The ugly truth about makeup that you don’t know about

The Shocking Ugly Truth about Makeup on your Face

 The purpose of wearing makeup is to enhance and highlight facial features, makeup is used by most women daily to make themselves look and feel more attractive. So what could be ugly about makeup? Well the truth will shock you!
The history of cosmetics spans at least 6000 years and is present in almost every society on earth. Some argue that cosmetic body art was the earliest form of ritual in human culture, dating over 100,000 years ago from the African Middle Stone Age.
The shocking ugly truth is that there is no makeup regulation!

What do you mean?

Like most industries, cosmetic companies resist regulation by government agencies. In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve or review cosmetics, although it does regulate the colors that can be used in the hair dyes. The cosmetic companies are not required to report injuries resulting from use of their products.[42]

the ugly truth about makeup industry unregulated harmful chemcials

the ugly truth about makeup. The industry is unregulated from harmful chemicals.


Chemicals in lipsticks to avoid

Chemicals in lipsticks to avoid

More about the ugly truth about the makeup you are probably using!

Study confirms: High levels of toxicity are drastically reduced in the body after women switch to natural make-up

[Sunday, April 10, 2016 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer. Tags: natural makeup, chemical toxins, body chemistry]

(NaturalNews) Just three days of using different cosmetics and personal care products led to a dramatic drop in the levels of toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals in the bodies of teenage girls in a study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, the California Department of Public Heath, and the Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas in Salinas, Calif., and a team of youth researchers from the CHAMACOS Youth Council.

The products selected were all free of phthalates, parabens, triclosan and oxybenzone (also known as benzophenone-3, or BP-3). All these chemicals have been linked to endocrine-disrupting effects.

“Because women are the primary consumers of many personal care products, they may be disproportionately exposed to these chemicals,” lead author Kim Harley said. “Teen girls may be at particular risk since it’s a time of rapid reproductive development, and research has suggested that they use more personal care products per day than the average adult woman.”

After just three days, levels of all four toxins in the girls’ urine had fallen dramatically. Levels of metabolites of diethyl phthalate (a common fragrance and nail polish ingredient) fell by 27 percent. Levels of the sunscreen ingredient oxybenzone and the antibacterial chemical triclosan (found in soap, detergent, toothpaste, face wash and deodorant) both fell 36 percent. Levels of methyl and propyl paraben (used as preservatives in cosmetics, skin lotions and shampoos) fell 44 and 45 percent, respectively.

“Techniques available to consumers, such as choosing personal care products that are labeled to be free of phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and oxybenzone, can significantly reduce personal exposure to these potentially endocrine-disrupting chemicals,” the authors concluded.

Findings’ implications for individuals and society

“Personally, since the study, I’ve tried to use more organic products,” said teen researcher and co-author Maritza Cardenas. “It’s hard, especially as a college student who doesn’t have a lot of money. You tend to just get what’s on sale. But I’ve decided to splurge more on products with fewer chemicals because of the effect in the future. And if you can’t make the best choice when you’re buying because of cost, you can at least try to limit the use of the products you do buy.”

In a press release announcing the findings, the Environmental Working Group highlighted the unregulated nature of the cosmetics and personal care products industry. Under current US law, manufacturers of these products do not have to prove the safety of any of their ingredients.

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April 12 Facebook Post

“EU says Cosmetics cost 1 billion a year in health damage. I agree but think if you looked at all aspects it is much more than that. It is even changing the DNA of women and their children too. Researchers say in the last 3 generations of women i.e. Grandmother to mother to daughter there has been more genetic mutations and change than in the last 2,000 years according to their research. I do agree and do believe it is mainly due to cosmetics. It is not in men other than from the DNA damaged mothers I believe, because they use so few. So ladies you pay a terrible price in believing in these glamour magazines and advertisements on TV etc.”

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