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Aluminium antiperspirants

It is suspected that antiperspirants are associated with Alzheimer’s disease as autopsies of the brain of deceased victims show higher levels of aluminium (Perl and Brody, 1980). Also there are concerns that it may increase the risk of breast cancer because aluminium interferes with the function of oestrogen receptors (Darbre, 2005). Even though Initial evidence is not 100% conclusive, people would do well to avoid products containing aluminium as many studies have shown it to be toxic.

My dad developed early onset Alzheimer’s at 51 years of age. 7 years later he died. He was an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer he spent a lot of time soldering circuit boards for electronic equipment. Solder contained mostly lead some copper and tin. He worked in a room filled with vapours from the melting metal. No ventilation.

I read in 2006 they removed lead from solder as it was declared toxic to handle.

Also growing up we always cooked with aluminium pots and use aluminium foil quite a bit.

I saw my father in a nursing home at 53 years of age with 80 year olds. The picture in my head was so wrong…I explored toxins and found Tom Mower.

I found Tom again and Sisel International in 2012.

Tom has many products that assist in age reversal and only if Brain Vitality and TSX were available when my Dad was alive.

Sisel International produce a full range of superior toxic free safe personal care products and nutritional supplements.

Sisel stands for Science Innovation Success Energy Longevity.

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