Life Extension for Dogs

Life Extension in dogs - Milo and me growing younger
Is life extension for dogs possible? Join me in the series Growing Younger with Mil and Me

Is life extension for dogs possible?

Well I believe so, Milo is doing great we hope she can make it to 18 years of age. Here is the transcript from the latest episode of Growing Younger with Milo and Me, our AGE Pill Journey.

Hello and welcome. This is episode 13 of the Milo and Me Growing Younger Show.

We are just coming up to two years that we’ve both been taking the AGE Pill. So I wanted to do an update because a lot of people have been following our series and watching and wondering what’s happening.

So Milo is turning 16 this year. She will be 16 in October… um pretty good really, 16, wouldn’t be wonderful if we can get her 18.

She’s actually really uncomfortable in this chair I made her get up for the video. She’s a sweet dog. So what’s been happening? She’s still got lots of energy and she can still run to the gate she’s picking up the paper still. She is doing great for a 16 year old.

She went to the vet recently she had an issue with her eye, a sebaceous cyst and that needed to come off. It was because Buddy our younger dog was licking it all the time and he made it grow. So she had a little bit of surgery and they removed the cyst on the eyelid and she’s doing great now.

She can see a lot better he said her eyesight is very good for a dog her age. The vet said she has very little gray for a dog that’s nearly 16, and it really is true.

I just wanted to show you this picture I’m gonna put this picture on the screen here.

Life extension for dogs

That’s a picture, a comparison of another dog of the same age and you can see there’s a significant amount of gray or less grey should I say, when Milo is compared to the other dog.

So she is doing really great. Milo’s loves her food she’s always in the kitchen. She’s very sprightly and she’s just doing great so I’m really happy. I guess her aging has definitely slowed I think she may not even be here if  she wasn’t on the products and the fact that she is and she’s still in excellent health, it’s just wonderful.

I do think I diet has a lot to do with it too and so that is important but you know the supplements like the AGE Pill is just like the icing on the cake.

How is Katie going with the AGE Pill after 2 years of taking it?

So for me, I’m doing great – I’ve been taking the AGE pill for nearly the same time. I’m really happy with the results. I’m happy with my skin and my hair and recently I’ve decided to go back to 12 AGE pill a day.

So I was taking six, but initially, when I started I took 12 but then I went back to 6 after 3 months so I decided to see this month what would happen if I actually went back to 12. So I started taking 12 again.

I want to just flash this picture on the screen now so you can see that got this little hair sprouting, extra hair that I didn’t have before.

Growing Hair back - Could this be life extension?
Katie has been taking the AGE Pill double dose of 12 tablets a day. I was originally taking 12 and got new hair growth. Then I went back to 6 and it stopped. So just this month I started taking 12 a day again and new hair is appearing.

I got new hair to sprout and so really I think that’s the difference from increasing the dose.

I did notice that whilst my energy levels are really good I noticed even more energy on the higher dose. Even better sleep on the higher dose.

So overall really happy with the results.

I think see that Milo is really uncomfortable here.

Anyway, I just wanted to really do this video to give you an update because as I have already mentioned that lots of people been asking about it.

So we, I would really like to see Milo get to 18 and maybe even 20 that would be great. Then you know in the future the sky’s the limit who knows how long we can last.

So anyway if you’ve been watching my series I really appreciate you taking the time to watch I hope you got some value out of it.

If you have any questions reach out to me get in touch with me. I am on

I’d love to help you and I’d love to connect with you so yeah that’s a little update.

Just to finish off I wanted to show a little footage this is really cute this is Milo running up and down the driveway and it’s really funny. It just shows that she can still run it’s a bit awkward but still going good. So thanks for watching. Enjoy the video!

Life Extension for Dog – Milo and Me Show Ep 13. Growing Younger with the AGE Pill.

Life Extension for Dogs

So if you have been looking for information about life extension for dogs you may want to watch the rest of the Milo and Me Growing Younger with the AGE Pill here.

Disclaimer: Please note Sisel does not promote any of it’s supplements for animal use. I chose personally to give the products to Milo. 

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