3 Age Reversal Products

3 age reversal products
3 age reversal products

3 AGE Reversal Products that are powerful

Before I share 3 age reversal products, two of which I take and one that is yet to be released. Let me give you some background. 

I have been pondering over the last few weeks about death, life and the short existence we have here on earth. Aside from being scared of death and not wanting to die, I figured that would not be an issue once you are dead.

However, what is more, important to me is to leave an impact on the movement to stop aging. But not for the reasons you think. Mostly because aging equals age-related disease. Disease equals pain and suffering. When we are sick we cannot contribute to society and help others. We cannot advance.

Having seen my Dad develop early-onset Alzheimer’s at 54 years of age was enough to propel me into the quest of an increased lifespan and a longer healthspan. The same quest as David Sinclair and Aubrey De Gray. Leading researchers in AGE Reversal.

Since I don’t want to take a drug that has side effects. I am keen to take natural god-given ingredients. Fortunately, Sisel International with Tom Mower Sr at the helm research and formulate their own range of nutraceuticals.

They are truly unlike other products on the market. Mostly because of their concentration ad ingredient quality. Their large manufacturing facility and ability to research and develop their own products. With the added bonus of the driving passion of Tom Mower.  

Tom Mower has been fascinated with the 256-year-old man, Li Ching-Yuen, since he began his research and development of age reversal nutraceuticals back in 1992.

He even paid a staff member to visit the burial tombs in China, (many many years ago) and retrieve ingredients that were buried with the emperor. These ingredients are a treasure to china and well protected. The Chinese government at the time allowed him to take some of the ingredients but would not disclose what they were. Ingredients known for their life-giving and longevity powers. 

3 AGE Reversal products that are powerful are:

3 Powerful AGE Reversal Products are:

  1. The AGE Pill. The Sisel AGE Pill is a powerful all-natural age reversal nutraceuticals containing specialised nutrients. The AGE pill supports the body in the production of healthy stem cells as well as the removal of cellular waste (known as Glycation and Lipofuscin). It also supports the body to boost NAD and ATP, cellular energy. This declines as we age.  
  2. TSX also is known as Telomere Support Extreme, is a supplement that supports the body to maintain and lengthen telomeres. Telomeres are the protective caps or tips of the chromosome that hold our genetic code. This code is used as a blueprint by the body to produce new cells. 
  3. Product X. Not yet released. We are expecting it to be available in January 2020. This product is based on the newly developing age reversal science of senolytics . The theory of senolytics is to induce the death of senescent cells. A reduction in senescent cells has been linked to a healthier overall organism. 

(Please note, we cannot, and are not, making claims to treat, prevent or cure any disease or illness. Sisel products are designed to support the body in the quest to stop and reverse aging).

Tom Mower shares more about age reversal which sheds some light on why I recommend 3 age reversal products.

“This is a scientific chart showing the rate of decline in the Stem Cells as we age. With the AGE PIll, Product X and TSX you can take this slippery slide to disease, aging, and an earlier death, to upturn it into an escalator of acceleration in a similar contract… instead of rapidly decreasing, accelerating its downward spiral of going down faster and faster, along with the aging slide, leading to premature disease and death. 

This photo of the mice, is after taking “some of the ingredients” used in product X. It literally changes on the easily seen appearance of the old mouse into a healthy younger looking one. It is so easy to see. 

Sisel is so far advanced along the road to immortality.  Get traveling on it up to much significant restoration of health and youth, or look forward to going down the slide gather speed as you head for an early aged demise.”

 (Tom Mower Post: 16th October 2019, MeWe)

age reversal in mice
Senolytics in mice. – 1 mouse looks young and healthy the other old and sick
graph showing stem cells aging
Text above: AGING has been linked to age-related inabilities of stem cells to replenish mature cells

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