Toxic Free Lip Stick

Lipstick — many of us love it — but most of us have no idea that some of our favorite beauty products contain harsh chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients.

Dig deeper and find out what is in your lipstick.

Watch out for lipstick brands using potentially harmful chemicals in their products.  Check out some of the ingredients commonly found in lipstick — it will have you thinking twice about what you put on your pout. Even more reason to be using Sisel Safe Lipsticks containing no potentially harmful ingredients.

Hidden Potentially Toxic Lipstick Ingredients to watch out for:

  • Methylparaben is a preservative used in many beauty products … at least in the U.S. Use of these chemicals is restricted in the European Union because they’ve beenlinked to cancer, may disrupt the endocrine system, or be toxic in other ways. The Cosmetics Database labels them a “high hazard.”
  • Propylparaben is a frequently used cosmetics ingredient that can irritate skin and eyes or cause reactions in those who are allergic. Some studies have also raised concerns about endocrine disruption, cancer and other toxic effects. It is rated a “moderate hazard” by the Cosmetics Database.
  • Retinyl Palmitate is a synthetic form of vitamin A that may be toxic to pregnant women. It is rated a “moderate hazard” by the Cosmetics Database because limited evidence links exposure to a range of health problems, from cancer to reproductive effects.
  • Colorants, such as D&C Red 36 (rated “low hazard”), and D&C Red 22 Aluminum Lake(rated “moderate hazard”) are typically tested on animals, and have raised concerns because some research has linked exposure to nervous system damage and other health concerns.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate, also known as vitamin E acetate, is used in a variety of products, including lipstick, moisturizer and foundation. The Cosmetics Database rates it as a “moderate hazard” because it may cause itching, burning, scaling, hives and skin blistering, and may be toxic.

Chose Sisel’s Toxic Free Lipstick

7 Shades of Lipstick Toxin Free Organic

7 Shades of Lipstick Toxin Free 

7 Shades of Lipstick Toxin Free

Sisel International is excited to announce our bold colors feature a silky, all-natural blend of oils that smooth, protect and enliven your lips to make them pout-proof.

Sisel’s Mineral Lipstick contains no toxins, phosphates or harmful ingredients.

Sisel’s lipstick contains a silky blend of exotic oils and lavish butters that not only look good, but are good for you.

Now in fun new colors with our Slim Line Lipsticks.

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