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Epigenetic Skin Care - Advances in Skin Care
Epigenetic Skin Care – Advances in Skin Care with Sisel International

Epigenetic Skin Care – Can face creams switch off the AGING genes?

What is epigenetic skin care?

Last year Tom Mower wrote an article on epigenetic skin care, specifically what he is going to do with the Sisel Skin Care Product Line. Fortunately, I am lucky enough to be a business partner with Tom Mower’s company Sisel International.

We are moving into an exciting time of medicine, particularly in the field of age reversal. Many people raise an eyebrow when I say “age reversal”. Some even say, “oh that’s bullshit”, others say “is that even possible?” 

Well, one year these products are about to be released. We will soon see phenomenal upgrades in our Sisel skincare products including transfusium and rapid repair night cream. He is so confident we will see a money-back guarantee. 

Below is the article he released over a year ago.

“Skin care scientific discoveries will lead Sisel right through this century”.

“Science has shown that trees are not the mute, woody giants we think them to be. They are actually quite “chatty”. Obviously I am not saying in the way we vocalize, but they have now been found to do it through their enormous underground root networks. And according to the department of forest ecology at the University of British Columbia, “they’re not just making polite conversation—they’re collaborating”.

What do talking trees have to do with Sisel personal care products & cosmetics? As I drew parallels between her research and our industry’s work on the microbiome, epigenetics, wellness and cosmetics, my concept and vision of what can be was greatly enlarged.

Is Sisel creating Epigenetic skincare? 

It offers a great opportunity for Sisel to step out boldly in creating revolutionary, evolutionary ingredients to our products. Ingredients I have found that will break into new areas never before accomplished. This technology will not be a step forward in skin care products but … a giant leap, catapulting Sisel’s skin care into the world of Epigenetics.

Epigenetics is the new frontier now explored but not developed. Here at Sisel are adding new technologically advanced Epigenetics into our skin care line. It’s communications at the cellular level; sort of like turning on a switch to enable a function to be activated.

Functions, like aged cellular regeneration and restoration. It’s like clearing out the accumulated inter-cellular garbage greatly inhibiting its’ proper function. There are so many aspects and applications to be found as this little known advanced science develops.  Ref

Trust me that Sisel will be there every step of the way to ensure you have products that are not just better than the competition, but state of the art ingredients in powerful formulations “VASTLY” superior to all others is our mission and our goal.

What am I talking about, you may say? Well succinctly said, it is the science or regenerating at the DNA level of aged skin stem cells. It has the incredible potential of returning these; time worn aged stem cells into a rejuvenated state of functioning mimicking the young new vibrant stem cells of our youth.

Clinical trials have been conducted in these areas. True to the mission of Sisel of ‘researching the research” to discover unique revolutionary ingredients far-far ahead of those now in the skincare marketplace. Of course, Sisel products will not be subjected to clinical trials, for this is so costly and consumes many years before claims can be made. Rather we will provide the scientific studies to reinforce the formulary information, so according to DSHEA legal requirements can be used.

Watch for epigenetic ingredients soon to be added to vital formulations for the skin. Transfusium, Vanquish and Rapid Repair will be the targeted Sisel skin care product to see embrace the dynamics of epigenetics to the already revolutionary sensation formulations.

*Sub note: it has not been overlooked by me and my Sisel staff of researchers that epigenetics is not just for stem cells in the skin. The potential is greater than that. We are seriously working on the same types of effects to be able to be available to all the cells of the human body.

“If it may seem to you, to be too good to be true”, I say this is the conventional thinking of the past & present in many of our competitor’s skin care and body care products.

Sisel is away into the Future…far-far ahead of all others and pulling away even faster. Tom Mower Feb 9 2017 (Facebook post).

After reading this article you now will have a better idea of what is meant by epigenetic skin care. If you love your skin like I do, and look for advanced skin care products then check back soon as Tom Mower Sr is releasing a new skin serum, it would be amazing if it could turn off the AGE Switch !

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor