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Our cells have the ability to repair themselves, but that declines with age — and scientists finally discovered why. The breakthrough comes after six years of DNA research from scientists at Harvard Medical School and University of New South Wales.

I’m way into this type of science. I know top scientists in the field. Not only do I like to be on the products; I like to find people who are like minded. Contact me so I can fill you in with a background of what has been discovered. 

In trials, researchers had mice drink water infused with the newly discovered enzyme. “The cells of the old mice were indistinguishable from the young mice after just one week of treatment,” says the lead author of the study. “Not to mention the treated mice showed improved kidney function, regrown fur and the ability to run twice as fast as their untreated mice.”

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About Stem Cell Science, understanding the potential power of the A.G.E Pill

Since Stem Cells make up every part of us and duplicate the sales need to brew replaced every day as we age, conceive this: Stem Cells become badly damaged over a lifetime because of all the oxidation it goes on within it to create a new sale. There’s also a great deal of material it goes into a stem cell to make A replacement sale. You’re probably not aware but while in the cells produced everything that went into the stem cell is not discarded and it builds up within the stem cell itself. It’s called cellular garbage.

There’s a technical name of course. This accumulation over a lifetime greatly slows down the biological processes plus the oxidation is destroying much of the DNA as it mutates it into a nonfunctional or poorly functional Stem Cells. Since a gene is decay and degeneration, the Stem Cells cannot produce as many replacement cells as our body is losing every day. A person loses 8 to 10% of their cells that make up their body every 10 years after the age of 30. This is why people in their 70s or so are skin and bones. Now if a seemingly unthinkable molecule and formulation could dump the cellular garbage that is accumulated and trigger the DNA to repair itself, this would be a major breakthrough of all times.

Imagine it being a period of 7-10 days all of the older deteriorated Stem Cells and someone that was 30 40 50 60 70 & 80 years old were restored to where they were indistinguishable from the stem cell and a younger person and the biological indicators in the body showed that it was now functioning at the level of person was when they were 20! How significant do you think that would be? Right now there’s nothing on the market to do that but there is some highly advanced research ongoing showing that a powerful array of specific types of newly discovered nutrients has the potential of doing. Now think of this, what the mind can conceive we can achieve.

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