The Main Cause of Aging

The main cause of aging
The main cause of aging

The Main Cause of AGING

According to Tom Mower, there is more than one main cause of aging. There are many root causes of aging.

In this fascinating post, Tom Mower Sr, Chief Sisel International Scientist, Product Formulator and CoFounder,  has listed (in his opinion) the 8 main cause (s) of aging.

“The Root Causes of Aging and Potential Products to Consider. By Tom Mower Senior. Chief Sisel International Scientist.”

About AGING and AGE Reversal

AGE Reversal is a growing field and many people are becoming more aware that disease and illness is in the most part due to the body aging. We reach our peak at 25 year of age.

Then as the years pass the body continues to decline and breakdown, ultimately ending is diseases of old age.

What if we could stop aging or even reverse it? We are not quite there yet however key pathways have been identified that cause aging and lucky for us Tom Mower has provided a list of natural safe products that can provide massive support in the fight against aging. .

What is most exciting about this is increased healthspan, to be free to participate and contribute to society even in our twilight years. This is much better than ending up in a nursing home (like my father at the age of 54!!).

In Tom’s post below he talks about Product X. This is the new senolytics product that is soon to be release early 2020.

This post was shared on MeWe 24th October 2019. 

The Main Cause of AGING

(Authors Note: Since is is not possible to identify one main cause of aging, Tom has listed 8 Root causes of aging)

“1. Aging is Caused by Damage caused by decay and Degeneration.

Products Suggested: The AGE PILL, TOL, PRODUCT X
(soon to be released)

2. Accumulating Cross-Links is Glycation, the plaquing Stem Cell proteins within it. Caused by energy creation from glucose.

Product Suggested: THE AGE PILL

3. Buildup of Amyloid Between Cells of Tau Proteins causing Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the brain.

Products Suggested: Brain Vitality, SupraOmega Plus.

4. The Failing Adaptive & Innate Immune System. Immune system Stem Cells are disoriented because of aging so they cannot identify microbes, senescent, cancer and mutated cells.

Products Suggested: FuCoyDon, Avenger, Product X (soon to be released) The AGE PILL.

5. Declining Lysosomal Function is a fat soluble buildup of cellular garbage within the Stem Cell. It (Lipofusin) fills up the cell inhibiting its biology as a thick sludge.

Products Suggested: The AGE PILL

6. Mitochondrial DNA Damage (energy engines within each Stems Cells, get oxidized, similar to rust, and deteriorate. Toxins are released continually when this happens.

Products Suggested: The AGE PILL, Eternity.

7. Nuclear DNA Damage is mutagenic DNA, genes oxidation. They deteriorate and break apart, inhibiting the epigenetic functions with in the cells and biological systems to malfunction. It often leads cells to senescence or becoming cancerous.

Products Suggested: The AGE PILL, FuCoyDon, TSX

8. Buildup of Senescent (dormant toxic) Stems Cells:

Products Suggested: Product X (soon to be released).

Each of the products mentioned have powerful support ingredients for possible source. While ingredients may have been tested by producers, the formulations have not been tested. Therefore any claims for structure function claims for any reason have not been approved by the FDA and may not be used in promoting any products containing such ingredients.”

After reading through the 8 main causes of Aging it sheds light on why people get sick as they get older. I am excited about where science is taking and having products that are natural to support the body in the fight against aging.  What a great wrap up of  Sisel product suggestions.  Thankyou Tom Mower!

To learn about health and lifestyle steps you can take to fight aging check out this article.

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