxic waste called glycation. This thick crummy sludge mucks up and damages the flow of activity within our stem cells. This leads to increased cell stress, decreased energy production and eventually cellular death.

Another name for this process, getting old.

In comes the AGE PIll.

It’s a little bit like bringing in the best team of repairmen and cleaners for your home. After they are finished your house looks and feels like new again, inside and out.

The Age Pill supports and helps the body to make the cells function more like they were when you were younger.

The ingredients of the age pill work together to support the body and boost energy within every cell in your body.

The AGE Pill provides support to remove the sludge, the cell waste inside and outside cells. With less cell waste and an increase in cell energy you start to feel and look like a younger you.

The AGE Pill comes to the rescue of the “help me” cells. The AGE Pill supports and helps the body to improve stem cells so the body can naturally replace old sick or damaged cells in our body with fresh new young fully functioning cells.

As a result of this our body works and feels better in so many different ways.

When this happens we feel better we can be more active, we can enjoy life more we become more vibrant and alive

Oh, and another beneficial side effect of the AGE Pill is that it provides support to the brain thanks to an ingredient called hydroxytryptophan. People often feel a boost in mood. Hydroxytryptophan can support an increase in mood, sleep quality, and exercise motivation.

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