Sisel Manufacturing Process

Sisel Product Manufacturing Process The Show Episode 3.

Snippet of transcript from video discussing the Sisel Manufacturing Process.

“Well thanks for registering with Sisel me today. Marianne I have one last question for you. So we know the material goes through Darlene and then it comes through Quality Check testing with Connie.

They pull samples ready for the lab testing so at this point we send it over to the lab.

Why do we even do that.  I mean they Quality Check it here they vet it through Darlene. Why are we sending it over to on-site who does multiple analysis for these products?

Number one we want to do a heavy metal analysis.

We want to also do a micro analysis to determine if there’s any contamination.

We also want to do purity analysis, and a chemical analysis to make sure that the product we’re getting is what we ordered and what we’re going to put into our formula. So there’s a lot of rigorous testing to make sure that you guys get the best possible materials for your products.

One thing here that we like to think is that when we say we give you safe products we know we’re giving you safe products. We’re not relying on the word of a third-party we do all the testing here, we do it all.

We check our products here when we make our materials when we say it’s safe it’s because we 100% that it’s Sisel Safe.

So when you’re taking our products when you’re using Fucoydon or the Age Pill you have the confidence to know that it is 100% safe.

Marianne thanks for registering with Sisel us today. Thanks for walking us through. Welcome to 2018 we’ll see you next time on the Show thanks for registering with Sisel us.”

Sisel Manufacturing

Sisel’s Manufacturing Plant is called SupraNaturals, located is Salt Lake City, Utah. USA. All of Sisel’s products are manufactured in Sisel’s own plant.

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