NAD+ and Astaxanthin

NASA uses astaxanthin and NAD +
NASA uses NAD+ and astaxanthin to help Astronauts travel safely in space

NASA uses NAD+ and Astaxanthin for Astronauts

Tom Mower shares new science based on NASA’s plans to use breakthrough ingredients astaxanthin and NAD+ .

It is no surprise that NASA is looking at cutting edge technology for the health of Astronauts.

Tom Mower, Chief Scientist of Sisel International is also is extremely passionate and dedicated to finding and using ingredients that support the body in the quest to improve health and reverse aging.

Today I am sharing his post. Facebook 27 August 2019.

Astaxanthin and NAD+

“Hi Ho, Hi Ho… It is off to Space We go… Now NASA is going into space with astronauts … who will be taking along and ingesting NAD+ & Astaxanthin reports indicate.

NASA believes NAD+ and Astaxanthin in space could potentially prevent the negative effects of solar radiation exposure from doing damage to the brain, eyes, cardiovascular system, muscle, and bone loss known to occur in space.

NAD+ in scientific research is known as the Immortality Molecule.

It’s in every cell of the body and directly or indirectly responsible to assist in offering powerful support for all energy, health maintenance, regeneration and repair.

If you had lost all the NAD+ at once you would be most likely dead in 30 seconds.

Astaxanthin is a red pigment molecule in the carotenoid family produced by marine algae when they are stressed. When eaten Astaxanthin is a strong antioxidant that also provides extraordinary support and assistance to the body as it attempts to reduce inflammation, improve immune response, increase muscle strength and reduce heart damage following myocardial infarction in animal studies.

Astaxanthin is a component that activates a “longevity” gene, potentially increasing your life span just as NAD+ is strongly purported to do in animal studies also. “

Do you know any products in the market place that contain these two ingredients?

1. The AGE Pill

Sisel’s powerful AGE reversal product, The AGE Pill, supports the body to increase NAD+, cellular energy. It also provides support in the removal of glycation and lipofuscin. AGE Pill testimonials have been incredible.

2. Sisel’s Vital Vision

I thought since I have 20 20 vision there was no need for a supplement to support eye health. However, after reading Tom Mower’s post today it seems I am wrong about this. Below is his comments.

“All eyes degrade over time beginning in their late 20’s By mid-40’s the shape of the eye is convoluting and will continue on as it degenerates further.

In the 50’s macular pigmentation is deteriorating away. Cataracts are slowing forming and is the major cause of partial or obstructed blindness.

Particles are building in the lenses and whites of the eyes. This is inevitable for everyone including those with 20/20 vision. By waiting the accumulated damage becomes difficult to slow, stop or reverse.

Vital Vision and The AGE PILL and SupraOmega Plus are the best formulations to assist the eyes to fight off this decline and also to support older eyes to maintain a more viable vision.

So YES everyone should use these supplements as they are the best hope for eyes I have found anywhere in science. There are other benefits for other of the bodies biological systems received by their epigenetic features.

Astaxanthin is also a longevity gene assisting support and along with NAD+ are significant for mutagenic repair supplement support.

“Astaxanthin is the pigment that gives shrimp, salmon, fruits and vegetables their bright colour. Researchers believe growing and then consuming this powerful antioxidant that it would help keep astronaut’s bodies health for the long-duration space missions.” Ref

Vital Vision also has AREDS in its impressive improved formula for a year now.

Vital Vision contains a mighty array of all the most dynamic ingredients discovered for eye and its and other longevity genes throughout the body.”

So there you have it. Tom even said I could give it to my dog Milo – The AGE Pill dog to help her old tired eyes. So today I ordered my first bottle!

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