The problem with AGING

the problem with aging
The problem with aging. What can you do about it?

The problem with aging discussion.

Extracts from Tom Mowers discussion on AGE Reversal. Ref.

“The thing that is happening in this world is we’re so highly contaminated with so many toxins and foods now are so nutritionally deficient. We are not getting the nutrition we need for our body to function well. We have toxins that are oxidizing or destroying our systems and we have a big fight on our hands and we’re ill-equipped to do it.

So with medicines based upon the fact of creasing symptoms generally not finding a cure because you find a cure you lose a customer that’s how big Parma and medicine ceases, I believe

When you’re thinking about how long you’re going to live for longevity it’s just really not a factor. Maybe even mid-20s people aren’t thinking about it but by the time they’re 30 many people are because they’ve seen their systems degrade over 30 years of use. With that where you’re in the toxic environment and just like with skin care products you get 60% of all the toxins in your body come from skin and hair care products personal care products you use.

Cancer used to be rare

So that never used to exist and cancer used to be rare. They just did a study on 10,000 mummies around the world they found only one died of cancer. The University of Manchester in England they said so cancers a man-made.

I believe that is true too it’s like steel will rust with water. It’s the same thing with the same exact principle only with different types of chemicals reacting in your body.

Your body does have the ability to repair and regenerate

But your body does have the ability to repair regenerate and live to a great length of life. However if you can remove the toxins and provide specific nutraceuticals or nutrients that the body needs to function properly, well that sounds pretty wise, doesn’t it?

I just didn’t think of that. It was said three-four thousand years ago and printed in the Yellow Emperor’s book which is 5000 years ago. So that philosophy is truer today than it even was then by far so we have an opportunity here now for people that are their eyes are opening.

They see the wrinkles they see hair loss they see deterioration in the skin. They see oral problems and as they’re getting older vision problems. Things start to happen but they don’t just happen straight away they happen because of a cumulative effect that has been going on in their body.

I think people could say, I want to tell you something very important about your health, and you can do this to a total stranger. I want to tell you something, the longer you live the older you’re going to get and you haven’t any choice you’re just in a state of deterioration even if you are eating healthy. Your last ten or fifteen years are going to be horrible.

They’re not going to be the golden years they’re really the terrible years of your life but it doesn’t have to be. Therefore you have a choice now. You have a choice because of the biochemistry of the human body and nutrition and other related factors.

So now you have a choice. You have all the biological factors in your body you did when you were young, so how about if we could restore many of those to close to where you look and feel 15, 18, 20 years old.

But now what we can do is we can step backward in time and grow younger live longer, grow younger, now that sounds like Fantasyland but ask Harvard Medical School ask the Mayo Clinic if that’s true!

Stem cells wear out

Your stem cells wear out they become dormant now actually the body is trying to get rid of them the immune system is. But by the time that’s happening you have got a lot of stem cells that have gone senescent.

Let’s say you’re 40 years old well about that 40 years old you’ve got about 50% of your stem cells that are no longer functioning that’s just an estimate but that means 50% are working, and they’re not working as well as they did when you’re 20.

50% are not working and that ratio continues to increase to where when you get in your 60s you’re down to 5 or 10% activity stem cell activity. 90- 95 % we estimate in dormancy or there senescent. So now you don’t have many stem cells and the ones that are there that are functioning are not functioning well.

So now we have a chance to spin it on his head and turn it around. This is because our god-given biology can be fed with super nutrients super nutraceuticals they call them natural medicines that allow support to the body’s biological functions” (Tom Mower Sr, Sisel International Chief Scientist, and President).

Wow, the problem with aging, fascinating information. Thank you Tom Mower. So if this concerns you like it does me. I am asking, what can I do about it?

The problem with aging – What can I do about it?

Sisel has some great product that can help address the problem with aging. is introducing a product (D Bomb) that supports the body to get rid of the senescent cells. The AGE Pill supports the body to create new healthy cells. So these two products will, in theory, work beautifully together.

Sisels’s TSX supports healthy cells and healthy telomeres this means it can help the cell stay healthy for longer. If you have healthy telomeres that are not short, in theory you will have less senescent cells.

Well that is what Tom Sr believes and that is why he has created the AGE Pill, TSX Telomere Support Extreme and the new release product D Bomb.

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